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Man Magnum January 2020

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The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity. Suid-Afrika se top-tydskrif vir die jagter en bewaarder.

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South Africa
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4 min.
an israeli mauser

TESTING THE MAUSER M18 for the Jan 2019 edition brought back many memories of pleasant moments in my life inspired by the iconic Mauser company. While pondering this, I realised that few of these memories related to fancy or expensive Mausers; on the contrary, some of the best memories stem from my use of an old Israeli military K98 that was converted to 7.62x51. According to the marks on the rifle, which included several eagle proofs, the Israeli Mauser was manufactured in 1942. When I acquired it decades ago, I was under the impression that these Mausers were made available to Israel by the Allies after World War II, but apparently they were sourced (at a price) with the blessing of the Soviet Union. In an effort to standardise on ammunition…

3 min.

Kitchener and 21st Lancers I much enjoyed Gregor Woods’s article on Kitchener and the Tech Talk on Barrel Length in the November 2019 edition – they were so well researched and easy to read. The one about Kitchener is particularly interesting. Some years ago Professor Louis Changuion gave a talk at Richmond regarding Kitchener’s death. It was most interesting. As you probably know, the Boer, Fritz Joubert Duquesne vowed to kill Kitchener. Well, Professor Louis Changuion went to Scotland and came up with some most interesting facts about this, which had us all amazed and guessing. I shall contact him and request that he writes down his findings for Magnum to publish a possible follow-up article. As a matter of interest, I have a lance (how I got it is a long story)…

4 min.
the old man and the boy

THE CRAK OF the breaking branch was explosive in the still, dark night. This wa nmistakably the deliberate removal of a limb from a living tree, some 100m from where the old man and the y were seated at the fire. The night was suddenly still, but for the fire crackling and sighing gently to itself. It was a small fire – only what was needed for cooking and company. The old man had taught the boy well. It was winter and, in this deciduous thicket amid Zululand’s thorn-veld, just cold enough to make you want to hug the fire. The air was crisp and clean; you felt as if you were breathing for the first time. It gave clarity to the sounds of the night, carrying each perfectly formed and…

6 min.
tisaş zig 14 9mmp pistol

THE BROWNING H -POWER pistol needs no introduction. John Moses Browning ented the design in 1927 and production began in 1935; the pistol earned iconic status and is still in service in several countries. Tisas of Turkey no ake near-identical copies. Importers HJ Drinn of Durban recently sent me two Tisas Zig 14s to test – all-steel, single-action, hammer-fired 9mmP pistols true to the original design, one blued and one stainless steel. All-steel, single-action, hammer-fired 9mmP pistols true to the original design The design operates on the short recoil principle; initially the locked barrel and slide recoil together until a cam unlocks the barrel, leaving the slide to proceed rearwards. Unlike the 1911 design, the barrel is not tipped down by a toggling link, but instead by a bar, integral to the frame…

8 min.
cattle killers

I shone my headlamp around and saw the lioness my father had shot, lying dead. Two other lionesses were feeding on a cow. Flashing my headlamp all around, I counted three cows down. Both lions then stood up, one facing me, the other broadside IT WAS 1956, and we were farming on the Mwese Highlands, about 60km east of Lake Tanganyika. We had acquired a small herd of cattle which we corralled in a thorn boma at night, until we had time to build a proper pole and wire ma. Up until then, we had seen only the occasional trac t by an old male lion. I d been working most of the day, ploughing with the tractor, so I’d gone to bed early and was sleeping pretty deeply when, at about…

7 min.
two-gun hombres

I R NTLY WATCHED an actionpac ed movie scene wherein an actor, Bre n Fraser, blazes away with a revolver in each hand. As far as I could make out, the guns Fraser used to knock bad s over like tin cans were Merwin and bert cartridge-revolvers. Clint Eastwood d did the same thing in the film The Outlaw Josey Wales using a pair of Walker or Dragoon Colts. As a kid I was always impressed by the two-gun rigs worn by some characters in Saturday-morning Westerns. I particularly liked the crossed gun-belt system where a right-and left-hand holster hung from separate cartridge belts in the style favoured by Mexican bandits. Alternatively, both holsters hung from one cartridge belt – a trend continued in later movies in which Audie Murphy,…