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apple’s 2021 road map may be its most ambitious yet

After a whirlwind autumn release schedule that brought two new Apple Watches, four new iPhones, a new HomePod and a speedy new processor for the Mac, Apple analysts Ming-Chi Kuo is looking ahead to 2021. And it could be a huge year. In a report to investors and obtained by Macrumours, Kuo laid out his predictions for several of Apple’s products spreading across all of next year. Among the new releases he expects: iPad: Kuo noted that demand for the iPad Air has been better than expected and Apple looks to continue that momentum into the new year. New Pro models with mini-LED displays as well as 5G modems are expected in the first half of the year, while a new low-priced iPad will likely launch in the second half of…

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apple cuts app store rates in half for some but no, fortnite isn’t coming back

After months of litigation, hard feelings and angry tweets, Apple has announced a major change to its App Store developer programme. Instead of the standard 30 per cent fee that it has collected since the App Store launched in 2008, Apple will now collect just 15 per cent for most of the apps and games sold in the store. The terms of the new programme, which begins on 1 January 2021, are as follows: • Existing developers who made up to $1 million in 2020 for all of their apps, as well as developers new to the App Store, can qualify for the programme and the reduced commission. • If a participating developer surpasses the $1 million threshold, the standard commission rate will apply for the remainder of the year. • If a developer’s…

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second annual apple music awards in december

Apple has announced the winners of its second-annual Music Awards. Last year’s inaugural awards were led by Billie Eilish, with a live concert at the Steve Jobs Theater. Thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s awards are not to be honoured in person. Instead, a ‘celebration’ will take place across Apple’s streaming services in December. THIS YEAR’S WINNERS The winners of the second-annual Apple Music awards are as follows. The Top Song of the Year and Top Album of the Year are based on streaming data, but the other three awards are selected by Apple Music’s editorial team. Artist of the year: Lil Baby Breakthrough Artist of the Year: Megan Thee Stallion Songwriter of the Year: Taylor Swift Top Song of the Year: The Box by Roddy Ricch Top Album of the Year: Please Excuse Me…

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review: 13in macbook pro (m1)

Price: £1,299 from For years, it’s been iPhone this, iPhone that. And for good reason. But now, the Mac – the platform that pushed Apple to the forefront of computing – is back in the spotlight. And for good reason. While the Intel years were good for the Mac, Apple needed something to take its computer to the next level. That something now comes in the form of Apple’s own system on a chip (SoC), called the M1. Along with macOS Big Sur (the OS built for the M1), the Mac makes breakthroughs in performance and battery efficiency that were never possible with Intel silicon. This review takes a look at the £1,299 13in MacBook Pro, which has an Apple 8-core M1. This SoC includes 8GB of RAM and an 8-core…

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review: mac mini (m1)

Price: £699 from Apple’s bestselling Macs are its laptops, the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. So it seems logical for Apple to debut its new M1 system on a chip in these machines. But Apple also decided to use the M1 in the Mac mini. Two years after its last update, the Mac mini became the first desktop Mac to sport Apple’s SoC. After having tested the Mac mini (M1), one thing is perfectly clear: at £699, the Mac mini (M1) is a tremendous value. You get so much bang for your buck that it’s a little hard to fathom, especially for anyone who has invested in Mac minis in the past. You expect to make compromises in performance for the price being paid. Not here. Not anymore. This review takes…

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apple m1 macs: everything you need to know

Macs are undergoing a big change. Apple is switching its internal architecture from one that uses Intel CPUs, third-party graphics processors and other parts, to the company’s own ‘system on a chip’. The first Apple silicon SoC for Macs is called the M1. It’s a big step for Apple and the Mac. But what does it mean for you? In this article, we cover what Apple’s system on a chip means to the user, how it affects what software you can use, and answer other frequently asked questions. WHAT IS THE ‘APPLE SILICON’ M1 SYSTEM ON A CHIP? ‘Apple silicon’ refers to the chips Apple makes. In the Mac, they replace the Intel processors they have used for the past 14 years, and will eventually also replace the AMD graphics processors in higher-end…