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Longevity Magazine February - March 2018

Longevity is a anti-aging, health and wellness magazine that focuses on international expert advice, science-based research and real life stories. The magazine provides readers with a balanced range of well-researched information from natural, integrative and allopathic disciplines focusing on health, wellbeing, nutrition and fitness in an easy-to-read, consumer friendly-format, while the dedicated beauty section provides in-depth insights from experts, and covers everything from latest trends to non-invasive and invasive treatments.

South Africa
Longevity Media a division of Aegle Wellness (Pty) Ltd
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“a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - lao tzu

At Longevity we continually seek ways to reinvent ourselves, and adapt to the changing market and demands of our readers. Over the past two years we have been moving more progressively towards developing the Longevity brand into more than just a magazine. An intensive focus on digital platforms is delivering us new readers from all over the world, not just South Africa. Our website audience and social media platforms have grown dramatically due to these efforts, and we are averaging more than 60 000 users monthly, all interested in positive aging strategies. Each day Longevity posts five bespoke articles online, and multiple times on social media, interacting with readers minute-by-minute. This has resulted in more traffic online and increasing engagement from our readers. Thus, as owners of the Longevity franchise in South…

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meet our contributors

LIZ FERRET Liz Ferret has been in the beauty and fragrance industry since her 20s. She has held the positions of Estée Lauder sales manager, Clarins sales director, and Stuttafords beauty and marketing executive. Today, she runs her own website and blog on fragrance. MELANIE WALKER One-time madcap treasurehunter, now host of Gardening 101 on the Home Channel, Melanie Walker discovered her passion for plants about 12 years ago, and has since become a passionate educator in all things green, helping others to discover hidden treasures in their own backyards. MARY BRADLEY Mary Bradley is an American freelance writer who lives in Cape Town with her 11-year-old daughter. When not writing, she lifeguards at her local beach and stays healthy trying new recipes and yoga moves. She is the founder of www.healthy-diet-healthy-you.com. LARNE’ NEULAND Larne’ Neuland is…

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top five medical breakthroughs

1 LIQUID BIOPSIES TO LOCATE TUMOUR DNA According to the US National Centre of Biotechnology Information, “liquid biopsies” can uncover cell-free circulating tumour DNA, or ctDNA, which is proven to be more than 100 times more abundant in the blood than tumour cells, and sheds from a tumour into the bloodstream. This method has been proven to be a non-invasive and rapid manner of detecting cancer early. In addition, routine cancer check-ups will soon become easier and more effective, and cancer care will be more personalised. 2 3D VISUALISATION AND AUGMENTED REALITY FOR SURGERY According to Duke University in the US, new innovations in technology, called HoloLens goggles, can help surgeons visualise regions of the body they cannot see, and thus change the way doctors operate. The goggles augment the surgical reality by projecting…

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the key to confidence

At 48, Jennifer Lopez has not only established a successful career as an actor, singer, dancer and fashion designer, but she also runs a production company, as well as a non-profit organisation called the Lopez Family Foundation, which strives to increase the quality of healthcare available to women and children across the United States. Between the value she has added to the music, film, dance and fashion industries, and her philanthropic ventures, Lopez has inadvertently become one of the most influential women of our times. In fact, in 2012 Forbes ranked her as the 38th most powerful woman in the world. While a rise to fame did bring many good things to this young entrepreneur, having a positive body image was something she had to teach herself. She shares in an exclusive interview…

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top tips

1 Critique a meal replacement shake by reading the package label. Avoid products that have long very ingredient lists. This can mean that the product is more processed and has several additives and preservatives. 2 Aim for a shake that is lower in refined sugars. Note that 4g of sugar is equal to 1 teaspoon. 3 Most shakes are very low in fibre, so look for options with added fibre or add your own, such as psyllium or beta-glucan. 4 Aim for a shake that is as close as possible in nutrient composition to a balanced meal. Try to aim for about 14-21g protein, 7-15g carbohydrates, 0-5g fat,…

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the next big thing

WHY IT WORKS: The Instant Éclat primer uses a unique skincare formula to both provide an instant, luminous complexion and strengthen your skin’s natural healthy glow. It uses Sisley’s new “Light Catching System” technology, containing pearlescent particles that give the primer a luminous, subtly pink satin finish, as well as a soft-focus gel and agent that help to smooth and even out the surface of your skin. In addition, Instant Éclat contains four main active ingredients – kiwi extract, butcher’s broom extract, padina pavonica extract and vegetable glycerine – that work together to improve the skin’s energy and vitality, and restore plumpness, tone and hydration levels. IF YOU WANT… instantly luminous skin YOU NEED TO GET… a primer with active ingredients TRY: Sisley Instant Éclat Base Lumière, R1 025, www.edgars.co.za WHY IT WORKS: Sometimes it’s not…