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apple launches airpods max with a ‘custom acoustic design’

After months of rumours, Apple has announced AirPods Max, the latest member of its headphone line that brings the technology of its popular AirPods earbuds to a new over-ear design to rival high-fidelity offerings from Sony, Bose and Beats. And in a nod to Apple’s other ubiquitous wearable, the Apple Watch, the AirPods Max have a Digital Crown to control your music. The new headphones, which come in five colours to match the iPad Air 4 and cost a whopping £549, include all of the features Apple has brought to the AirPods and AirPods Pro, including active noise cancellation, Transparency mode and spatial audio. The somewhat large cups are wrapped in a ‘breathable knit mesh canopy’ that spans the stainless-steel headband and is designed ‘to distribute weight and reduce on-head pressure’. That…

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if you like the m1 macbooks, you’ll love what’s coming next

Apple’s new M1-powered MacBooks have made a whole lot of noise in the industry since their launch just a month ago, but according to a new rumour, we’ve just scratched the surface of what Apple’s new silicon can do. Bloomberg reports that Apple is hard at work on the chips that will power the next round of Apple silicon Macs and the top-of-the-line version could have as many as 32 high-performance cores. That’s quite a step up from the current M1 chip, which has four high-performance cores and still outperforms nearly every Mac that came before it. The high-end chip is reportedly targeted for the launch of ‘a new half-sized Mac Pro’ in 2022. Apple sells the current Mac Pro with a 28-core Xeon processor for £12,499. On the consumer side,…

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apple working on cellular modem, which could bring 5g to the macbook

2020 delivered a host of improvements to Apple’s silicon offerings, including the A14 Bionic and M1 processors, and it appears that the company is looking to bring even more components in-house. A recent report from Bloomberg claims that Apple has begun working on its first cellular modem to bring 5G to its growing system-on-chip components. The development of a 5G modem isn’t a surprise, as Apple paid a billion dollars on the remains of Intel’s smartphone modem chip business back in 2019. According to the report by Mark Gurman, Apple senior vice president of hardware technologies Johny Srouji told attendees at a recent town hall that Apple “kicked off the development of our first internal cellular modem which will enable another key strategic transition”. Development will likely take years to land…

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microsoft office 365 apps now run natively on apple silicon macs

In a blog post last month, Microsoft said that the core apps of Office 365 – Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word – are now Universal apps that run natively on either Intel or Apple silicon. To install the updated apps, check the Mac App Store, or open an Office app, click the Help menu and select Check for Updates. A Universal version of Microsoft Teams is still under development. In the meantime, Teams runs under Rosetta on Apple silicon Macs. Microsoft also previewed many new features that are coming within a few weeks and in the early part of 2021. An upcoming update to Outlook will support iCloud and UI enhancements to match the look of macOS Big Sur. In January, Microsoft will release a revamped Office Start, which will incorporate Microsoft’s…

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3 rules to understand the price of apple products

It’s as regular as the turning of the seasons. Apple announces a new product and then the complaints that it’s overpriced start rolling in. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that selling a pair of headphones for £549 does seem a bit much. Will it succeed? That remains to be seen – and Apple sometimes does misjudge its prices, as happened with the original HomePod. But in general, you should not be surprised about Apple selling a product for a high price. Its pricing strategy shifts from product to product and from year to year, but it’s worth keeping in mind some basic rules of Apple pricing. SEEK BARGAINS ELSEWHERE Rule 1: Apple will never be the low-price leader in a category. While the company’s critics will claim its products are endlessly overpriced,…

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review: macbook air (m1)

Price: £999 from When Apple said it would start producing Macs with its own system-on-chip processors, custom CPU and GPU silicon (and a bunch of other stuff) to replace parts from Intel and AMD, we figured it would be good. I never expected it would be this good. Looking at the incredible performance of Apple’s A-series SoCs for iPhones and iPads, one could extrapolate to a laptop chip that offers really good efficiency and performance. To say that Apple delivered would be the understatement of the year. The MacBook Air with the new M1 processor so absolutely and thoroughly trounces the Intel version released earlier this year (with Intel’s ‘Ice Lake’ Y-series CPU/ GPU) that it defies belief. Unfortunately, Apple changed practically nothing else about the MacBook Air. This new model is…