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LOSE IT! The Low Carb & Paleo Way

LOSE IT! The Low Carb & Paleo Way Vol 24 - 2018

With lockdown in full swing, it can feel difficult to make healthy decisions. Everyone has taken up baking, and that banana bread is calling your name! But now that we’re spending less time going out for dinner and more time preparing our own meals, it might also be the perfect time to review, recommit, and get your life on track. This issue has you covered with fresh ideas, motivation, and meal inspiration. This month’s power ingredient is an ancient seed the Mayans named ‘strength’: chia seeds, and we find out exactly why. Get to know our top lockdown pick, Buyfresh – the organic online grocery store that delivers straight to your doorstep. You’ll also meet an inspiring power couple who lost 110kg in total on the LCHF diet! We discuss insulin resistance, if peanuts should stay or go, and how fasting can rid your body of toxins. With 47 new recipes, you’ll be able to whip up indulgent guilt-free pleasures as well as succulent comfort foods. We perfect an easy-peasy pie recipe – crusty and flaky, just the way you like it! Take a walk on the greener side with some plant-based low-carb meals, keep things fresh with some tasty Greek food or opt for a spicy low-carb curry. And for dessert, we’ve snuck in a few decadent chocolate dishes, just for you. Top it all off with the perfect roast and you’ve got this season sorted! LCHF is about more than just weight loss; it’s about your health and your happiness!

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news,veiws, & reviews

We hope you’re as amazed and inspired by our cover star’s transformation as we are! We loved Siobion’s story so much that we just had to put her on the cover: she is living, walking, talking, dancing proof of what living low carb can do – a far cry from the overweight, depressed woman hiding away in her bedroom that she once was. It’s amazing what we are capable of when we put our minds to it, isn’t it? We all have a turning point, and Siobhan’s was that she didn’t want her daughter to remember her as a sad person. So she did something about it, with determination and grit – and the results don’t just speak for themselves, they shout! Speaking of turning points, we think South Africa as a…

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our experts

NUTRITIONAL THERAPIST SALLY-ANN CREED is the foremost and most experienced low-carb practitioner in South Africa. DR GERHARD SCHOONBEE, GP, has over 40 years’ medical experience, and personal experience of living the low-carb lifestyle. He also has a deep scientific and medical interest in the subject. BLOG AUTHOR NICKY PERKS (WWW.PRIMALPERKS.COM) is also the cofounder of Banting Buddies, which offers personalised coaching to those wanting to lose weight and get healthy. Please share your success stories, recipes, Banting restaurant reviews, tips, questions and concerns with us via info@loseit.co.za, @ loseitmag (Twitter and Instagram) and facebook.com/ Loseitmag. We look forward to hearing your insights and experiences! PHOTOGRAPHS: LIZA VAN DEVENTER, ANÈL VAN DER MERWE, SUPPLIED…

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low carb low down

WALK THE TALK! An American Diabetes Association study has shown that a daily walk is a great way to tackle obesity and other lifestyle diseases. HERE’S WHY: • It’s free – you can walk anywhere (but obviously the greener the environment, the better for your body – and soul). • It reduces body fat and high blood pressure. • It’s good for your mind: walking is meditative and can help clear your head. It’s also been shown to help depression. • Unlike medication, there are no side effects to a daily stroll. ZERO. No excuses, people! • It can prevent – or delay – Type 2 diabetes. It’s best to walk in a group – not only will your walkmates help keep you motivated, it’s also (sadly) safer. Follow our new Prez’s example: Go Cyril! Must(n’t) DASH The DASH diet…

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going against the grain

5 TAKE-OUTS ON GRAINS FROM HIS BOOK: 1. Yes, there are plenty of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and fibre contained in whole grains, but you can easily get all those things from other sources including vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and other foods that don’t have the baggage that comes with grains. 2. ‘Whole-grain’ is a marketing term. Any whole-grain flour is just like sugar. Eating two slices of wholewheat bread raises your blood sugar more than eating two tablespoons of table sugar! Whenever you eat something containing wheat flour, you might as well be mainlining sugar. 3. You’re not eating the same grains your grandparents ate. New hybrids have been developed that are much starchier, contain more gluten and have a greater impact on our blood sugar than the traditional kinds of starch. 4. Oatmeal…

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‘i decided to take my life & myself back’

‘In 2016, I went for a job interview.I was sitting in the interviewer’s office and he looked at me and said,“I don’t hire fat people”.’ ‘A culmination of factors made me decide to switch to an LCHF lifestyle. My anxiety and depression were so crippling I didn’t recognise myself any more. I decided to take my life and MYSELF back. After the birth of my daughter, I was told that I suffered from post-partum depression. It explained a lot, such as why I found it so difficult to connect to my child and why I felt like I was stuck in a rut. I had so many questions, but my depression was so deep that I didn’t care to find answers. My pregnancy wasn’t the best either: my daughter was born two…

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this month’s miracle ingredient:   broccoli

Broccoli belongs to the cruciferous vegetable family, along with cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and kale, and is full of nutrients that boost the immune system and help to heal the body. If your goal is optimal health, you would be sabotaging your efforts if broccoli didn’t feature on your dinner plate a few times a week. The top 6 benefits of broccoli: 1 CANCER PREVENTION The jury’s still out but there has been a lot of research into the role broccoli can play in the prevention of various forms of cancer. There have been promising studies in rats and mice and mixed results in humans that warrant further research. One of the study areas focuses on the isothiocyanates in broccoli as, under certain circumstances, phenethyl isothiocyanate and sulphoraphane are able to inhibit enzymes that…