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Man Magnum

October 2019

The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity. Suid-Afrika se top-tydskrif vir die jagter en bewaarder.

South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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do something different

THESE DAYS, THE Truth about Hunting and The Truth about SA’s Canned Lions are some of many ‘truths’ that take up a lot of space in the media, especially online. I’ve read most of these ‘expert’ opinions and although they sometimes give food for thought, I’m mostly surprised at how people (myself included) often (mis)use the facts to suit their own arguments. Of course it’s good to differ, but on introspection I realised that many of my beliefs, habits and customs are merely comfort zones that in the end create boundaries preventing me from exploring new ideas and often from seeing what’s right in front of me. Recently, this point was driven home while I was watching a hunting video. Firstly, I must point out that I dislike hunting videos in general;…

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air rifle competition

We are pleased to announce the largest air rifle competition to date, to be held in South Africa, hosted by Magnum, Safari Outdoor, Air Arms and Bushill RSA. The competition will be held in February 2020 near Pretoria and the exact date and venue will be announced in the November 2019 edition. The format will be a combination of gong and long distance air rifle shooting, with extreme shots going out to about 100m. Prizes worth more than R60 000 will be on offer. The Air Arms S510 XS featured in this month’s edition on p36 will be available for those wanting to try extreme long-range shots. We look forward to seeing you there.…

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MAN, those were the Days! At a car-boot sale this morning, I saw a black baseball cap with the letters MAN on it, and purchased it forthwith. I imagine it could be an ‘official’ Man-Magnum commemoration cap, or even a well-preserved relic from our magazine’s MAN days. It prompted me to determine which edition of MAN is the oldest in my bookcase. Turns out it is the January 1977 issue. After swooning over the magnificent Colt single-action revolver on the cover, I peeked inside. In those days, the indomitable Barry Berkovitch was on the team, looking after the collecting department. He was my mentor who put me on track to becoming an enthusiastic collector. My favourite subject, Colt’s single-action army model, was beautifully covered in that edition by the then editor, Theo…

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clever animals, stupid people

PEOPLE DO SOME crazy, incredibly stupid things in game reserves. I do not write this to bring to the attention of the reader just how stupid some people can be, but to point out just how clever and tolerant the animals are. I believe if it wasn’t for this tolerance, there would be many more bad injuries and fatalities in our parks. Taking a break from an honorary officers training camp in one of Zululand’s game reserves, we stopped our vehicle because what turned out to be a stump, had looked very much like a lioness. As we discussed it and prepared to move on, we saw a leopard with a young warthog in her mouth only twenty or so metres away. Another vehicle was stationary a little way behind us. As…

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a legend lives on star bs pistol

THE BASIC STAR B pistol produced by Bonifacio Echeverria SA of Spain from 1928 to 1 was at one stage a household name South Africa. For more thantwo decades,itwastheofficial handgum of the then South African Defence Force, issued to officers and armoured vehicle crews. The web page http://www.army.mil.za shows, as infantry equipment, a well-worn 9mm Star Pistol with a lanyard ring at the bottom left of the grip. Slightly enhanced models, such as the Star BS (the S indicating magazine safety) which was produced from 1957, were also issued to SA military personnel. B. Echeverria SA closed in 1983, after having sold thousands of Star handguns. All the B-series pistols have the look and feel of the Colt 1911 pistol. This series was one of Star’s great successes; thousands of B pistols were…