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Leisure Wheels May 2019

Leisure Wheels explores the exciting world of adventure motoring off the beaten track with an emphasis on breathtaking Southern African destinations. It’s the country’s leading magazine for those who love overland adventures, caravanning, camping, 4x4 and the great outdoors.

South Africa
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the chinese invasion

I’ll never forget my first visit to an international motor show. It was the year that the Audi A1 was launched. The scantily clad German ladies on their massive stand had to wield off Chinese ‘journalists’ who were using a steel ruler and camera to take up close images of details of the car that had just been unveiled to the world, clearly for research towards the development of their own car. The famous quote “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” might be true. But it’s not nice when the imitation cheapens the original design and steals sales. Luxury carmaker Jaguar Land Rover has won a legal battle in China against local rival Jiangling Motors for building cars that heavily imitate the Range Rover Evoque. The court ruled that the X7…

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leisure wheels

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winning letter

Congratulations! Your letter wins you a Little Luxury Luxpure filter unit. We will be in contact to arrange delivery of your prize. Email your views to editorial@leisurewheels.com or submit them via our Facebook page or the website at www.leisurewheels.co.za. Please supply your postal address, in case you win a prize. THE RIGHT TO REPAIR CONUNDRUM I write in reference to your article The other side of right to repair, December 2018. I have been in the motor trade for 42 years, across all aspects of the industry. I am now retired but still dabble in the selling of vehicles to keep myself busy. On reading this article, the proposals made me think they are just another way in which to bring down the standards of another industry as has been done with parastatals like SAA,…

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more mitsubishi please

Herewith a suggestion that may restore the somewhat biased representation of the magazine. I recommend that you send a Mitsubishi Pajero Sport in standard trim, as a benchmark competitor along with the customised Ford Everest on that pukka overland trip, with a (really) rough section of 4×4 in the mix. We, some old farts and 4×4 enthusiasts from the Cape, are of the opinion that there is too much coverage of the Everests, Fortuners, Jimnys and so on in Leisure Wheels, whereby one of the finalists in the 2019 Car of the Year competition, the Pajero Sport, did not receive any substantial mention in your magazine during 2018. Looking forward to a credible 2019. Jurgen and Co Durbanville Stating that the magazine is somewhat biased is an unfair statement in our opinion. The contents…

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the luxury of time

I must say, I got a slight lump in my throat when I saw you had printed my letter. I retired from Homemakers in 2017 after 38 years in publishing, exhibition organising and digital marketing. I became involved with 4×4s in 1991, when I had one of the first 2.4 litre three-door Nissan Sanis in Cape Town. Now, 13 Land Rovers later and that bug is still biting… Ja, I have three at the moment but there are people with more. Now that we’ve done the travelling and some typical retirement things, it’s time to get busy again. Although I studied journalism many moons ago, I never became a journalist for the simple reason that in 1979, advertising sales paid R50 per month more. Over the years, my writing skills were…

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here are some of your thoughts, shared on our facebook page

Keep up to date with news, videos, photos and articles, with Leisure Wheels online Like our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/LeisureWheels | Follow us on Twitter: @LeisureWheelsZA | Web: www.leisurewheels.co.za Manuel Carreira: Can they even do more than 180km/h? Leisure Wheels @ Manuel: At the moment, easily Manuel Carreira: They are certainly not light on fuel so maybe it is better that you don’t do 180km/h Leisure Wheels @ Manuel: That depends on which model you are referring to. The XC40 D4 we drove recently used very little diesel Daantjie Badenhorst: Who needs to drive faster than 180km/h, except on a racetrack? Leisure Wheels @ Daantjie: Agreed. We don’t really see it having an impact locally. The only country where it might have an impact is Germany where the roads are designed for high speeds. Conrad Visser: There is just…