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LOSE IT! The Low Carb & Paleo Way Vol 37

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LOSE IT! THE LOW-CARB & PALEO WAY Volume 36 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the festive season can be tricky, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! With 43 pages of festive recipes, friends and family will love your low-carb and paleo festive dishes. You can plan your entire holiday from these gorgeous pages, or just leaf through it for a few ideas for the braai or dessert. We also have an article on treat meals … and why they can be a good thing. Need a little pick me up to help with the end-of-the-year blues? Be inspired by some top notch low-carb and keto blogs, or by the incredible story of a business owner and mother who turned her life around by losing 34 kg, and a chef who not only lost 20kg, but is now building a career out of her low carb approach. Another important topic we explore in this issue is - hunger. What’s the difference between hunger and cravings? Experts weigh in and give advice. And did you know that lack of sleep can stall your weight loss – or even cause you to gain weight? We share five sure-fire tricks to get you a great night’s sleep – tonight! You know you can trust LOSE IT to give you the absolute best guide to a healthy, delicious summer – all while keeping you on your low carb track. Sign up for the first January where you’ll go back to work slimmer than when you left in December!

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lose it! disclaimer

1. You must not use the content in LOSE IT! as a substitute for medical advice from a healthcare professional. You should seek medical advice from a qualified professional before starting any weight-loss programme. 2. LOSE IT! magazine (which we sometimes refer to as LOSE IT!) provides educational information on weight loss management and is intended to assist users in weight loss. LOSE IT! is not a medical organisation and cannot give medical advice or a diagnosis. 3. The information and material in LOSE IT! are intended as a general guide to assist weight loss and do not take into account individual circumstances. LOSE IT! will not provide any form of assistance or support in individual cases, nor feedback on any information you submit to the magazine. 4. You use…

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IN one of our very inspiring stories this month, Cheryl Moodley explains how she started eating low-carb, lost 17kg and beat her debilitating depression. It’s a great success story, but what struck us was that before she could even start her low-carb journey, she had to get her head straight. She had to fully accept that if she really wanted to change her life, nobody could do it but her. After that, everything else fell into place. Rebekah Allerton, our other extraordinarily inspiring weight-loss story, mentions something similar: she had to accept that low-carb was a lifestyle, not a diet, before her health finally took a turn for the better. Now 35kg down, she hasn’t looked back since. What’s going on in your own head is such a huge part of getting…

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on shelf

HAPPY CULTURE LIVE SPARKLING WATER KEFIR APPLE GINGER is a fermented probiotic sparkling water. Made using a base of mineral water and apple juice that is 100% sugar-free. Water kefir contains probiotics (or ‘good bacteria’) that are believed to aid digestion. Enjoy subtle notes of green apples and cold-pressed ginger with this thirst-quenching kefir water. About R25 (340ml); Faithful to Nature MACRO MIXES CARROT CAKE PREMIX. Nothing beats a sweet and spicy carrot cake for afternoon tea. Try Macro Mixes carrot cake premix. About R150 (300g); Faithful to Nature MARCEL’S DRINKING YOGHURT is ideal for when you’re on the go and in need of a deliciously healthy fruity fix on a hot day. These drinks are made of natural fruit, are preservative-free and packed with Bb2 probiotics. They’re smooth and creamy with…

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stress-tracking smartwatch

Fitbit’s latest smartwatch, the FitBit Sense, features ECG heart monitoring, skin temperature sensing and, most headline-worthy, a stres-stracking electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor. The watch detects small electrical changes in the sweat level of your skin using its EDA sensor, Fitbit says. The Sense will come with a dedicated EDA Scan app for taking your measurements, which can be done by placing your hand over the watch’s face. After using the app, you’ll be able to see a graph of your responses both on the watch and in the Fitbit app to keep track of your stress levels over time. R7 999; Cape Union Mart…

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made from plastic

Puma is not new to the sustainable foorprint movement and has been one of the leading sports brands to provide consumers with apparel and shoes made in a more eco-conscious way. Puma’s X First Mile Extreme has been added to the collection to help reduce the impact of plastic on our environment. All the products in the range – which include training shoes, jackets, tights and more are made from sustainable yarn sourced from First Mile. In one year, the PUMA XFirst Mile collection on diverted more than 1.9 million plastic bottles from landfills to be reused. Visit https://za.puma.com/ Knitting can decrease your average heart rate (80 bpm) by 18.75%. Soothe the burn To relieve the pain of sunburn, soak a washcloth in a 50/50 solution of distilled white vinegar and water, and…

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pull the wool over

Knitting is the most relaxing thing we can do, according to a new study by Psychological Science Professor, Matthew J Zawadzki at the University of California. He found that engaging in a mentally stimulating hobby reduces stress levels – and data indicated that knitting sits at an average of 65 heart beats per minute (the normal resting heart is between 60 and 100 bpm). Knitting can decrease your average heart rate (80 bpm) by 18.75%. In the study, knitting was followed by fishing, blogging, painting, candle-making, flower-arranging, photography, baking and pottery.…