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Leisure Wheels October 2018

Leisure Wheels explores the exciting world of adventure motoring off the beaten track with an emphasis on breathtaking Southern African destinations. It’s the country’s leading magazine for those who love overland adventures, caravanning, camping, 4x4 and the great outdoors.

South Africa
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when good things happen to good companies

LET’S not beat around the bush here. Times are tough. And times are changing, too. The sedan is fast heading towards the endangered species list. And the sports utility vehicle (SUV) has cometh of age. Everyone’s got one these days and more are on the way. Think Lamborghini Urus, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Bentley Betayga – brands that you’d never have thought would ever list an SUV in their model line-up. But they do. And they are selling. Take the Porsche Cayenne SUV, for instance. When Porsche announced that it would be offering an SUV, some said the brand was doomed. Today the Cayenne and the smaller Macan reputedly account for around 65% of all Porsche sales. In effect then, sales of the Cayenne and Macan have funded the development of iconic Porsches such as…

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We welcome your views Email your views to editorial@leisurewheels.com or submit them via our Facebook page or the website at www.leisurewheels.co.za. Please supply your postal address, in case you win a prize. WINNING LETTER Congratulations! Your letter wins you a Little Luxury Vitality mini water cooler. We will be in contact to arrange delivery of your prize. NO BULL (BAR), RIGHT? I read with interest the article on the Ford Everest project vehicle, as published in the September issue. I have a friend who also has a new Everest 3.2TDCi 4×4 XLT. It’s a lovely SUV in all respects, it seems. Comfortable, luxurious, refined and definitely much better looking than the previous generation vehicle. I have a question: my friend wanted to add a few accessories to his Everest, but the Ford dealership advised that he…

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ngorongoro: just a big zoo, or something exceptional?

Johan Badenhorst is probably South Africa’s best-known overlander, with his amazing adventures televised on SABC2. He also knows a lot about patience – probably the best attribute if you plan on travelling the African continent. East Africa, with its abundance of wildlife, is a major attraction for people on safari. Compared to South Africa and even Botswana and Namibia, it is exceptionally expensive. One of the gems of the region is the Ngorongoro Crater, adjacent to the Serengeti in Tanzania. Is this worth the hundreds of dollars, or is this just a massive zoo? The first thing that strikes you about Ngorongoro and Serengeti is that the park fees and method of payment is pretty confusing. Next thing you notice is that it is very expensive. Recently, in an effort to fight corruption and…

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the man behind 4x4 megaworld

Deon’s love of all things motoring was instilled in him from a very young age, thanks to a father in the automotive industry. He transitioned from enthusiasm to love the moment he first got on a motorcycle, which eventually led to full-on racing. After leaving the army, he needed a job and decided to sell some cars. Noting the amount of aftermarket accessories being imported into South Africa, he decided to turn his attention to that business model instead. The result of all that effort is 4×4 Megaworld, with outlets all over South Africa. It’s one of the most recognisable brands in the business, so Deon has done rather well for himself. He currently resides in Klerksdorp, where he surrounds himself with his family and a selection of Toyotas. His racing genes have been…

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bite-sizes to kathmandu

Kingsley Holgate is South Africa’s most famous adventurer, a renowned humanitarian and author. The 71-year-old founded the Kingsley Holgate Foundation, which aims to “save and improve lives through adventure”. He has handed out thousands of mosquito nets to help save people from malaria and more recently, provided people who are sight-impaired with glasses. Although he’s driven other brands over the years, he now won’t drive anything but a Land Rover. Mind you, the All New Discovery is rather comfy. In a grove of fever trees on the banks of the Maputo River, we spread out some of the maps and reference books on the bonnet of one of the expedition Land Rover Discoveries. It’s a very long way to Kathmandu in Nepal, about 17 000km through 19 countries. We all agree that…

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crikey, mate it can fly!

Three years. That’s how long Ford Performance spent developing the Ranger Raptor. It is no longer a Ranger. It’s a bespoke off-road racing weapon. One that can enter a cross-country rally in stock trim and run head to head with most of the production-class vehicles. It’s also a lovechild of a Ranger and an Everest. A NEW UNION IS FORMED The design brief for the Raptor was to the point: it had to flatter the novice and reward the expert. A standard Ford Ranger ladder frame chassis was designed to offer a reasonable compromise between being able to reliably carry a ton of weight and offering a comfortable ride. To do so, it features workhorse-like blade springs at the rear, which means it can handle that weight and it is perfectly serviceable as a daily…