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Leisure Wheels June 2016

Leisure Wheels explores the exciting world of adventure motoring off the beaten track with an emphasis on breathtaking Southern African destinations. It’s the country’s leading magazine for those who love overland adventures, caravanning, camping, 4x4 and the great outdoors.

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action stations!

IT’ been one of those months for the Leisure Wheels team. Our intrepid team members took in the bohemian Afrika-Burn festival in the Karoo, and got all la-di-da and environmentally friendly in the Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine. They cruised to laid-back Mozambique with the new Toyota Fortuner, and travelled to Klerksdorp to meet a 42-year-old Toyota Land Cruiser that came all the way from the land of Oz. Gerhard Horn even hopped on a jetliner and flew to Italy to drive the upcoming Fiat Fullback Double Cab bakkie. However, the cherry on top of the ‘adventure’ cake must go to our digital content manager Elise Kirsten. She jumped out of a perfectly serviceable airplane, had a dip in the ocean with great white sharks, swanned around in a motorcycle sidecar and indulged in…

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Email your views to editorial@leisurewheels.com or submit them via our Facebook page or the website at www.leisurewheels.co.za. Please supply your postal address, in case you win a prize. WINNING Congratulations! Your letter wins you a CAT watch to the value of R1 200. We will be in contact soon to make arrangements for delivery. LETTER BRAVO FOR BAKKIE BARNEY I have been taking pleasure from your magazine for a long time. Please be assured that there are many readers who enjoyed the article on the bakkie test in Australia. I was one of them. First, it was great to read about the new Navara for the first time. (There has been so much speculation around this vehicle and its SA launch. Just the other day I picked up an old issue of a different publication, where…

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after 16 years – a reunion

THERE was a new television station on the airwaves, and our expedition and programme was an attempt by M-Net to explore the possibility of targeting specific viewer groups with tailor-made programmes. In this case, it was Afrikaans-speaking viewers. The channel was called kykNET, and we produced a series for them called In die Voetspore van die Grotes (In the footsteps of the giants). Voetspore, as the series was immediately referred to, is an adventure documentary series onn exploring the great outdoors in Southern Africa. We had a theme to our journey – loosely we followed the traditional migration routes of elephants. Professor Rudi van Aarde, elephant expert for the University of Pretoria, told me that if you link all the conservation areas in Southern Africa with elephant tracks, these massive beasts would be…

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a legend in his own lifetime

BORN in 1944, Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the British army. The young officer landed up at the Special Air Service (SAS), where he specialised in demolitions. Fiennes shot to unexpected fame after an incident with a concrete dam. A Hollywood movie company had built an unsightly dam as part of the Dr Dolittle filmset in the beautiful village of Castle Combe. Offended by the dam, Fiennes and a colleague demolished it, using explosives. The pair were later found out and Fiennes had to pay a large fine and was discharged from the SAS. He was later seconded to the Sultan of Oman, but eventually swapped the army for the life of an adventurer – to help pay the bills. And what an adventurer he turned out to be. He…

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all in a day’s work

jannie@leisurewheels.com OFTEN a remark can unlock a mental process that leads thoughts down different avenues. Here’s an example. The wife and I were recently guests at a small dinner party when one of our fellow diners casually remarked that he faced a 200km drive in the morning to a business meeting in a Free State town, and wasn’t looking forward to it. He’d even decided to stay overnight so he didn’t have to travel the 200km back home. While enjoying a nightcap later that evening before turning in, I got to wondering how anyone could be put off by the prospect of a 200km trip. For someone who has spent a lifetime working for motoring magazines like Wiel and Leisure Wheels, a 200km drive is akin to a trip to the corner…

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an s-class with hiking boots

The ‘S’ is part of Mercedes’ nomenclature restructuring, which saw every SUV in the range receiving the letters ‘G’ and ‘L’ in its title, followed by the letter of the passenger car range it associates with. So the GLS is the go-anywhere version of the popular S-Class. That makes it perfect for a politician who not only wants to be ferried between Johannesburg and the Union Buildings in sheer opulence, but also wants something with more ground clearance for the occasional trip down to the rural retreat to check on the kraal and firepool. Obviously it’s not cheap, with pricing starting at R1.3-million, with the range-topping AMG GLS 63 costing a whopping R2.25-million. What does that kind of money get you these days? For starters, it has the kind of road presence that…