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Man Magnum

July 2019

The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity. Suid-Afrika se top-tydskrif vir die jagter en bewaarder.

South Africa
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man magnum

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crunching numbers

WINTER HAS BEEN late this year. As I write this, it’s almost June and we have not yet seen the first frost. Swarms of mosquitos still plague me when I go out shooting and I’m still spotting flocks of guineafowl and francolin with very young chicks in tow. As a result my guineafowl and francolin shoots have been postponed, to give the birds a breather to raise their young. However, this is no problem as we are blessed with abundant pigeons and doves feeding on fields not far from where I live, and these birds offer challenging and extremely good wingshooting. Pigeon pie tastes good, to boot. As bird fever grips us, most discussions revolve around these amazing creatures. Recently, I was talking about rock pigeons to a professional hunter friend who…

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Miniature Knives I read the article on miniature knives by Robin Barkes in the April Magnum and remembered having a similar one left to me by my late Mother. Could you please let me know if these are collectables and if so, who can advise me of the going price I could expect for a similar knife. – Stan Henley, Gauteng Perhaps some of our readers can help? Editor Licence Renewal My Ruger .357 revolver was due for relicensing on 7/2/2018. Three months before, on 7/11/2017, I completed the application, had fingerprints taken, submitted photos and paid for the renewal at my local (Eshowe) police station. Starting a month after the renewal, I inquired about my licence. Three months later I was informed that my license had arrived. When I went to collect it, I…

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ghost rhino?

SITUATED WITHIN MKHUZE Game Reserve in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, the mine is a small affair, engaged in removing perlite rock from just below the surface. Mighty volcanoes once blew their tops here, hurling bubbly obsidian glass high into the air. All sorts of wildlife occur here. Shallow ponds permanently trap water and supply the area’s animals, from elephant to duiker, even in times of drought. It is also a favourite spot for black rhino. Walking on a vast, flat, open dwala, devoid of vegetation and some two hundred metres in diameter, I suddenly heard the ‘huffing and puffing’ of a black rhino, together with the thump of its feet. It was heading in my direction. With nerves screaming, I swivelled to locate the approaching animal – not that I could do anything about…

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.22 pistol battle royale

THE .22 NG Rifle (.22LR) is without doubt th ost popular metallic cartridge in the world today. And I’m not just talk about rimfire cartridges. More .22 are manufactured, sold and fired ann al y than all other non-military cartridg (rifle, handgun and shotgun) combined. The reasons for its popularity are easy to understand. Firstly, .22LR ammo is inexpensive. Like most things, .22 rifles and ammo cost more now than in the past, but most shooters can afford them without endangering the family finances. Further, .22s make comparatively little noise, which makes them especially practical for indoor shooting ranges, and are virtually recoilless, making them perfect for teaching new shooters. All these factors enable experienced shooters to practice more often. With match grade ammunition, a .22 is capable of extraordinary accuracy…

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Beretta M9 .22LR Calibre .22LR Overalllength 216mm Barrellength 124.5mm Weight 0.74kg Magazine 10&15rounds Sights front:squareblade rear: square notch Materials frame&slide-alloy; barrel - steel Browning Buck Mark Contour Stainless URX 5½" Calibre .22LR Overalllength 241mm Barrellength 140mm Weight 1.02kg Magazine 10rounds Sights front:squareblade rear: fully adjustable Materials frame-alloy;barrel& slide - stainless steel S&W SW22 Victory Target Calibre .22LR Overalllength 234mm Barrellength 140mm Weight 1.0kg Magazine 10rounds Sights front:squareblade rear: fully adjustable Materials stainlesssteel Ruger Mark IV Target Calibre .22LR Overalllength 248mm Barrellength 140mm Weight 1.0kg Magazine 10rounds Sights front:squareblade rear: fully adjustable Materials frame-alloy;barrel& slide - steel Walther P22 Target Calibre .22LR Overalllength 198mm Barrellength 127mm Weight 0.60kg Magazine 10rounds Sights front:squareblade rear: fully adjustable Materials frame-polymer; barrel & slide - steel…