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apple threatens to leave uk market after court ruling

Following a court decision that could see the company pay as much as $7 billion (around £5bn) to use a patent covering technology in the iPhone, Apple has threatened to leave the UK market, according to the financial site This Is Money. Should this happen, sales of the iPhone in the UK would cease and there would be wider restrictions on Apple’s services and products. Optis Cellular Technology is suing Apple for infringing its patents after Apple refused to pay licence fees for using what it regarded as ‘standardized’ technology in its products. In June, a High Court judge ruled that Apple had infringed two Optis patents, covering technology which helps iPhones connect to 3G and 4G networks. The fees Apple would have to pay for the patents has not yet been…

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apple goes retro with free downloads of os x lion and mountain lion

While macOS is currently on version 11 (otherwise known as Big Sur) and macOS 12 Monterey is coming later this year, there are plenty of people who use old versions of the Mac operating system. Some are still using OS X 10.7 Lion and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, and until recently, you had to pay Apple £20 to get download codes for those OSes. But there’s good news: Apple is now offering Lion and Mountain Lion for free for anyone who wants them. To get Lion and Mountain Lion for free, you can visit the support documents for those operating systems on Apple’s website: Mac OS X Lion installer free download (4.72GB): Mac OS X Mountain Lion installer free download (4.45GB): COMPATIBILITY Lion runs on Macs that came prior to the launch…

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apple designates the 2015 macbook as ‘vintage’

When Apple launched the MacBook in 2015, it was supposed to be a new era for Apple’s ultraportable laptops. Thinner and lighter than the Air with a 12in Retina display and a sole USB-C port, it seemed to usher in a new era for Apple’s laptops. But the price tag and processor held it back, and the keyboard ended up being one of the most reviled in Apple’s history. Less than four years later, Apple discontinued the MacBook line after just two revisions. Now it has officially designated the 2015 MacBook as ‘vintage’, meaning that ‘Apple stopped distributing them for sale more than five and less than seven years ago’. It’s the first Mac from 2015 that has been declared vintage. This doesn’t usually mean much, but in light of recent rumours…

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how, why and if to install the new beta on your iphone, ipad and mac

As you are no doubt aware, there are a bunch of new betas available for your Apple devices. At any given time, Apple has betas of iOS, iPadOS and macOS, along with tvOS and watchOS – and you don’t need to be a developer to try them out. So you probably have questions such as why you would want them, how to get them on your devices, and, above all, should you download them at all. In this article we’ll tell you everything you need to know. AVAILABLE BETAS At the moment, Apple is offering two versions of each OS, the latest version of the current OS and a preview of the next one: • iOS 14.7 and iOS 15. • iPadOS 14.7 and iPadOS 15. • macOS 11.4 Big Sur and macOS…

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the next macbook pro

With the continuation of the Apple silicon roll-out, the MacBook Pro is in line for some major changes. The company will likely take the opportunity of the new models based on Apple silicon to introduce new designs, features and refinements. SIZES, DESIGN AND COLOURS Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that Apple will release a “redesigned” MacBook Pro this summer. It will be available in 14- and 16in models; Gurman did not state if the current 13in M1 MacBook Pro will undergo any design changes, though iOS developer Dylandkt tweeted in January that the “upcoming MacBook Pro models may not feature a logo on the bottom bezel”. Analyst Ming Chi-Kuo said in a research note (via Macrumors) that the laptop will see a redesign in 2021. In an earlier note from May 2020 (via Macrumors),…

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the next macbook air

Apple made some drastic changes when it launched the new MacBook Air in 2018, but other than the processor and the keyboard, there haven’t been any major improvements since. But if we can believe the latest rumours, that could be changing this year, as Apple prepared to launch a drastic overhaul to its cheapest notebook. Here’s everything we’ve heard about the new MacBook Air: NAME AND PRICE We’re assuming for the sake of this article that Apple will stick with the MacBook Air name for the next revision, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet. So it’s possible that Apple reintroduces the MacBook, which was discontinued in 2019 and recently vintaged by Apple (see page 8 for details). Apple sold the Air alongside the MacBook Air for a short time, so it’s also…