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apple reveals its q4 results

It’s tough to keep track of time in the middle of a global pandemic, but apparently three months has passed since Apple’s last quarterly earnings report. So here we are again, with Apple executives reporting record revenues almost sheepishly while going to great lengths to praise their co-workers and customers for their resilience during trying times. As usual, in Apple’s conference call with financial analysts, there are a few interesting things that stick out of the talk of OpEx and OI&E and other financial industry buzzwords. Here are some of them. GOOD TIMES FOR THE MAC The Mac has been around for 36 years, and yet Apple has never had a quarter like the most recent one. The Mac generated $9 billion in revenue, up a staggering 29 per cent over the same…

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apple one now available

In September, Apple revealed the Apple One bundles, a set of plans that package Apple’s services together at prices that are lower than if you signed up for each service individually. Apple offers three options: Individual: (£14.95 per month): includes Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple TV+ and 50GB of iCloud storage for one user. It offers a £6 savings per month over à la carte pricing. Family: (£19.95 per month): includes Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple TV+ and 200GB of iCloud storage. It can be shared with up to six family members (yourself and five others). This plan offers an £8 monthly savings over à la carte. Premier: (£29.95 per month): includes Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+, Apple Music, Apple News+, Apple TV+, and 2TB of iCloud storage. Can be shared with up to…

2 min
apple explores proprietary search tools as the walls close in on google

Ever since the first iPhone launched with just a dozen apps, Google has had a central role in Apple’s handset. But according to the Financial Times, Apple is preparing for a world where that isn’t the case anymore. While the paper has no direct information about Apple’s post-Google strategy, it has pieced together several clues that could add up to big changes for how we search on our iPhones. In iOS 14’s new spotlight search, for example, Apple has “begun to show its own search results and link directly to websites when users type queries from its home screen”. That’s a subtle change and one most of us are unlikely to notice, but as the FT notes, it “marks an important advance in Apple’s in-house development and could form the foundation…

2 min
apple reportedly plans to launch new airpods models, possible third homepod

If you were disappointed with the lack of AirPods announcements at the iPhone 12 event, you might not have to wait much longer. A new report from Bloomberg says Apple is working on two new AirPods models, including a cheaper AirPods Pro, as well as a third-gen AirPods and the long-rumoured over-ear studio headphones. According to Mark Gurman and Debby Wu, the new earbuds will feature a new H2 wireless chip and reportedly won’t arrive until 2021. The cheapest model, which looks to be a slight revamp of the existing AirPods, will have “a shorter stem and replaceable ear tips”. Despite a similar look, they would not, however, include the higher-end features of the AirPods Pro such as noise-cancelling. It’s not clear whether Apple would keep the £159 (with wired…

8 min
hands-on: ipad air (2020)

Price: £579 from fave.co/35ODQc4 Visually, you have to look very carefully to notice that the new iPad Air isn’t an iPad Pro: the angular, nearly all-screen case design was previously reserved for the more expensive tablets, but Apple has found room for an Air in that exclusive club. This isn’t the only area where this release sees the Pro and Air lines come closer together – in terms of CPU, in fact, the Air model is technically two generations ahead. But let’s take things one step at a time. Over the following pages, we test and evaluate the new tablet’s design, new features, performance, battery life and tech specs, and help you decide if this is the iPad for you. PRICE The new Air starts at £579. It’s noticeably more expensive than the…

18 min
review: iphone 12 pro

Price: £1,099 from fave.co/3l1Oi68 Delayed by one month thanks to the ravages of 2020, Apple’s new iPhones are here at last – and there are four of them. In the first leg of what’s shaping up to be a Sisyphean ordeal, I’ve reviewed the iPhone 12 Pro. It’s got the same screen size (6.1in) and tech (OLED) as the standard iPhone 12, but costs considerably more. Do the powerful camera set-up and other upgraded features offer enough to justify the price? I’ve tested the 12 Pro’s photographic capabilities, as well as its battery, graphics and processing performance, to help you decide if this is the phone for you. PRICE The 12 Pro, which is available right now, starts at £999 for the lowest-capacity version. Here’s the full list: 128GB: £999 256GB: £1,099 512GB: £1,299 DESIGN As was long rumoured,…