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Ideas May/June 2021

Ideas is all about MAKING your world more beautiful. Packed with creative inspiration, fresh ideas, easy projects and step-by-step instructions, this magazine is the go-to guide for crafters, stitchcrafters, makers, cooks and DIY home decorators.

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care for yourself

Even if we are suffering from pandemic fatigue and don’t want to hear another word about it, our world changed dramatically and irrevocably in 2020. Who still wears high-heeled shoes? More likely loose clothes (tracksuit pants!) and just socks or flat shoes? The. Whole. Day. Our lives have shifted almost totally from multifaceted to a limited bubble inside the house, a two-dimensional life online; we work, we socialise, relax and shop there. Sometimes without even walking to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. We suddenly had to learn all about things like social distancing, sanitising and epidemiology. People worldwide lost their jobs and their outlook for the future changed dramatically. But: The world became quiet, did some soul-searching and, best of all, people rediscovered their creativity and revised their values. Above all,…

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how to

PAPER PULP Create pulp from scraps of paper, and sculpt and make your way to happiness. DIFFICULTY: easy TIME: two days YOU WILL NEED ♥ paper (we used newsprint - unprinted newspaper)♥ blender with chopping blade♥ water (enough to cover the paper plus extra to mix with the starch)♥ starch♥ liquid or powder paint♥ mutton cloth♥ scissors♥ rolling pin Tear the paper into strips and squares and put in a bowl. Pour water over the paper so it is just covered. Leave overnight to soak, up to eight hours. Note: Tearing the paper exposes more of the paper fibres, making it easier for the water to be absorbed and turn the paper into pulp. Use your hands to squeeze some of the water from the paper before putting it in your blender and blending until a pulp…

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treasure chest

RING BOX Use your glue gun to glue wine corks in rows inside a cigar box - leave a few millimetres between the rows for the rings to slot into. Cut a piece of felt to fit the width of the box and place it over the corks. Press it firmly into the grooves between the rows of corks, cut it to the correct size and glue it in place. Repeat the process with a piece of fabric of your choice over the felt, to finish the project off. TIP: If you don’t have a cigar box, you can use any other wooden box with a lid and decorate it with one of our art pictures on pages 72-73. TEA-SET SHELF Copy the art picture on pages 60-61 in the desired size onto white…

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keep us close

WHEN YOU NEED YOUR CREATIVE FIX, ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE OUR LATEST DIGITAL EDITION. SIMPLY DOWNLOAD OUR IDEAS APP ONTO THE DEVICE OF YOUR CHOICE AND YOU WILL HAVE US AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. * You can find us as IDEAS MAGAZINE on the APPLE APP STORE as well as in the GOOGLE PLAY STORE for Android devices. *You can buy a SINGLE DIGITAL COPY FOR ONLY R65 or SUBSCRIBE TO A YEAR’S EDITIONS FOR R360. And if you’ve missed an issue, you can simply click on the issue you still need and add it to your basket to update your library.…

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gorgeous on instagram

@ANDELOLIVIERART South African artist Andel Olivier shares her vibrant art on Instagram. Playful animals and shapes from nature in watercolour are characteristic of her colourful style. Some of her work is printed on wallpaper and textiles and she even has a range of ceramics - lovely! @COMPIODL The talented Dewald Compion regularly shares photos of his latest quilting and embroidery work, the latter often featuring his beloved pets. We are especially crazy about his Delft-inspired quilt and can’t wait to see the result. @CRUMBCAKESSA The gorgeous bakes by Anmar Wilding from Crumb in Woodstock, Cape Town, are just as distinctive as her pink and purple hair. Apart from the pretty wedding cakes and other sweet treats that you can order from her, she now also has a new vegan range, which you can see on…

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sleep, blissful sleep

MONOCHROME IS A WINNER Bright colours are not the only way to create the feeling of warmth in your room; this is a good example of how you can also get it right with a monochrome palette. You choose the base colour, cream in this instance, and then stay in the colour family to put the look together. Here the designer played with light brown, grey and taupe. The scatter cushions provide pattern and texture and invite you to curl up immediately with your book. If you have a bed on legs, use the space under it for extra storage. And don’t pack away the Christmas tree - put it in a basket and let its lights twinkle all year! LET YOUR WALLS BLOOM There is a reason why the walls in so…