Ideas July/August 2021

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from the editor

These days, we never plan a new issue of Ideas without a bowl of Zoo biscuits on the table. I think it was Louisa who started this when it was her turn to host our bimonthly think tank. There was so much childlike excitement when we saw them that they now make a regular appearance. When Marguerite’s article arrived (page 76), about how our childhood memories shape our lives and creativity, it hit all the right notes with a healthy dose of nostalgia, a few life truths and…Zoo biscuits. But neither her nor my own childhood pleasures were to be found only in sweet treats. I remember how on midwinter Sunday mornings, we sat close together on the church pew, all three girls with the same style checked poncho, but at least…

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what’s new

SPRITZ OF JOY Who doesn’t like a joyful, dazzling perfume? Especially when the winter days are miserable and misty. The new Kate Spade New York Eau de Parfum (R1 399 for 100 ml) is a modern, fruity floral fragrance that speaks to the happy playfulness that is synonymous with the brand and builds on the optimistic femininity that is characteristic of the founder, designer Kate Spade’s work. The top notes are citrus, bergamot and wild strawberry. At the heart there is intense rose essence and freesia, while the base notes are musk and ambergris. The pretty packaging is decorated with playing-card spade emblems, symbolic of Kate Spade’s name. FRUIT TRENDS Dragon fruit has gained popularity in South Africa and is currently one of the highest-performing niche fruit products at the local fresh produce…

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sustainably restored

Her dream house in Zeeland was originally a farmhouse, says Annette: ʻI knew no-one lived there anymore and saw how the house continued to deteriorate. When even the windows were boarded up, we decided to contact the municipality to ask if we could buy it. We were told it was not possible, but we persisted. In the end the house was sold to a project developer from whom we could buy it.ʼ By then it was a ruin. ʻThere was nothing left inside. We had to restore the interior from scratch. Only the outer walls have remained and we have built a new timber-frame house within them.ʼ SUSTAINABLE AND NATURAL To make the ruin habitable, Annette and her husband Jos hired a contractor they knew and they started the renewal project together:…

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sit in style

Pay special attention to your living room. After all, it is the part of your house that people see most often. Here are six styles to inspire you.…

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paint with flair

YOU WILL NEED ♥ old upholstered wooden chair and/or white curtain of pure cotton or linen ♥ Tjhoko chalk paint in the colours of your choice (we used Da’vid, Godfrey’s Glimpse and Stone Wash) ♥ craft brushes♥ Tjhoko stencil of your choice♥ Tjhoko stencil brush♥ Tjhoko Clear Glaze, for sealing (optional)♥ thinners♥ spray bottle with water♥ strong masking tape♥ pencil and ruler CHAIR 1 Remove the seat and wipe down the wooden frame thoroughly with thinners to remove any greasiness. Leave to dry. 2 Paint the frame with Tjhoko chalk paint in the colour of your choice. We used Da’vid, as it suits the French theme. Apply 2-3 coats, leaving each coat to dry properly, then follow the instructions on the packaging to apply Clear Glaze (if using). Tjhoko has a built-in sealant. Clear…

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walls with wow

CEILING INSPIRATION DIFFICULTY: easy TIME: a few hours, depending on the size of the wall Create your own statement wall with off-the-shelf polystyrene ceiling panels. Arrange them to create a feature wall; they can even make a beautiful headboard. They are easy to cut with a craft knife so can work in any space. Paint the panels individually before you secure them to the wall and touch up any exposed polystyrene afterwards. Use either a polystyrene adhesive, available from most hardware stores, or rubber mounting tape to attach the panels to your wall. GREEN VASE FROM PEP HOME. LAMP AND OTTOMAN FROM MRP HOME. FLOWER FROM ABODE. RUG FROM HAUZ AT HERTEX. POLYSTYRENE CEILING TILES FROM BUILDERS WAREHOUSE. TURQUOISE PAINT: LAUGHING LEE FROM TJHOKO. DECORATIVE PANELS DIFFICULTY: medium TIME: a few hours, depending on the…