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This digest-sized special is filled will success stories, expert advice and delicious recipes!

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stephanie went from size 24 to size 8!

STEPHANIE LOST 120 LBS! She compiled an arsenal of meals with five ingredients or less—including BLT boats, pancakes and bacon-wrapped chicken. “I felt less overwhelmed than I had on other diets. Plus, even no-brainer keto meals taste like cheat meals, so I never felt restricted. That first month, I lost 20 pounds. It fell off quickly!” Down from a size 24 to an eight, Stephanie shares her journey as “keepingitketo33” on Instagram. Check it out! The buzzed-about Keto Diet earns raves for good reason: Folks are shedding up to 100 pounds in 100 days without hunger. Yet figuring out the plan—which calls for about 75% of calories from fat—can seem daunting. What do you actually eat? Do meals take forever to make? Is it food you’d even like? To answer these questions,…

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easy, no-brainer keto menus!

Want foolproof DIY meals? There’s an app for that! At each sitting, go for a palm-sized serving of protein, up to 1 cup of non-starchy veggies or ¼ cup of berries or tomato, 2-3 servings of fat, and some low-carb freebies like herbs, spices, vinegar and zero-cal sweetener. Want to be more precise? A free phone app like Carb Manager or Keto Diet Tracker can help you make sure you’re getting the right amount of nutrients. 5-INGREDIENT KETO “HOT POCKETS” Dieters and non dieters alike go crazy for these treats from Martina Slajerova’s KetoDietApp.com. ¾ cup shredded mozzarella cheese1 Tbs. cream cheese4 Tbs. flax meal3 oz. deli ham3 oz. sliced cheese, any variety In a small bowl, microwave mozzarella and cream cheese on high for 30 seconds; stir. If not melted, microwave 30 seconds more.…

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a sample 5-ingredient keto plan

BREAKFAST CHOOSE ONE DAILY OPTION 1 BACON & EGGS 3 eggs prepared any style in butter served with 2 Tbs. salsa and 4 slices crisp bacon OPTION 2 COTTAGE CHEESE PANCAKES (Recipe page 94) LUNCH & DINNER CHOOSE ONE AT EACH SITTING OPTION 1 DR. NALLY’S FAST FAVORITE 4 oz. deli meat and 2. oz. cheese slices rolled around 2 dill pickle spears and dipped in 1 tsp. Dijon mustard. Serve with 1 cup celery sticks. OPTION 2 CHICKEN RANCH SALAD 1 serving leftover Smoky Paprika-Rubbed Roast Chicken (recipe page 78) on a bed of greens and veggies. Serve with keto-friendly ranch dressing. We recommend Primal Kitchen. OPTION 3 BLT BOATS Spread 2 romaine lettuce leaves with mayo and top each with 2-3 slices crisp bacon and 1 Tbs. diced tomato. Serve with a small handful macadamias or pistachios. OPTION 4 CHEESY SAUSAGE BAKE(photo on…

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maggy lost an amazing 251 lbs!

What’s wrong?” Maggy asked her ashen-faced son, who’d dropped by on his way to work. Michael, 33, stared at the ground. “I don’t know the right way to say this, Mom, but…” he said, hesitating. “You’ve got to do something about your health. You’re my best friend, and I’m afraid you won’t live through the year.” He looked up, tears in his eyes. Maggy felt her throat tighten. “Oh, honey,” she whispered. “I…” But there were no words to comfort him. “Truth is, I don’t see much hope for myself,” she finally said. Michael glanced up with such pain in his face that it took Maggy’s breath away. Her instinct was instant: Make his hurting stop! Suddenly, words were coming out of her mouth she never intended: “I’ll find a…

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the turbo keto science

• IT ALL STARTS WITH INSULIN The blood sugar–regulating hormone “is like the main switch that turns fat storage on and turns fat burning off,” explains John Limansky, M.D., of BiohackMD.com. He says most Americans eat in a way that keeps blood sugar and insulin chronically high. So over time, insulin stops working properly, keeping the body in near constant fatstorage mode. • HOW KETO HELPS Keto limits the two nutrients that drive up blood sugar and insulin levels most: carbs and large amounts of protein. Without those foods, blood sugar drops, and the body can no longer rely on sugar as its main fuel. Instead, it starts creating “ketones” from stored fat to burn as fuel, says Dr. Limansky. Ketones also suppress appetite. • TURBO KETO “Every time you eat, you…

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what a turbo keto day is like

UPON RISING Iced green tea. Any zerocalorie liquid is fine, but Maggy finds decaf green tea keeps hunger pangs at bay. LATE BREAKFAST Keto pancakes from a mix, such as Carbquik brand, sugar-free syrup and breakfast sausage LUNCH A juicy burger patty with bacon, cheese and mayo on lettuce instead of a bun SNACKS Sugar-free gelatin, pecans, strawberries, celery with peanut butter and sugar-free chocolate, such as Lily’s brand DINNER MAGGY’S CRUSTLESS PIZZA In a baking pan, layer no-sugaradded marinara with lots of mozzarella, sausage, bell peppers and mushrooms; bake for 25 minutes. Serve with 2 cups side salad and zero-carb dressing.…