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Cars & Motorcycles
Leisure Wheels

Leisure Wheels December 2018

Leisure Wheels explores the exciting world of adventure motoring off the beaten track with an emphasis on breathtaking Southern African destinations. It’s the country’s leading magazine for those who love overland adventures, caravanning, camping, 4x4 and the great outdoors.

South Africa
RamsayMedia (PTY) Ltd
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12 Issues

In this issue

3 min.
diesel hunting – it’s on!

I must admit, I was never one to rush to a filling station the day before a fuel price increase to fill the tank to the brim, just to save a few rand. I tried once. There was a queue of frustrated motorists waiting in a line. Two of them started bickering with each other because one supposedly pushed in. They squared off, like two Bangkok hookers fighting over a tourist brandishing a thick wad of US dollars. There was plenty of circling, waving arms, shouting about each other’s mothers. I’m still not sure if they actually knew each other’s mothers. Thankfully, it never came to blows. Or a knife- or gunfight. I eventually managed to fill my vehicle’s tank and saved about R35, just as the impatient old lady waiting in line…

9 min.

Email your views to editorial@leisurewheels.com or submit them via our Facebook page or the website at www.leisurewheels.co.za. Please supply your postal address, in case you win a prize. WINNING LETTER Congratulations! Your letter wins you a Little Luxury Vitality mini water cooler. We will be in contact to arrange delivery of your prize. GIVE FORD SOME CREDIT In the October issue you raved about the Volvo XC60 and about all the extra features. For example, if you press a button it will stay in the lane, slows down to the speed of the car in front, and so on. I have a Ford Kuga 2.0TDCi AT that is four years old with all the features you have mentioned. A new Kuga is R150 000 cheaper than the Volvo. Give Ford a bit of credit. I tow…

5 min.
into the thirstland

South Africans, and more specifically the Afrikaner, are known to be a very stubborn people. Over the centuries, whenever they were threatened by a foreign power, they left, looking for their freedom elsewhere. This was the case with the Voortrekkers who left the Cape, the Boers who returned over the Drakensberg when once again confronted by the British Empire, and the Afrikaners, who left for Patagonia in Argentina after the Anglo Boer War. But the best example of stubborn Boers who would rather endure hardships than serving under a government with whom they are in disagreement, are the Dorslandtrekkers of the 1870s. These Boers, mostly from the Western Transvaal, believed the government of President FT Burgers in the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek was just too liberal. Legend has it that someone noticed the president at…

6 min.
barrydale’s fastest export

Giniel de Villiers was born in Barrydale in the Western Cape. He grew up on a farm near the village, which is situated near the Overberg and Klein Karoo. Attending school there until grade nine, he then moved to Paarl Gymnasium, where he matriculated. He was 16 years old when his dad, who was particularly keen on motorsport, bought himself an Opel Ascona racecar. Giniel and his dad headed to a racing track, and his father took his car out for some flying laps. Back in the pits, Giniel’s dad realised his son was champing at the bit to have a crack himself… so he sent him out on the track. Amazingly, the young Giniel – who did not even have a learner’s driving licence – was faster than his dad. His father…

5 min.
from tanzania. with love

Jambo! from Tanzania. The name Tanzania was created from the words Tanganyika, Zanzibar and Azania, the ancient Greek name for the east coast of Africa. With its friendly Swahili culture, great wildlife and adventure possibilities, ‘TZ’ remains one of our favourite countries in Africa and this journey up its southern coastline, studded with huge groves of baobabs, is certainly no exception. Gladys Rutihinda allows us to park the expedition Landies and set up camp on the edge of her stretch of beach near Kilwa, where sailing on the Kusi trade wind, fishermen in their small, wooden, cotton-sailed, outrigger-type boats called ngalawas bring in fresh fish and octopus while local women harvest seaweed in the vast, clear blue shallows. The feeling of freedom is as endless as the beaches and in the cool of…

4 min.
renault does right by the duster

Welcome to the all-new Renault Duster, which follows in the footsteps of a car that basically revamped the French manufacturer’s image in South Africa. We were big fans of the original car for two reasons: much like the Toyota Rush, the Duster was exactly what consumers needed at the time it was launched. The economy was in the toilet, fuel prices were skyrocketing and new car prices shot upwards at an alarming rate. Along came Renault and introduced a spacious, capable SUV with loads of equipment at an extremely reasonable price. Never before has a car been so in tune with the times, which meant Renault sold thousands. In addition to all of this, it was more capable off-road than any all-wheel-drive SUV had the right to be. We even took the Duster…