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July 2020

Leisure Wheels explores the exciting world of adventure motoring off the beaten track with an emphasis on breathtaking Southern African destinations. It’s the country’s leading magazine for those who love overland adventures, caravanning, camping, 4x4 and the great outdoors.

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swapping in for out

THE Covid-19 lockdown period and the way in which society returns to normal is most certainly going to change what citizens and travellers value most. As a whole, the travel and hospitality industry will undoubtedly be the hardest hit as I expect the way that people travel will change. However, those service providers that can offer the right kind of experience could see a boom in their business. Initially, there could be a move towards local travel as the call for wanderlust is answered by getting in your car and driving somewhere, rather than catching a plane to an exotic overseas destination. Travellers will want to be able to control the cleanliness and hygiene of their environment and avoid places with long queues or any form of crowds. The Voetspore team has had…

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winning letter it’s a sign

WRITE A LETTER and stand a chance to win a Unilite SP-750 Folding Speaker Light. The Unilite Folding Speaker Light is a high-powered 750-lumen white COB LED light that features a high-quality built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker. It features a glow-in-the-dark strip for extra visibility, a 180 degree adjustable handle/hook/stand and strong magnets within the base which allows it to be fixed in all kinds of positions, on a workbench or under a bonnet. The device weighs just 354g and is water-resistant. A fast-charging USB type-C rechargeable battery powers its strong 750 lumen floodlight and additional 300-lumen top torch. The SP-750 also has three dim settings to extend battery run times. The Unilite SP-750 is valued at R1 150 For more information, visit www.unilite.co.uk or contact sales@glimports.co.za Many countries in the world will have various traffic…

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here are some of your thoughts

Keep up to date with news, videos, photos and articles, with Leisure Wheels online Like our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/LeisureWheels | Follow us on Twitter: @LeisureWheelsZA | Web: www.leisurewheels.co.za SHARED ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE We’re sure that single cab Jimnys would sell like hot cakes locally. What do you think? Vincent van Zyl: It will be outpriced by the Nissan NP200. Ben Visagie: I really like it but it won’t be cheap. Sontie Bruwer: Might need to stretch that chassis a bit but yes, it will sell. Marius Botha: It will work but they need to make the loadbin useful. Pieter Keulder: Also think it will be a winner. Xando Araujo: That is horrible. Hummer is making a comeback. This is one professional designer’s idea of what it should look like. What do you think? Themba Nzuza: They must make efficient diesel…

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the new normal

I returned from Russia only hours before South Africa’s lockdown was implemented. I made it by the skin of my teeth, otherwise I would have been stranded like many other South Africans who needed to cope, unexpectedly, in Japan, New Zealand, Korea or Brazil. Getting back to South Africa demanded some fancy footwork, choosing the right airline and the accessible transit airports. Rome, for example, was not a good idea. I was in Russia to plan a new Voetspore series. In our quest to travel the Brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries, we recently ticked off India and South Africa. Next on the list of five is Russia. The Russian planning went very well. I’ve never been to this vast country, so more research than usual was needed. I…

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feeding the wildlife community

International rugby player Joe Pietersen, his brother Willem, Mziki Conservancy’s Stephen Mulholland and Chris Small, and Project Rhino ambassador and author of Saving the Last Rhinos, Grant Fowlds, received a plea for help from one of the indunas of a community bordering Mziki. He told them of the dire food shortages and growing hunger in rural communities, which was a direct result of Covid-19 lockdown layoffs and the complete collapse of tourism-related jobs in and around wildlife areas. There and then, a movement called Feeding the Wildlife Community was formed. Each of the team members put bucks on the table and within a week, Richard ‘Mahlembe’ Mabanga (the charismatic Rhino ART ambassador who visits hundreds of rural schools each year to educate communities about rhino poaching and wildlife crime) was heading…

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kalahari ferrari tames dakar rally

After claiming all the possible titles in motocross and crosscountry, Ross Branch made the leap to Dakar in 2019. He returned this year and again showed great pace, managing to clinch his first stage win. A crash and some mechanical trouble saw him finish 21st overall. But Branch had achieved his goal of catching the attention of the factory teams and in March of this year, he was rewarded with a Monster Energy Yamaha factory ride. Was the Dakar in Saudi Arabia all that you expected? It was amazing. There were a lot of mixed feelings about going to Saudi but they put on a really good show and I think it’s only going to get better in years to come. Does Saudi Arabia suit your riding style coming from Botswana? I loved Saudi…