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Leisure Wheels July 2019

Leisure Wheels explores the exciting world of adventure motoring off the beaten track with an emphasis on breathtaking Southern African destinations. It’s the country’s leading magazine for those who love overland adventures, caravanning, camping, 4x4 and the great outdoors.

South Africa
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shocking result

DURING my 15 years as a motoring journalist it has been fascinating to watch the whole electric car concept develop. From first hearing about the idea to driving prototype test mules and then getting behind the wheel of the market-ready products has been an interesting journey. The sensation of piloting these vehicles has always been interesting because of the manner in which they deliver power and then recharge via regenerative braking systems, which require a different driving style. Electrically powered vehicles have always been a quirky alternative that I thought was only attractive to early adopters. But that has changed. Electric vehicles have moved on from a niche prospect for bunny huggers to a serious proposition for mainstream motorists as the technology comes of age. The operating range of these vehicles is…

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leisure wheels

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more mitsubishi please

WINNING LETTER Congratulations! Your letter wins you a Little Luxury Luxpure filter unit. We will be in contact to arrange delivery of your prize. The Little Luxury LuxPure Tap Water Filter produces great-tasting and healthy water and fits directly onto your kitchen tap. This is one of few water filters that comes equipped with an electronic meter and alarm that tracks when you would need to replace your filter and replace your batteries as well as tracking the litres per minute to ensure optimal water filtration. No plumber is needed to install this filter; the chrome tap attachment, batteries and wrench are all included. The LuxPure replacement filter, which can last up to three months, removes chlorine, pesticides, sediment, rust, all known heavy metals and organic and inorganic micro particles – this also…

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here are some of your thoughts, shared on our facebook page

After months of waiting, we finally have Ford South Africa Ranger Raptor pricing. In SA it retails for R786 400. Edgar-madidi Shingange: Safety features? They steal the Wildtrak easily in Gauteng? Attyboy Mtethwa: Does it fly? Deacon Clark: Can’t compare this to any bakkie, all the others would fail miserably at doing the Raptor’s job. The Hilux would lose its wheels and crash Brendan Crouse: Absolute bargain Leisure Wheels @ Brendan: We think so, too. It’s a lot of cash but it’s a lot of bakkie Cliffy Brown: 100k more than a Hilux and its interior is just plastic. Would love to see what the trade-in will be in a few years Tidimatso Tshwaana: That is what I’m talking about The Turkish police came up with a brilliant plan to stop people from speeding. Do you think fake…

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how to enter namibia

Going into neighbouring Namibia may take a while, at times, especially when they try and operate their fingerprint system. That is why I try a different border post each time. In the process, I’ve come across a few that are easier than others. On South Africa’s north-western border, where the Orange River runs into the Atlantic and where many diamonds are found, is one of the best places to enter Namibia. On the southern end of the Ernest Oppenheimer Bridge, the longest single-lane bridge in Southern Africa, is Alexander Bay. On the northern banks of the river, Oranjemund. The border post is open between 6am and 10pm and recently, visitors are allowed to visit Oranjemund without a permit. Fill up at the newly built filling station for fuel a little cheaper…

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mozambique flood relief mission

It was time to load up the three expedition Land Rovers again. Galvanised by an appeal for help from Gorongosa National Park, the colourful Cape Town to Kathmandu branding was ripped off the Landies and replaced with decals that read Mozambique Relief Expedition. Reports from Mozambique indicated the floodwaters caused by Cyclone Idai were slowly receding, but malaria and disease from contaminated water was now a severe risk. Malaria is the leading cause of death in Mozambique, which has the third highest number of malaria cases anywhere in the world. So we made the decision to concentrate on malaria prevention and water-purification supplies to help the hard-hit communities around Gorongosa National Park, inland from Beira. Some 300 000 people living around the park, especially those near the Pungwe River that flows…