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LOSE IT! The Low Carb & Paleo Way

LOSE IT! The Low Carb & Paleo Way Vol 20 - 2017

LOSE IT! THE LOW-CARB & PALEO WAY Volume 36 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the festive season can be tricky, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! With 43 pages of festive recipes, friends and family will love your low-carb and paleo festive dishes. You can plan your entire holiday from these gorgeous pages, or just leaf through it for a few ideas for the braai or dessert. We also have an article on treat meals … and why they can be a good thing. Need a little pick me up to help with the end-of-the-year blues? Be inspired by some top notch low-carb and keto blogs, or by the incredible story of a business owner and mother who turned her life around by losing 34 kg, and a chef who not only lost 20kg, but is now building a career out of her low carb approach. Another important topic we explore in this issue is - hunger. What’s the difference between hunger and cravings? Experts weigh in and give advice. And did you know that lack of sleep can stall your weight loss – or even cause you to gain weight? We share five sure-fire tricks to get you a great night’s sleep – tonight! You know you can trust LOSE IT to give you the absolute best guide to a healthy, delicious summer – all while keeping you on your low carb track. Sign up for the first January where you’ll go back to work slimmer than when you left in December!

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born to box

‘You bring the heart and we give you the training and tools to get you in the ring’ ‘The benefits of boxing go beyond the physical,’ says Steve. ‘It has the most benefits mentally – it is a transformational experience of mind-blowing proportions, and a story of adversity; the fears you have to overcome in order to fight are life changing.’ Growing up in the UK, Steve felt he would never meet his father’s expectations that he follow in his boxing footsteps. So he gave up the idea and joined the British army, becoming an officer in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The IRA suddenly called a ceasefire, and we had to withdraw the men to base. They sat around doing nothing for a long time but they had to stay occupied and keep up…

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eat this, not that!

KEEP ON TRACK PER SERVING Fat 40g Carbs 21g Protein 34g CHICKEN NUGGETS SERVES 4–6 • himalayan salt and black pepper • 4 chicken breast fillets, cut into large cubes • ¾ cup coconut flour • 2 eggs, beaten • 1 tsp turmeric powder • 2 cups desiccated coconut • coconut oil, for shallow frying • homemade tomato sauce, to serve 1. Season the chicken cubes well. Place the coconut flour in a shallow bowl and the eggs in a separate shallow bowl. In a third bowl, combine the turmeric and desiccated coconut, and season well. 2. Toss the chicken cubes in the coconut flour, then the egg mixture, and finally coat them in the coconut and turmeric mixture. 3. Preheat the oven to 190ºC. 4. Heat the coconut oil in a pan, fry the cubes until golden on all sides, then place them on…

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what can i eat?

YES MEAT As far as possible, choose grass-fed or organic meat. Enjoy the fat and the skin! • Bacon (If possible try to find charcuterie bacon, without nitrates and nitrites, and with the lowest carb content – which means the least sugar.) • Beef • Biltong (for powdered, grind your own) • Chicken • Duck • Game • Home-cured meats (if buying cured meats avoid those with sugar and strange chemicals) • Lamb • Offal • Pork • Sausages containing only meat and spices (no MSG or fillers such as gluten, rusk, soy, sugar and so on) • Turkey EGGS Any way you like, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Real organic eggs are definitely best, if you can find them. FRUIT* • Avocado • Berries • Coconut SEAFOOD The oilier the better! (To check the sustainability status of the seafood you choose, SMS the species name (e.g. mackerel) to FishMS 079 499…

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the problem with too much insulin

Belly fat. There’s no reason to love it but here’s another downer: it’s a sign that you might have high insulin. Slim, flat-bellied people may also have insulin issues, of course, but if you’re gaining belly fat it’s something to investigate. High insulin is the proverbial ‘canary in the coal mine’ that warns of imminent danger. The build-up of insulin indicates, metabolically speaking, that your system is no longer working as it should. If left untreated high levels of insulin develop into insulin resistance (a pre-diabetic state) and, eventually, could result in full-blown type 2 diabetes. Excess insulin is highly inflammatory to the body and can lead to heart disease and hormonal imbalance. It has, for example, been shown that a high percentage of women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) have insulin…

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and other obesity related questions for dr schoonbee

I’ve been thinking back to my days as a young GP in the early Eighties. I remember consultations about morbid obesity in, perhaps, a child. Often, the parents’ explanation was that the child’s condition was due to a ‘gland’ problem and a ‘hormonal imbalance’. In the back of my mind I would wonder: what is the name of this ‘hormone’ or ‘gland’? I believed the child was probably eating too much and exercising too little: the calories-in and calories-out theory. I know now that the parents were right. Obesity, in most cases, is caused by a hormone and a gland: insulin, secreted by the pancreas. Understanding the role of insulin in the development of obesity and metabolic syndrome makes it so much easier to follow a lifestyle in which the main aim…

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anwyn hawkings lost 34kg

For Anwyn, the biggest obstacle to weight loss was believing that she was worth it. ‘With banting you don’t feel as if you are being denied anything anyway; the food is delicious.’ ‘O besity runs in my family. My mom’s weight yo-yos; my dad weighed 150kg by the age of 19; my uncle had a gastric bypass… There are weight issues on both sides of the family. When I was in Grade 2 I was molested. That was my weight watershed: after that, I began to put on a lot of weight. I feel as if I have dieted on and off for most of my life: Herbalife, WeightWatchers, even starvation. Still, it comes as a shock when you ‘see’ yourself as really fat for the first time. For me it happened when I…