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apple to launch education and innovation hub

Apple’s recent announcement might not have been as exciting as a new iPhone, but its impact could be just as monumental. As part of its previously announced $100 million investment in the Racial Equity and Justice Initiative, the tech giant recently unveiled several ways it will be using its sizable investment. First and foremost, Apple will be launching a “first-of-its-kind global innovation and learning hub” called the Propel Center (pictured left) in partnership with the Southern Company and “a range of community stakeholders”. Apple is contributing $25 million to the Atlanta campus, which it says “is designed to support the next generation of diverse leaders, providing innovative curricula, technology support, career opportunities, and fellowship programs”. The centre will offer a wide range of classes, including a curriculum focused on music business…

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apple to launch vr headset as early as 2022

Anew report from Bloomberg gives us some updated information on Apple’s virtual reality and augmented reality plans. Mark Gurman, who has a very good record with these sorts of insider-info leaks, says that Apple plans to first sell a very high-end VR (virtual reality) headset as early as next year before moving on to AR (augmented reality) glasses in a few years. The report claims that Apple “isn’t looking to create an iPhone-like hit for its first headset”, but rather a high-end, expensive, niche product that would appeal to developers and well-heeled consumers, preparing everyone for an eventual mass-market AR glasses product. The headset, code-named N301, is expected to be more expensive than VR products from Oculus, so much so that Apple may only sell a single unit a day per Apple…

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next macbook air could get even lighter and thinner

The MacBook Air is Apple’s thinnest and lightest laptop, but it seems the company wants to make it even thinner and lighter. That’s according to a recent report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who says that Apple plans to release the redesigned MacBook Air later this year or in 2022. Apple will shrink the laptop by making the bezel smaller, though the screen will still be 13 inches. The current MacBook Air has a width of about 12 inches and a depth of 8.36 inches. When closed, the height of the current model tapers, measuring 0.16 inches at its shortest point, and 0.63 inches at its tallest. Presumably, shrinking the bezel will make the width and depth smaller, though Gurman doesn’t state if the new MacBook Air will still have the tapered…

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next macbook pros might dump the touch bar

After launching the first M1 MacBook Pro in November, all eyes have turned toward the next releases. According to two reports from the most accurate analysts in the business, they could deliver everything we want. TFT Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reiterates rumours that a new 14in MacBook Pro is coming alongside a refreshed 16in model, both of which will feature the next generation of Apple silicon featuring “more cores and enhanced graphics”, according to a similar report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. They might also bring a new design. According to MacRumours, Kuo says the new models “cancel the curvy design of existing models’ top and bottom parts and adopt a flat-edged form factor design similar to the iPhone 12”. Presumably, that’s referring to the corners of the case, but Kuo…

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new rumour dashes hopes of a 5g mac with face id anytime soon

The new M1 Macs have opened up a world of possibility for Apple’s computers, but two of the most sought-after features might take a little longer to arrive. According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple isn’t rushing to add 5G or Face ID to Macs this year. That will be a disappointment to anyone hoping for a speedy transition to a truly next-gen Mac. While a new iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air could be on the way this year, they will likely stick to the same standard set of features, possibly with new designs. Bloomberg reports that while Apple is indeed working on 5G cellular connectivity and Face ID for the Mac, it’s not part of the next round of 2021 releases. Specifically, the report targets the iMac as the first…

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imac redesign in the works, half-height apple silicon mac pro coming this year

f recent rumours are any indication, 2021 is going to be a landmark year for the Mac. We recently saw reports stating that Apple will ship 14- and 16in MacBook Pros with MagSafe, Apple silicon with more cores and enhanced GPUs, and a case redesign. Now, another report says that new iMacs and Mac Pros are coming this year, as well. Rumour has it that the iMac will be redesigned to resemble Apple’s Pro Display XDR. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman last month reiterated the XDR-like redesign, with 21.5-and 27in models that have a screen with a much smaller bezel, no ‘chin’, and a flat back instead of the curved one the current iMac. It’s been a long while since the iMac saw a change in form. The current design was introduced 2004…