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apple discontinues imac pro as m1 redesign looms

After cutting some configurations of the 21.5in 4K iMac (see page 6), Apple has now discontinued production of the iMac Pro, adding a note to its site that the high-end all-in-one is only available ‘while supplies last’ and removing all configuration options from its online store. As if there was any doubt, Apple has confirmed that the iMac Pro is indeed being discontinued, suggesting that an M1 version won’t be made. Once hailed as the fastest Mac available, the iMac Pro arrived in December 2017 as a high-end iMac for professionals. At the time, it was faster than the Mac Pro with a built-in 5K display, 32GB of RAM and an 8-core Xeon processor. It was also the first and only iMac with a Space Grey enclosure. It was updated in August…

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new imacs expected, as current models vanish

The strange unavailability of multiple configurations of the 21.5in iMac has sparked rumours that a new model will soon be here. Sources from the supply chain have told AppleInsider that Apple has entirely stopped production of the 512GB and 1TB SSD versions of the iMac 4K. (The 256GB version and 1TB Fusion Drive models are still being produced.) This claim is borne out by these models’ availability – or lack of it – on the Apple website. On the UK store, for example, if you select the 512GB or 1TB SSD from the build-to-order options on the 4K 21.5in iMac, the Apple Store reports that this configuration is not available – see opposite image. This is also the case on the German and US stores. Apple has not updated the 21.5in iMac…

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apple kills the homepod, shifts focus to mini

In a surprise late night news dump, Apple has killed the original HomePod, marking an ignominious end to the high-priced Siripowered speaker that struggled to find an audience. Like the iMac Pro, which has also been discontinued (see page 4), the speaker is available ‘while supplies last’. Apple announced HomePod at WWDC in June 2017 with much fanfare and a very high price. Dubbed ‘a breakthrough speaker’ with ‘custom Apple-engineered audio technology’, HomePod was introduced as a high-end audiophile product with spatial awareness for room-filling sound. However, with an initial price tag of £349, a delayed roll-out that missed the holiday shopping season, and a weird issue that left rings on some surfaces, HomePod wasn’t a success. Apple never updated it, opting instead to launch a new HomePod mini last year at…

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your new mac’s ssd might not last as long as it should

If you have a new Mac, you probably think it’s going to last for years, but some new troubling data suggests that might not be the case. More than a few users are reporting that SSDs on new M1 and Intel Macs are possibly being overused by the system, which could cause them to wear out earlier than usual. Twitter user @never_released started a thread that shows a report of an M1 Mac with very high write counts for a computer that’s only two months old. That led other M1 owners to run the same report, and many have also found excessive usage, including Macworld columnist Dan Moren (see opposite). In Moren’s comparison, his 2017 iMac records about 2.15 terabytes of data written each month for 14 per cent of its life…

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apple fined $300m for patent infringement

Apple has been ordered by a federal jury in Texas to pay $308.5m (about £223m) in lost royalties for infringing on a DRM patent owned by Personalized Media Communications (PMC), Bloomberg reports. PMC originally sued Apple in 2015, accusing the company of infringing on seven of its patents. This included FairPlay, which is used to distribute encrypted content via iTunes, the App Store and Apple Music. Apple secured an initial victory at the US Patent Office, but an appeal in March 2020 took the dispute to court. In a comment to Bloomberg, Apple says it is disappointed with the decision and will appeal in turn.…

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how worried should you be about your m1 mac’s ssd lifespan?

Recent reports have shown that some users of M1 Macs are experiencing what they feel is unreasonable, excessive usage of the SSD. One in particular showed 15TB written in two months. That’s quite a bit, and almost certainly due to swapping main memory to the SSD. The reports became a cause for alarm for M1 Mac owners, but is it really a problem? While it’s true that SSDs have a limited lifespan, how long that SSD lasts comes down to how you use your Mac. SSD LONGEVITY A common misconception about SSDs is that they don’t last very long. That’s due partially to the early days of SSDs, when the lifespan of NAND flash storage used on an SSD was severely underestimated, and drives often quit after a relatively small amount of use.…