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Leisure Wheels November 2016

Leisure Wheels explores the exciting world of adventure motoring off the beaten track with an emphasis on breathtaking Southern African destinations. It’s the country’s leading magazine for those who love overland adventures, caravanning, camping, 4x4 and the great outdoors.

South Africa
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signs of our times

I’VE been walking past a shoe shop in a local shopping centre for the past 10 years. But the other day when I popped into the centre, the shoe shop was no more. Instead, posters on the shop windows announced that a pawnshop was soon to open in that space. Times are tough, that’s a given. What is interesting is how our shopping habits adapt to challenging times. The demise of the shoe shop and the rise of the pawnshop is part of this trend. The car industry is also going through a metamorphosis of its own: new vehicle sales are down and used car sales are up. Used car dealers are springing up all over the place. A major used car retailer is now said to buy and move about 1 500…

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winning letter

PUNCTURE RESISTANCE I read your tyre test with great interest. As you state in your article, the results confirm the obvious: highway terrain tyres are best for tar, all-terrain is the best compromise for road and dirt, with the mud-terrain suited best for off-road use. The real value of such a comparative test under controlled conditions is the actual figures, showing how big or small the differences are. You pose the question: ‘What do you want from a tyre?’ I totally agree with your comments and recommendations except that you have omitted one very important factor: puncture resistance. When venturing off the beaten track, or even just on to dirt roads, punctures become a real and common occurrence. Most punctures inevitably result in the tyre being unfit for further use. Apart from the…

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forbidden land

I n south-west Namibia, overland travellers have for many years been greeted with a simple no entry sign: Sperrgebiet. It is like a command, issued by a German Wehrmacht General. You will not even consider ignoring the sign. It is verboten! In the recent past, many 4×4 enthusiasts visited part of what was previously known as the Sperrgebiet in expeditions arranged by Coastway Tours, Uri Adventures and Desert Magic. But there is one section where nobody was allowed – the area north of Lüderitz up to Hottentots Bay. For 108 years, no member of the public was allowed to venture into this area. It was the Forbidden Land. The Sperrgebiet was proclaimed in September 1908 after the discovery of diamonds in German South West Africa. The first diamonds were discovered near Kolmanskop,…

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the 4x4 wizard from oz

J ohn Rooth, or Roothy as he’s more commonly known, is an Australian who has been an active member of the 4x4 fraternity Down Under for decades. At one point he was a ‘mere’ mechanic, but from there he moved on to work as a tour guide, a magazine editor and, eventually, as a presenter of his own TV show. These days, he travels the globe to give motivational speeches and guide off-road expeditions. In-between, he also managed to find some time to write and publish cookbooks. We caught up with him on his most recent visit to South Africa to ask a few pertinent motoring- and adventurerelated questions. When and where did you first get a licence? In a small country town (no traffic lights) in 1972. I rode my home-made Matchless 500…

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rovos rail vs blue train

“Y OU and your spouse are invited to experience a journey on Rovos Rail, the most luxurious train in the world.” The voice on the phone was that of Querida Nel from the marketing office of this world-famous private rail company in Capital Park, Pretoria. It didn’t take long for the penny to drop. I’d written an article (April issue) about my family’s experience on the Blue Train. We had enjoyed it tremendously, and were full of praise for the staff and superb service we received. Now Rovos Rail was keen to show what it had to offer. It was almost as if Querida was saying “You ain’t seen nothing yet... come ride with us and then talk again.” I have always been fascinated by trains. Especially those noisy, majestic, puffing ones that…

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coupé crossovers from lexus and toyota

Sister companies Lexus and Toyota showcased striking crossovers at the recent Paris Motor Show. Toyota used the show to provide a preview of a production-ready version of its C-HR (Coupé High-Rider). It was first unveiled in concept form at the 2014 Paris Show, but the version that attended the 2016 event was clearly not a blue-sky concept, but one that’s ready to hit the road. As one would expect, the extreme design of the concept has been walked back somewhat to make it more practical, but you can still recognise most of the general features of the original. It’s still a high-riding crossover, and it’s still a coupé (hence the C-HR moniker), but the lines are now less aggressive and the wheels, smaller. According to Toyota: “The model was developed under the concept…