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Leisure Wheels August 2018

Leisure Wheels explores the exciting world of adventure motoring off the beaten track with an emphasis on breathtaking Southern African destinations. It’s the country’s leading magazine for those who love overland adventures, caravanning, camping, 4x4 and the great outdoors.

South Africa
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fuel for thought

IN recent times the price of fuel has become quite topical. Even more so than the see-through dress worn by some Kardashian-ism or the latest political scandal. Even more than the king-prawn platter Camilla Parker-Bowles wore as a hat at Prince Harry’s wedding. Some say the escalating fuel price is due to international economic conditions. Some reckon it’s all connected to the oil price. South Africa’s GDP which decreased by 2.2% in the first quarter of 2018 also gets the lion’s share of the blame. Others believe SA motorists are simply being taxed more to fund government, er, well, you know… important government stuff. Like failing governmental parastatals and struggling state-owned enterprises (SOE). More than 30% of the fuel price is made up by taxes. Amazingly, you can buy fuel for much less in…

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right on!

Your ‘Dear Oom Cyril’ article in the June issue said it all. The authorities will not solve any of the road safety issues by hiding behind bushes. Moving violations can be captured on camera… like running a red traffic light. So why can’t institutions like the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) mount cameras on bridges and so on to capture those (mostly taxis) who feel that using the emergency lane is the best way to get past the queue of cars? Or even those who feel there’s nothing wrong with driving on the wrong side of the road? JMPD could become the biggest income earner in the history of South Africa with this method of cash collection. Or is this not in their best interests? Solly Zalansky Johannesburg In Johannesburg, there are cameras on…

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the journey to tigres

On the island of Tigres, there’s a ghost town where a small community once lived, operating several fish factories. These factories harvested the incredible resources of the Atlantic Ocean, fed by the abundance of the Benguela current. The visit to Tigres is special. To get there, difficult. For the past five years, Voetspore has been taking touring parties to the island. We do this in co-operation with Rico and his son Matt Sakko from Flamingo Lodge. Rico is the man who tamed the Doodsakker. He is the man who drove it for the first time in the recent past and he has rescued many a traveller who tried to conquer the infamous stretch of coastline. Many sat, stranded on a dune, having lost everything to the ocean. If you want to go to…

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run baby, run

Despite his success, Ryan remains a nice, humble guy. In addition to being the first person to win Four Desert races back to back, he was also the first to win endurance trail races on all seven continents. He’s a known philanthropist and a brand ambassador for the Laureus Foundation. This foundation aims to improve the lives of people by inspiring leadership qualities in community members. His autobiography launched in 2016 and has since been translated into Spanish and French. More recently, Ryan and his running buddy, Ryno Griesel, ran right across Nepal and the stunning Himalayas. It took 25 days, three hours and 24 minutes to cover this 1 504km journey. A day before he was scheduled to leave on his next month-long adventure, we spoke to Ryan about his lifestyle, inspiration, the…

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a love affair with a continent

Creaking, lateen-rigged dhows have traded up and down Africa’s east coast for over 2 000 years, leaving Africa on the monsoon winds to sail the azure-blue waters of the Indian Ocean (also known as the ‘Seas of Zinj’). They departed laden with slaves, ivory, coconuts, cowrie shells and mangrove poles and returned from India and Arabia with dates, carpets, glassware and cloth. I’ve long had a fascination with these sturdy wooden sailing boats and a few years ago, the ‘Zen of Travel’ worked her magic and we became the proud owners of Amina, a big, wine-glass-bottomed jahazi dhow. It was love at first sight, and the start of a year-long African Rainbow expedition. Travelling in Land Rovers, inflatable boats and by dhow, we explored the entire coast of East Africa from Durban…

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more than a million,   still going strong

This is the distance an 18-year-old Isuzu 250 Diesel Double Cab has travelled and the bakkie is still going strong after exceeding its one million-kilometeres reading last year. Much like its retired owner, David Manley from Mossel Bay, the Isuzu bakkie is still just as busy as before it hit the one million mark about a year ago. In fact, Manley and his wife, Gillian, took the bakkie on an adventure just a month after it hit the milestone, which demonstrates Manley’s confidence in the reliability of his Isuzu 250 Diesel LE. “Our last trip to Etosha in Namibia was done in July last year, as we had a week to kill after Gillian and I hiked the Naukluft Trail and started the Fish River Canyon Trail. We travelled up on largely bad…