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Leisure Wheels November 2019

Leisure Wheels explores the exciting world of adventure motoring off the beaten track with an emphasis on breathtaking Southern African destinations. It’s the country’s leading magazine for those who love overland adventures, caravanning, camping, 4x4 and the great outdoors.

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SURVEYS conducted by American paint manufacturers PPG Industries and Du Pont reveal that the most popular car colours remain greyscale colours with over 70% of cars produced globally being white, black, grey or silver. Red, blue and brown or beige make up around six and nine percent respectively while all other colours amount to less than five percent. Here in South Africa, a 2018 survey reports that 55% of buyers opted for white, while silver and black were the second and third most popular. Fourth to ninth were occupied by slate, grey, blue, red, orange and gold respectively. Some experts believe this trend is due to the influence of the popular gadgets of the day. If you like your iPhone in white or space grey, maybe you want your car in that…

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food for the soul

I so enjoyed the article, Food for the Soul, by Pierre Labuschagne, on page 85 of the September issue of Leisure Wheels magazine, since we regularly stop at the Kardoesie farm stall and restaurant on our trips up north from Cape Town. This year, we were lucky to time our trip (August) as the flower season was in full swing. We also purchased delicious citrus fruit at Kardoesie to sustain us for the trip up north. This proved wise, particularly as the rains in Angola have failed to materialise this year and the Kalahari, the Delta and most of Botswana and Namibia were dry and dusty. One advantage of this was the game concentrated at waterholes and the viewing was excellent. Martin Briggs Onrusrivier Thank you for writing to us and confirming Pierre’s…

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here are some of your thoughts

SHARED ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE Mureza, a new African car brand, is due to make its debut at Automechanika Johannesburg. The first model, the Prim8 (pronounced Primate), is a crossover/hatchback which will be assembled initially from SKD kits in the Automotive Supplier Park in Rosslyn, South Africa.Meet the latest special edition bakkie to arrive in SA. It’s the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Namib. Upgrades to the exterior, interior and suspension. Yours for R893 600. Armand Geldenhuys: I bet it’s going to be as reliable as our Government. Shane Walker: Servicing will be a problem… Dayalin Naidoo: The name though, eish. Siyabonga Shelele Ludaka: I wonder which car it shares an engine with? Renier Marais: What I like about this company is that they still make the Datsun Junios pickup circa 1970, I want one please. David Kholohelo:…

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who rescues the rescuers?

For the first time on a Voetspore expedition, we needed support. Not support in the way that vehicles had to be towed, recoveries had to be done or in some way assisted when stuck or broke down. No, for that we have the Cruisers, should the need arise. In our minds this is the most reliable and often most capable of all 4×4s. We needed support for other reasons. As mentioned in previous articles, our current series, Voetspore in South Africa, is filmed as a reality programme. In the past, we recorded an entire series and then began the post-production, editing the programmes for broadcast which takes place six to nine months after completion of the journey. Our current series is different: this time we broadcast as we travel. Two weeks after…

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east to west across africa

What better way to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Land Rover Discovery than a 10 000km Zambezi- Congo expedition? Some 22 years ago, we’d attempted an east to west crossing of Africa by boat and I’d scribbled these words in the expedition journal: “…There is still a civil war raging in Angola and also in Zaire, where Mobutu is under attack from Kabila’s rebel forces. Who knows if our journey across Africa in the footsteps of Livingstone and Stanley will be possible? However, we accept the challenge…” Back then, it had been an incredible riverboat journey that had turned sour in the Congo when Mabuto was ousted and Zaire became the Democratic Republic of Congo. Now, hot on the heels of our humanitarian work with Doctors for Life in the Zambezi…