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Longevity Magazine August - September 2017

Longevity is a anti-aging, health and wellness magazine that focuses on international expert advice, science-based research and real life stories. The magazine provides readers with a balanced range of well-researched information from natural, integrative and allopathic disciplines focusing on health, wellbeing, nutrition and fitness in an easy-to-read, consumer friendly-format, while the dedicated beauty section provides in-depth insights from experts, and covers everything from latest trends to non-invasive and invasive treatments.

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We recently attended a fascinating workshop led by world-renowned neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart and hosted by the Business Results Group. During the workshop and our subsequent interview, Dr Swart spoke about the impact continual extreme stress can have on our health – which many underestimate. She confirmed that high cortisol levels can result in heart attacks in otherwise healthy people. At the very least, high levels of stress will result in a marked decline in productivity, lower our creativity and give rise to depression and general ill health. Most people are living under some form of stress, some more severe than others. And ultimately it is how we deal with this stress that determines whether we survive or thrive. This is why Dr Swart’s work is so important. Her interview: Don’t Just Survive,…

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meet our contributors

Hi Gisele, My wife received a copy of your June/July edition of Longevity as part of a birthday gift, which we both enjoy. Regarding your editorial on Kathy Keaton, I would like to point out that Kathy and I are/were cousins, her father Keith and my father Vaughan were brothers. Kathy’s surname is Keeton not Keaton. The Keetons were 1820 settlers and the family farm Hope Farm at Port Alfred is still in the Keeton family. Kathy started Longevity while she lived in New York and we received a copy from the beginning. In time this petered out as she battled with cancer and finally passed away after a valiant fight. Kind regards, Hilary Keeton DANIEL SCHEFFLER Daniel is a writer who spends his time between the soothing Cape Town and the galvanizing New York. After a number of…

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most popular online stories…

HOW CARRIE UNDERWOOD STAYS BIKINI-READY ALL YEAR ROUND Carrie Underwood deserves a high-five for her fitness regime. Although she has days when she feels sluggish, she never lets it get in her way. The singer says: “I love being in the gym, so it’s kinda rare when I do have a day that I’m just like, ‘Ugh! Not today.’ But afterwards, I just feel so much better. It might not be the greatest workout ever, but if I can just get 30 minutes on the elliptical … I did something.” She believes it is more important to feel good than to check your weight daily. However, she still pushes herself with high-intensity training six days a week, with her personal trainer Eve Overland. She loves running, weight-lifting and squat-focused workouts. Maybe you…

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when age is just a number

Kate Beckinsale has reportedly started dating a man half her age – and we are behind her all the way! Hollywood TV show Entertainment Tonight recently broadcast pictures depicting the 43-year-old actress in a passionate embrace with 21-year-old Matt Rife, sharing that the pair have been dating for several months. A source shared with Entertainment Tonight that, “Everyone in Kate’s circle loves Matt and are so supportive of this relationship. He is very mature for his age and is a great guy.” The reported relationship comes while Beckinsale plays the part of an older woman seducing a younger man (Callum Turner, 27), in her latest film The Only Living Boy in New York. While Beckinsale has appeared in a number of seductive roles, we can’t necessarily put this latest development down to nothing…

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the next big thing

VITA LIBERATA BODY BLUR WHAT DOES IT DO? Body Blur is a wash-off body make-up that gives your skin a natural-looking tint. It uses certified organic extracts to hydrate your skin, and can also be used as a make-up primer for your face, as it is water-resistant. Unlike self-tans, it works best when you use a light shade that complements your skin tone. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? The intention of this body make-up is not to make your skin darker, or tan it, but rather to enhance your natural colour by bronzing and illuminating it. The overall effect is to mask your blemishes, while still achieving a natural look. It also reflects well against light, making it perfect for a photo-ready finish. KEY INGREDIENTS The main ingredient in this formula is aloe vera extract, which is…

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food for your skin

ALL ABOUT SERUMS The objective of a serum is to deliver concentrated amounts of an ingredient directly into the skin. The smaller molecules used in the formula allow for a high concentration of active ingredients to penetrate far deeper into the skin than a moisturiser. This doesn’t take away the importance of a moisturiser; it simply makes serums a great tool for targeting specific skincare concerns. IF YOU HAVE… Dry skin LOOK FOR THIS INGREDIENT… Broccoli TRY: Elemis Superfood Facial Oil, R1 050, www.elemis-sa.co.za WHY IT WORKS: This facial oil uses a blend of highly concentrated superfoods to promote hydration and an overall supple and smooth complexion. One of the main ingredients is broccoli. It’s rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin C, which both nourish and soften your skin. Other ingredients that are…