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Knitting & Crochet from Woman’s Weekly Aug-18

Knitting & Crochet from Woman’s Weekly is a dedicated monthly series produced by the renowned Woman’s Weekly knitting team who collectively have over 100 years of experience in the knitting industry. Each issue features an extensive collection of patterns suitable for all abilities, including clothing and accessories for all the family, children’s toy’s and TV characters, home ware, novelty and seasonal items, plus how-to guides from some of the leading designers and technical experts in the world. We also exclusively feature vintage patterns from the 1920’s up to the 1980’s – these are taken from our extensive archive and fully reworked so they can be made with modern yarns. The Woman’s Weekly knitting team sets itself apart from its rivals by testing every single pattern before they are published, ensuring that they are all of the highest standards – in short, unlike many knitting patterns out there ours are guaranteed to work!

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1 min
hello and welcome

We’ve gone loopy for lace this issue with a frill edging here and an eyelet motif there! Our opening feature might be one of my favourites so far. I love the technical genius of the lace patterns and how our talented designers have used them so creatively to complement the garments. Particularly in the V-neck tee on page 14, which isn’t a V-neck at all – it’s a slash neck, but the beautiful eyelet pattern creates a stunning V shape. It’s a real show-stopper and is the sort of garment that suits EVERYONE. And it’s not just adults who can enjoy the fabulous things that lace knitting has to offer, we’ve also got a few kids makes which have a lacy flourish that will inspire you to practise your existing technique…

36 min
a touch of lace

This is knitted in the round up to the armholes so the side panel is seamless lace Lace Side Panel Sweater Measurements To fit bust 81 (86) (91) (97) (102) (107) (112) cm/32 (34) (36) (38) (40) (42) (44) in. Actual measurements 87 (92) (98) (103) (108) (113.5) (118.5) cm/34¼ (36¼) (38½) (40½) (42½) (44¾) (46½) in. Side seam 39.5 (40) (40.5) (41) (40.5) (41) (41.5) cm/15½ (15¾) (16) (16¼) (16) (16¼) (16½) in. Length to shoulder 59 (60) (61) (62) (62.5) (63.5) (64.5) cm/23¼ (23½) (24) (24½) (24¾) (25) (25½) in. Sleeve seam 26 (27) (27.5) (28) (28.5) (29) (29.5) cm/10¼ (10½) (10¾) (11) (11¼) (11½) (11¾) in. Materials 4 (5) (5) (6) (6) (7) (7) 50g (180m) balls of King Cole Merino Blend 4ply (100% superwash wool) in Stone (904)*. Pair of 3.5mm circular needles, 40cm and…

3 min
summer lovin’

We’re so lucky to have such a rich catalogue of Woman’s Weekly knitting and crochet patterns. This crochet sundress featured in a 1969 issue of Woman’s Weekly. CROCHET Measurements To fit bust 86 (91) (97) cm/34 (36) (38) in. Actual measurements 89 (94.5) (100.5) cm/35 (37¼) (39½) in. Side seam (including edging) 81 (86) (90) cm/32 (34) (35½) in. Length (including edging) 99 (105.5) (108) cm/39 (41½) (42½) in. Worked straight until the armholes, our dress can be easily shortened Materials 14 (15) (16) 50g (92m) balls of Stylecraft Cotton Classique DK (100% cotton) in White (3360)*. Size 4mm, 4.5mm and 5mm crochet hooks; 1.5m length of 1m wide lining (optional). Yarn is available from theknittingnetwork.co.uk. Tension 3 patterns repeats and 3 rows, to 10 x 10cm, using 4mm hook. Abbreviations Ch, chain; st(s), stitch(es); tr, treble crochet; chsp, chain space; dc, double…

5 min
it’s a tie

We’ve chosen to have one thick stripe for our skirt but you could try mixing it TO VHSG fiMDQ Missoni-style lines of multiple colours Tie-up Skirt Measurements To fit sizes S (M) (L) Actual measurements at hip 92 (99) (106) cm/36¼ (39) (41¾) in. Length All sizes 58cm/23in. Materials 8 (9) (9) 50g (140m) balls of King Cole Vogue DK (100% cotton) in Glacier (2122) and 2 (3) (3) balls in Cardinal (2121)*. Pair each of 3mm (No. 11), 4mm (No. 8) and 4.5mm (No. 7) knitting needles; 2 large snap fasteners. Yarn is available from theknittingnetwork.co.uk. Tension 22 stitches and 30 rows, to 10 x 10cm, over stocking stitch, using 4mm needles; 17-stitch pattern repeat measures 7cm wide, using 4mm needles. Abbreviations St(s), stitch(es); k, knit; p, purl; k2tog, k 2 sts together (to decrease 1 st); skpo, slip 1…

15 min
eyelet motifs

TAKE A LOOK AT... Strategically placed eyelets can create beautiful shapes and transform a plain stocking stitch garment Heart Jumper Measurements To fit ages 6-12 (12-18) (24-36) (36-48) months. Actual chest measurements 55 (60) (66) (71) cm/21½ (23¾) (26) (28) in. Side seam 15 (16) (17) (18) cm/6 (6¼) (6¾) (7) in. Length to shoulder 28 (30) (32) (34) cm/11 (11¾) (12½) (13½) in. Sleeve seam 20 (22) (24) (26) cm/8 (8¾) (9½) (10¼) in. Materials 2 (2) (2) (3) 100g (201m) balls of Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton DK (100% cotton) in Pink (Apple Blossom 1964)*. Pair each of 3mm (No. 11) and 3.75mm (No. 9) knitting needles; 2 stitch holders; removable stitch markers or contrast thread; 1 button. Yarn is available from theknittingnetwork.co.uk. Tension 22 stitches and 30 rows, to 10 x 10cm, over stocking stitch, using 3.75mm needles. Abbreviations St(s), stitch(es); k,…

9 min
love bugs

Knit the body from the centre outwards Knitted Ladybird Measurements Approximately 18cm/7in long and 4cm/1½in high. Materials 1 x 100g (295m) ball of Stylecraft Special DK (100% acrylic) in each of Black (1002) and Red (Matador 1010) and a small amount of Light Blue (Cloud Blue 1019)*. Pair of 3.25mm (No. 10) knitting needles; two 3.25mm (No. 10) double-pointed needles; toy filling; optional circle of cardboard, cut to 12cm diameter. Yarn is available from theknittingnetwork.co.uk. Tension Tension is not critical for this project. Use a smaller needle size than recommended for your yarn so that the toy filling is not visible through the stitches. Abbreviations St(s), stitch(es); k, knit; p, purl; k2tog, k 2 sts together (to decrease 1 st); inc, increase 1 st (by working into same st twice); ss, stocking st (k on right side and p…