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all the announcements from apple’s california streaming event

Apple’s California Streaming autumn event saw it announce quite a few products and even took a little extra time to pat itself on the back for Apple TV+. If you have over an hour to spare, you can watch the entire thing at But if you want a quicker digest, here’s a brief breakdown of everything Apple announced. iPHONE 13 AND 13 MINI It wouldn’t be a September Apple event without the introduction of new iPhones. The iPhone 13 and 13 mini are very similar to the iPhone 12 and 12 mini in appearance, with several notable improvements. The A15 is faster and the cameras are improved (particularly the Wide camera), the display is brighter, and Apple managed to make the notch 20 per cent smaller. But what users will probably…

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launch-day bug affects millions of iphones, but there’s an instant fix

If you’re one of the millions of happy Apple fans getting a new iPhone 13 or iPad mini, you may run into an issue where you can’t play any of your Apple Music tracks. Thankfully, there’s an instant fix. In a new support document, Apple outlines a bug affecting all iPhone 13 models as well as the new Pad and iPad mini that prevents access to Apple Music. Apple says that users who “restore your new iPhone or iPad from a backup … might not be able to access the Apple Music catalogue, Apple Music settings, or use Sync Library on your new device”. Thankfully there’s an easy fix. Apple has pushed out an immediate software update to iOS 15 (which is still identified as iOS 15.0) that fixes the issue in…

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second autumn apple event to reportedly bring new macs

If you were disappointed by the lack of Macs at the recent California Streaming event, then you’ll be happy to hear that Apple is set to hold a second event this autumn. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that the tech giant will be holding a second event this autumn “several weeks” after the recent “California Streaming” event. In a tweet responding to a reader query, Gurman emphatically stated that “there will be two events” and he “would expect” the latter to be “Mac + iPad”. That’s not a complete surprise, since Apple held three autumn events last year, but it’s the first time we’ve had confirmation from Gurman that there would be two events this year. According to his timeline, the second event will likely be held in mid-October. Apple has traditionally held Mac…

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macos finder bug could reportedly let a hacker control your mac

While macOS is a very secure operating system, malware can get through, especially if users are opening unsafe or unknown files. One such vulnerability was recently discovered that could allow an attacker to control a Mac running any macOS version up to Big Sur simply by clicking on an email attachment. Researcher Park Minchan (via Bleeping Computer) found that files that have the inetloc extension can be used to exploit a vulnerability in the macOS Finder. In a blog post on SSD Secure Disclosure, Minchan reports that inetloc files “can be embedded inside emails which if the user clicks on them will execute the commands embedded inside them without providing a prompt or warning to the user”. As SSD Secure Disclosure explains, if the inetloc file is attached to an email,…

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apple watch guru kevin lynch now drives apple car project

While we expect Apple to make several new product announcements this autumn, one thing we definitely won’t see is the mythical Apple Car, but that doesn’t mean things are happening with the project. Bloomberg reports that Kevin Lynch is now in charge of making the Apple Car a reality. Lynch, who is Apple’s VP of Technology, takes over from Doug Field, who left the company to join the Ford Motor Company as its chief advanced technology and embedded systems officer. Field joined Apple in 2018 after a stint with Tesla. Lynch is known as the leader of Apple Watch development and oversaw the creation of watchOS. According to Business Insider, he joined the Apple Car team in July. Bloomberg reports that Lynch initially joined to manage the Apple Car software development, but…

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the iphone’s lightning port isn’t going anywhere, no matter what the eu says

If you scrolled through your news feed recently, you likely saw headlines related to the European Commission’s new proposal to force smartphones and small electronic devices to use USB-C for charging. The headline likely included Apple or iPhone, because a tech-related story is much more interesting when it involves the biggest company in the world. On the surface, it would seem that the EC’s proposal is targeted directly at Apple. Under the terms of the proposal, “USB-C will become the standard port for all smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers and handheld video game consoles” in the interest of convenience and e-waste, and the sale of chargers will be ‘unbundled’ from the sale of electronic devices. Apple already complied with half of the proposal when it stopped including chargers with the…