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LOSE IT! The Low Carb & Paleo Way

LOSE IT! The Low Carb & Paleo Way Volume 5 - January 2015

LOSE IT! THE LOW-CARB & PALEO WAY Volume 36 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the festive season can be tricky, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! With 43 pages of festive recipes, friends and family will love your low-carb and paleo festive dishes. You can plan your entire holiday from these gorgeous pages, or just leaf through it for a few ideas for the braai or dessert. We also have an article on treat meals … and why they can be a good thing. Need a little pick me up to help with the end-of-the-year blues? Be inspired by some top notch low-carb and keto blogs, or by the incredible story of a business owner and mother who turned her life around by losing 34 kg, and a chef who not only lost 20kg, but is now building a career out of her low carb approach. Another important topic we explore in this issue is - hunger. What’s the difference between hunger and cravings? Experts weigh in and give advice. And did you know that lack of sleep can stall your weight loss – or even cause you to gain weight? We share five sure-fire tricks to get you a great night’s sleep – tonight! You know you can trust LOSE IT to give you the absolute best guide to a healthy, delicious summer – all while keeping you on your low carb track. Sign up for the first January where you’ll go back to work slimmer than when you left in December!

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ed’s letter

Welcome to 2015! I hope you had an excellent break and managed it without straying from – or straying too far from – living LCHF. Either way, Lose It! Volume 5 is exactly what you need to get back on track and set you up for the year ahead. In this issue we cover everything from leaky gut syndrome to gout, and nutritional therapist Sally-Ann Creed and Professor Tim Noakes answer a host of your questions, ranging from what to do about muscle cramps to coping with sugar cravings. We held our first Banting Bazaar in early December, and it was a huge success. Since then we’ve been besieged by requests to start Banting Bazaars throughout South Africa, and we’re certainly going to look at that. Don’t worry – we’re on…

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10 rules of banting

1 REMEMBER this is not a high protein diet. It’s a high fat, medium protein, low carb way of eating. 2 CHOOSE real foods that look like what they are, and cook them from scratch. 3 NO SUGAR It’s best to go cold turkey. But if you need to make it a transition, substitute with stevia, xylitol or erythritol – NOT artificial sweeteners. 4 NO GRAINS of any kind. 5 FAT is not the enemy. Enjoy it! 6 STOP snacking. You won’t need to – it’s just a habit. 7 EAT only when you’re hungry; eat until you’re satisfied – then stop. 8 EAT EGGS They’re healthy, satisfying and very good for you. 9 NO (or very, very little) FRUIT Think of it as a sweet rather than a healthy snack. 10 DON’ eat when you’re not hungry. You…

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banting news

WATCH THIS! In Cereal Killers, Prof Tim Noakes leads one man on a 28-day whole-food, high fat, sugar- and wheat-free diet to see whether it will help prevent the heart disease and diabetes prevalent in his family. Reviewer Maria Shawver’s take? ‘Truth. Plain & Simple. After a lifetime (literally) of dogmatism in the “eat less/exercise more/you aren’t trying hard enough” world, this movie made me do a 180. Every day I’m surprised at the ease of living LCHF. Watch it. And your life just may change radically for the better :)))’Order the DVD from amazon.com. Banting vs Paleo on dairy One of the main differences between these diets is dairy: Paleo doesn’t allow it, but banting does, in small quantities. A French-Canadian study published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism looked for associations…

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animal fat

THIS MONTH’S MIRACLE INGREDIENT Banting is all about going back to basics – and that means returning to the traditional fats we ate before industrial fats made an appearance. ‘Animal fats are the most natural and most stable of all fats. They’re what our ancestors used for centuries, and only with modern processing came the move to unnatural, man-made fats and oils,’ says nutritional therapist Sally-Ann Creed. ‘Why use chemical-laden fats and oils when there is not a single study to support their safety? There are nutritious, natural, God-given animal fats for us to thrive on, and, my gosh, they’re a hundred times more tasty too! I strongly recommend saturated animal fats and coconut oil as cooking mediums.’ 1 The word ‘saturated’refers to the fact that the carbon atoms in the molecule…

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‘thanks to banting i completed my first half marathon and lost 32kg!

‘ struggled with infertility and recurring miscarriages from the age of 30 until 2009 we adpoted our daughter. I was 37. The years of infertility treatment and depression had taken their toll on my weight and my health – I tipped the scales at 118kg. In the previous 10 years, I had tried every diet known to mankind. I’d spent a fortune on schedule 5 diet pills, diet shakes, dieticians and every crazy fad diet imaginable. Nothing worked. I’d lose a couple of kilos, but be hungry and miserable the entire time – and then fall off the wagon spectacularly, gaining the precious few kilos lost... and more. I saw a registered dietician for about a year and lost 8kg by eating low fat. But I was completely miserable and it…

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new lose it! website

www.loseit.co.za is your comprehensive go-to banting/LCHF resource WHAT DOES LOSEIT.CO.ZA BRING TO THE BANTING TABLE? • Our specially tailored 6-week programme: LTL – Ladies That LCHF • Fun, informative online forums • An info-packed weekly newsletter • Delicious tried and tested recipes • The latest local and international updates on LCHF living • Exercise ideas and motivation • Q&A with our board of experts Head over to www.loseit.co.za to see what it’s all about! CONTACT US WHAT EXACTLY IS LADIES THAT LCHF (LTL) ? We’re so glad you asked – because it’s designed especially for you if you’re: • wondering why you aren’t losing weight – even though every man you know seems to lose as soon as he so much as says ‘LCHF’ • not sure exactly what – and how much – you can eat • struggling to plan meals and come up with…