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29 - 2019

Inside Soap is your essential weekly guide to all the big soap dramas. We give you every story, every secret, every week!

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“It’s awards season at Inside Soap!” It’s awards season here at Inside Soap, and this week it’s those treasures from Chester – the lads and lassies of Hollyoaks – who want your votes. After their recent awards haul at the British Soap Awards back in June, the show is riding high, and determined to keep its winning run now the Inside Soap Awards are here. Turn to p46 for some fantastic pictures and great teasers of what’s coming soon in Hollyoaks village. Elsewhere this week, the Dales’ mucky Moira is getting dirty on the farm – and we’re not talking about mucking out those cows! Over in Corrie, meanwhile, if you thought Gemma was a handful, just wait until you meet her mum, Bernie! And in EastEnders, we see that old habits…

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walford’s shock new love triangle!

Betrayed Martin can’t believe the nerve of his wife, Stacey, this week, as she bails on a romantic evening they have planned – and instead spends the night with old flame Max Branning! Unbeknown to Martin, Stacey is merely a friend to lean on for troubled Max, after he unravels in spectacular fashion in the wake of losing his baby granddaughter, Abi. However, to Stacey’s shock, she later finds out that Max has managed to find a more intimate source of comfort – in the arms of her best friend, Ruby… “I think Stacey will love Max forever in some way…” HISTORY REPEATS? The idea that Stacey is wrestling with her feelings where Max’s love life is concerned is just madness, considering that their Christmas fling the year before last nearly destroyed her marriage…

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“stacey is a slater – through and through!”

With Stacey at odds with her family and now her husband, we hear plot wheels grinding towards a dramatic exit for her, as a result of Lacey Turner’s upcoming maternity leave… It’s been a tense few weeks for the Slaters, Lacey. How would you sum up Stacey’s feelings towards Kat at the moment? They have been through so much that Stacey never thought Kat wouldn’t be on her side. Her cousin siding with Kush in the custody battle for Arthur has left Stace feeling betrayed. Surely they can come through this, though… Kat and Stacey are basically sisters, so it cuts a lot deeper. We’ve seen them both say horrible things to each other, and they’re both headstrong so will not back down! There’s a scene coming up actually, between Kat and Stacey, and…

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nate & moira get it on!

There’s shock passion in the Dales this week, as Moira succumbs to the naked charms of her farmhand Nate. But could there be more to Nate’s determined flirtation than meets the eye – and what’s this sizzling development set to mean for Moira’s marriage? Not long after Nate has persuaded Amy to seek custody of her young son Kyle – who’s currently in the care of Moira and his father, Cain – Moira pulls her employee in for a kiss. Yet as she proceeds to betray her husband, is she playing right into the hands of conniving Nate? “Moira’s a strong woman – but she has needs!” “Moira already knows that Nate is a bit of a player,” insists Natalie J Robb, who plays her. “But her head’s not easily turned – there’s…

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the many men of mucky moira!

JOHN BARTON Moira and first husband John were childhood sweethearts. He was killed after his car plunged into a ravine in 2012. JAMES BARTON John’s brother was revealed to be the father of Moira’s son, Adam, as a result of a secret fling in their younger years. CAIN DINGLE Cain and Moira began a steamy affair in 2011 – but became an official couple in the wake of John’s death. ALEX MOSS Moira enjoyed a brief fling with her young farmhand in 2012, while he was dating her future daughter-in-law Victoria. PETE BARTON In 2016 it was revealed the pair had secretly slept together while Moira struggled in the wake of daughter Holly’s death.…

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the mum from hell!

We’re set to learn a great deal more about Gemma and her brother Paul this week – when the woman who brought the twins into the world makes an unexpected appearance on their doorstep! Bernie rocks up shortly after pregnant Gemma hits the local airwaves with Ches – as the pair are interviewed on Radio Weatherfield to discuss the forthcoming arrival of their quadruplets. Although after Gem’s mum declares that she’s set to be made homeless, does Bernie even care that she’s on the verge of becoming a grandma four times over? “Bernie doesn’t make the subtlest of arrivals!” tuts our Coronation Street insider. “Gemma and Chesney’s radio interview is followed by an influx of cash donations from the Rovers punters, to go towards the babies’ futures. And just as Chesney is…