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iPad & iPhone User is the only digital magazine you need to the world of the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Subscribe to iPad & iPhone User and get more out of your Apple device with our step-by-step tutorials, straight forward buying advice and expert reviews of the latest apps, games and accessories.. Each issue is packed with step-by-step tutorials and features on how to get the most from your apps and services like iCloud, iTunes Match, iPhoto, GarageBand, iMovie, Pages and Keynote, as well as all the latest apps. Anyone from a complete iPad and iPhone beginner to hardcore power users will learn more about their beloved Apple device.

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iphone 12 versus the best android phones

2020 was a wild and unpredictable year for smartphones. Samsung started the year by shipping its most expensive phone ever in the S20 Ultra and finished with one of its best bargains in the Galaxy S20 FE. Google dropped its flagship Pixel 5 to the midrange and delivered its best design ever, while a OnePlus phone topped a grand for the first time. Plus Apple shipped its smallest iPhone since the iPhone 5. And everything came with 5G on board. But amid all that, which phone emerged from the chaos as the champion of 2020? THE PHONES Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra: The Galaxy Note20 Ultra is Samsung’s best phone to date even if it has a slightly inferior camera and a smaller battery than the S20 Ultra. OnePlus 8 Pro: OnePlus went all out…

4 min
how to recover deleted text messages on iphone

Text messages have a reputation for being informal and inconsequential, but you can sometimes have some really critical information in there. If you deleted some texts to clear up space on your iPhone and accidentally got rid of one that’s important, all hope is not lost. There are three potential avenues for recovering a deleted text message. You can restore your iPhone to a time before the message was deleted, you might be able to contact your phone provider and you may be able to use a third-party app. Here’s a brief explanation of all three options. RECOVER DELETED TEXTS USING AN iCLOUD BACKUP This is the simplest and fastest way to restore missing texts. If you have an iCloud backup from the time before you deleted the text, you should be able…

18 min
review: iphone 12 mini

Price: £749 from fave.co/2WzknYB Size matters, and for the past four years Apple fans with small hands have been crying out for the company to make an iPhone they can hold comfortably. The SE (2016) was the last 4in iPhone – most likely last in the sense of ‘final ever’, rather than just ‘most recent’ – and nothing since has come close to that device’s combination of portability and ease of use. But this is the year of plenty, as far as iPhones go, and there’s now something for everyone: like a 20th-century rugby union team, Apple’s smartphone department welcomes all shapes and sizes. And the prop-forward iPhone 12 Pro Max has a scrum-half scurrying along behind it. The 12 mini certainly isn’t a 4in phone – its screen measures 5.4in, very nearly…

13 min
best network for iphone

If you’re thinking of buying an iPhone on contract, you’ve got a SIM-free iPhone and want to sign up to a contract, or are nearing the end of a contract and want to go with a different provider, you’ll be wanting to know which network is best for you. This article is the right place to find out. We go through the various network providers available in the UK and discuss their pros, cons and general performance – you should be able to find the right choice for you in no time. We also go into more detail about the research and reports we use to determine our verdict for each network further into this article. WHAT NETWORKS ARE THERE? In the UK we have four big networks: • EE • O2 • Three • Vodafone There are many…

1 min
apple updates shazam app with new interface and adds song id beta on the web

At has been over two years since Apple purchased Shazam, and it’s long overdue for an interface overhaul. Last month, the Shazam app got its biggest update since the acquisition, completely overhauling the interface and improving sync. In addition, the Shazam website has the ability to identify songs, once you give it permission to use the microphone on your computer, phone, or tablet. It’s a good way to quickly identify a song on a device you may not have downloaded the app onto yet. The app now has a slide-up card on the main screen to more quickly access your past Shazams, and get back to the big Shazam button when browsing around. The search tap now has a card to access country and city charts, so you can what’s popular in…

2 min
apple building 5g modems for future iphones

Apple is starting to build its own modems to be used inside future iPhones. Chief technology officer Johny Srouji has revealed that the firm is working to build its own 5G modem has now begun, following last year’s acquisition of Intel’s modem business. Back in 2019 Intel gave up and stopped trying to compete with Qualcomm in the 5G modem market. At the same time Apple entered into a settlement with Qualcomm and established a multi-year contract for Qualcomm to supply modems to it for the next six years. But Apple’s long-term ambition is to design these chips itself. It bought Intel’s modem business for $1 billion in 2019 and has since built up a working group with the expertise required to design modems. That development has now begun. Srouji revealed that work on…