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Man Magnum April 2020

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The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity. Suid-Afrika se top-tydskrif vir die jagter en bewaarder.

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South Africa
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a season for everything

IN MY HOME province, the hunting season opens at the start of April. For the past couple of months, the devastating drought laying waste to large parts of the country has been on every hunter’s mind. At the time of writing this, I spoke to a nephew in Douglas, where many game farmers are being inundated with enquiries by outfitters and hunters regarding the availability of game species for clients and friends. It made me think. Although I have seen online pictures and short videos taken by truck drivers and motorists, showing weak kudu lying in dirt roads, and by farmers showing exhausted animals on porches during 2019, these images did not really hit home. Maybe the regular news of the ongoing drought in many parts of the country has inured…

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Overbore Cartridges I enjoyed the article regarding overbore cartridges by Roger Ingle in your February 2020 edition. It is indeed true, the ratio of case volume (or mass of propellant) in comparison with the cross-sectional area of the bore is a huge sinner in so far as bore erosion is concerned. There is however a third major contributor to bore erosion that is often overlooked. It almost seems counter intuitive, but the contribution added by the sectional density (SD) of the bullet is a major one. Allow me to explain. If we assume a certain maximum chamber pressure in a given calibre, it follows that a heavier bullet (a longer bullet) will be harder to accelerate during the breech pressure stage. For similar bullet shapes and material, the length of the bullet is exactly…

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stranger than fiction

THIS STORY IS almost unbelievable and I have hesitated to tell it for fear readers will regard it as fiction. In 1966, as a 19-year-old in the old Rhodes a, having left England a year earlier to fulfil my boyhood dream of becoming nter and game warden, I was at last in the bush. I was posted to Essexvale, just outside Bulawayo; it was hardly the wilderness I longed for, being farming and tribal trust lands, but a step in the right direction. I had a lot to learn about that beautiful country and about hunting and rifles. The district had a fair population of various antelope species and multiple terrain types. I purchased a standard Mauser ’98 in 9x57mm. This gave root to a love for German calibres that eventually led…

6 min.
girsan mc 9s

IN 1993, GIRSAN started making firearms in the Turkish city of Giresan. They established their name with the Yavuz 16 and the Regard line of pistols and, in 2014, entered the polymer striker-fired market with the MC28 pistol in three models. Magnum recently tested Girsan’s latest polymer offering, the MC 9S, a single-action, 15-shot 9mmP that works on the short recoil system. It is 191mm long, 135mm high and 33mm wide. Barrel length is 108mm, and without the magazine it weighs 700g. Breech locking occurs when the barrel hood moves up into, and bears against, the front of the ejection port. On firing, the slide and barrel recoil together for a short distance until a cam on the underside of the barrel moves onto a shaft in the frame, drawing the barrel…

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a boy’s rite of passage

MY GENERATION GREW up handling guns and hunting game. I first became familiar with guns and the smell of gun oil around 1957. On my 7th birthday I received my first gun, a .177 Diana Model 1 airgun. It was a break-barrel with a blue tinplate action and a wooden stock. Eventually, as the gun became worn from use, you could watch the pellet in flight. At the time, we had a dairy farm on the eastern border of British Colonial Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), where I was born. The Diana constituted my introduction to gun safety and to going out shooting on my own. My dad periodically hunted for the larder, kudu being the venison of choice. He had a WWII era Oberndorf Mauser in 7x57, but I wasn’t allowed to handle…

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defensive handgun tips

I’VE BEEN CARRYING my trusty old CZ75 Compact pistol on my right hip for decades, and through the years, fired thousands of rounds. However, for the past six years, I have fired only a few shots every couple of months to ensure that I keep my basic handgun skills up to scratch – or so I thought. Recently I realised with a shock that these pitiful efforts of emptying a magazine every once in a while were totally inadequate to prepare or keep me in shape for any handgun use, sport or self-defence. Yes, I’m on the range almost every week, handling firearms and shooting, but recently putting myself to the test with some emergency drills with the help of a friend acting as range officer and using a timer to…