Kruger Magazine Summer 2019-2020

Few parts of the world can match the Greater Kruger Lowveld for its wildlife, natural and cultural diversity or the unique customer experience it offers to each visitor to this iconic region. Our targeted content is produced by leading journalists, photographers, videographers and graphic designers. We also draw on resources of a domestic and international network of expert contributors. Seasonally themed quarterly issues offer exciting information and content. The KRUGER MAGAZINE’s impressively broad editorial mix will offer engaging reading and satisfy not only the avid wildlife lover, adventurer, passionate photographer and domestic and international tourist, but also conservationists, researchers, and armchair travellers, amongst others. The KRUGER MAGAZINE offers essential content for anyone with a passion for wildlife who wants to understand and experience Africa’s Greater Kruger – a celebration of Africa’s GREATER KRUGER!

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setting the scene

“Life’s joys mostly come from relationships and friendships, not from material things.” The first summer rain has started falling and in and around the Greater Kruger the scenery has changed overnight… how wonderful is Mother Nature! The first sign of spring moving towards summer was spotting the distinct yellow flowers and green leaves of the long-tail cassia against the still colourless shades of winter. Read about this smallish, deciduous tree, perfectly described by Nick Zambatis, on page 64. This time of the year there is so much to get excited about other than the rain itself – the beautiful shade of green when the mopani trees get new leaves, the different species of migrant birds returning, the new impala and other antelope babies to be spotted, and the anticipation of seeking the foam…

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from the publisher’s pen

In summer the Greater Kruger and renowned Lowveld is probably one of the most beautiful places in South Africa – even the migrant bird species agree, coming back year after year to nest and rear their young. For the fortunate humans living here, despite the drought we once again experienced in 2019, a wonder world unfolds after each drop of rain, with our respect and love for nature once again confirmed. It’s time to reflect, and looking back, we are grateful and feel fortunate to do what we do. The extraordinary amount of phone calls, emails and messages from readers wanting to share their experiences and enjoyment of our magazine, the list of new subscribers and the support given by advertisers far surpasses our wildest expectations – making a mere ‘thank…

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memorable sightings

“The leopard immediately started stalking the cheetah.” POWER vs. SPEED, STEALTH vs. EXPLOSION = LEOPARD vs. CHEETAH When power meets speed and when stealth triggers explosion, the results are uncertain. On one of my Kruger National Park excursions, I spotted a large male leopard patrolling and scent marking his territory, heading east on H1-1, just east of Pretoriuskop. Unexpectedly, there was a male cheetah heading west in the same vicinity. He was also scent marking the area, but with a frantic distress call. It appeared as if he was calling a missing family member or had been kicked out of the coalition. The leopard immediately started stalking the cheetah. The sneaky leopard was tiptoeing, squatting and eventually positioned himself at the exact spot where the cheetah would pass, and used a tree trunk as…

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trendsetting uzwelo

By focusing on recycling, conservation and skills-development, Uzwelo, and their partner, bring about REAL change. Real change is hard, and change in South Africa is no exception. Crime, poverty, corruption, litter, poaching, old school mindsets ... the need for change is everywhere. Maybe one of the reasons it isn’t happening fast enough is because we don’t always believe we can help. Expand a Sign decided to change this way of thinking and formed Uzwelo Bags to focus on what we can do, instead of what we can’t. We asked ourselves what our beautiful country could be like if we worked together, building opportunities, not just for ourselves, but for those around us and their communities. We dreamed and spoke about how lives could change, how families could be empowered, and communities uplifted and brought…

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the benefits

1 Environment Preventing waste fabric off-cuts from going to landfills and using this ‘waste’ to make functional, stylish and affordable bags of all shapes and sizes. IMPACT TO DATE: 86 700m WASTE FABRIC SAVED FROM LANDFILL 2 Skills Development Empowering communities through the development of skills, entrepreneurship and education, and creating of employment opportunities. IMPACT TO DATE: 30 000+ SCHOOL BAGS DONATED 3 Conservation Supporting The Bateleurs, a non-profit organisation who ‘Fly for Conservation’, by donating a percentage of all sales to assisting conservation in South Africa. IMPACT TO DATE: R175 000 DONATED TO THE BATELEURS…

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the park's shop

More about rPET fabric bags Billions of PET bottles are discarded each year, many ending up in our waterways and marine ecosystems, causing devastation to our environment and animal species. The most common plastic waste its polyethylene terephthalate, or PET. Recycled PET is extracted into yarns and then crafted into a variety of textiles. These fabrics are superior to their natural counterparts and more durable. They also do not rot or decay, regardless of the climate. Most importantly, they are an eco-friendly choice. For more information, e-mail Natalie Ingram, Brand Manager at THE PARK’s SHOP:…