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Leisure Wheels July 2017

Leisure Wheels explores the exciting world of adventure motoring off the beaten track with an emphasis on breathtaking Southern African destinations. It’s the country’s leading magazine for those who love overland adventures, caravanning, camping, 4x4 and the great outdoors.

South Africa
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WE live in a pretty weird world. I recently read a newspaper report about two of South Africa’s most famed celebrities. I’ve never heard of them before. But apparently they are (or were, if you believe the report) SA’s most famous couple. Celebrity break-ups are nothing new, of course. What did intrigue me was the fact that the essence of this report seemed to have been based on, well… Twitter. Apparently the couple has a combined Twitter following of 1.5 million. It went like this: the male subject posted a tweet, effectively questioning his other half ’s intentions. The other half, who was in the USA at the time of said tweet, replied with a sarcastic tweet which she tagged as #atweetforatweet. She backed that up with a meme with the message…

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hard to read

Three years ago, my sons gave me a year’s subscription to your fine magazine as a birthday gift. Having retired recently and being able to travel more freely without restraint, I have found your magazine very informative and it has been used a reference on many occasions. However, I have one small gripe: either my eyesight is getting worse as I age, or the print in your magazine is getting smaller. Or both. I tend to read the magazine at night and find that the typeface is extremely small (eight or nine point, perhaps) making it hard to read, especially when type sits over a blue or reddish background, or over a picture where there is a variety of colour. This is not for lack of space, as a larger typeface would…

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made like a gun

I n Mumbai we started with two 500cc classic motorcycles. These bikes took us all the way to the southernmost tip of mainland India at Kanyakumari. From there, we travelled to Chennai. The first leg, going past Goa, Hampi, Madurai and Puducherry, was a total of 2 500 km. It was a most enjoyable ride, especially as we had the backup of the two Cruisers. Accommodation was a mixture of guest houses and camping on the beach or somewhere in the open. Most important was that the Cruisers were equipped with four fridges, and ice cold water – essential in temperatures above 400C – was always at hand. In Chennai, we swapped them for two Thunderbirds for the long haul to Sikkim, Varanasi and Delhi. Later, when we go to the…

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a wanderful life

Many people would consider competing in the Olympic Games as their crowning achievement. Not Fiona McIntosh. For her, being an Olympic fencer is but one in a string of impressive accomplishments. She’s also played international hockey, for example, and skied to both poles. Then there’s the mountaineering, the diving and the kayaking. “Do I sound like an adrenaline junkie?” she laughs. “I’ve always loved adventure. I think my wanderlust comes from my early days as an international fencer, which took me behind the Iron Curtain and to relatively unknown parts of the world like Cuba and Korea way back in the 1970s.” But unlike many other adventure junkies, Fiona knows how to slow down every once in a while. She loves hiking and walking. Indeed, many people probably know her name primarily because…

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africa’s outside edge

L ike expectant hyenas around a lion kill, the expedition members gather hungrily around the ‘Tailgate Café’. We’ve travelled for years together and it’s become an important tradition. Simply put – anything that can fit onto the tailgate of a Landy is lunch. Ross Holgate carefully slices the last of the bully beef, while Bruce Leslie peels open a few cheese slices and cuts some rather mouldy bread into chunks. There’s a near-empty tub of margarine and a big tin of baked beans. Mike Nixon, our mountain-biking veteran of many adventures, pulls open three small tins of sardines. “Don’t throw away the oil – it will soften the bread,” says Anna Holgate, while Lumbaye Lenguru from Kenya who has travelled with us for 24 years, adds some leftover nyama from last night’s…

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mercedes-benz gla gets a (minor) update

The Mercedes-Benz GLA recently received a minor update. Modified bumpers, new alloy wheels and the addition of Canyon Beige to the colour range characterises the new 2017 derivatives. The interior has also been upgraded. For example, new seat cover fabrics for the design and equipment lines Style and Urban have been added, and the luxury Exclusive package supplements the previous Exclusive package with luxury seats featuring SUV-specific black leather in a buffalo look. The trim parts used are a choice of trapeziumgrain aluminium, light brown satin-finish poplar wood and high-gloss brown walnut. The AMG GLA 45 model has also received some tweaks. The front apron was given an even more dynamic shape, new air intake grilles and a front splitter insert in silver chrome, which guide the cooling air flows to…