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Man Magnum June 2020

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The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity. Suid-Afrika se top-tydskrif vir die jagter en bewaarder.

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South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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a crisis never imagined

COVID-19 AND THE resulting worldwide lockdown have changed our lives drastically and the economic impact will be with us for years to come. Apart from the more than 200 000 deaths worldwide as I write this, a disastrous impact has been the dramatic drop in demand for fuel, which has led to the worst oil price crisis ever. Coupled with global lockdowns, this is causing losses in revenue amounting to trillions, with commensurate job losses. Newspaper reports proclaiming ‘worst jobs reports in modern history’ are now common in Canada and the USA. No one can escape the economic hardship, or the fear, which the disease has brought with it. Sadly, behind every statistical human death there is a family and friends facing the loss of a loved-one. The lockdown curbs the spread…

5 min.

April edition I have just received the April edition of Magnum which, given the current world situation and the prevailing lock-down conditions here in the UK, was an unexpected and most welcome surprise. I would like to express my thanks to all involved at Magnum. – JB, United Kingdom May Issue and Covid-19 Without a doubt our lives will never be the same as the covid-19 pandemic has changed the world. Luckily for us, Magnum remains a constant. During the lockdown I have spent many hours happily reading through some of my copies of Magnum going back to the mid-1990s. But when it got to the middle of this month, I started fretting about when and how my new magazine would get to me. My monthly fix on all things firearm was an essential service…

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an uncertain future

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC has resulted in a bleak economic outlook for all business sectors and those of hunting and sport shooting are no exception. The Chairperson of the Custodians of Professional Hunting and Conservation in South Africa (CPHC-SA), Stewart Dorrington, says hopes that part of the 2020 hunting season might help salvage the industry have disappeared. However, the tourism sector, under which hunting falls, is in for even harsher realities as travel remains restricted. The knock-on effect on related businesses will be severe. On a more positive note, Dorrington says the wildlife industry has a solid base, that could help it survive. He says the Covid-19 pandemic has put the industry in a situation it has never been in before, and it might well emerge in a different form as business models will…

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duck breast sandwich

DUCKS ARE THE best tasting game-birds and lots of fun to hunt. The incoming shots are the easiest; pick up the line of flight, swing through and shoot when you don’t see the bird, making sure you continue to swing. Higher birds require more lead and, with a bit of practice, your dog will have many retrieves. Yellow-billed duck and red-billed teal are full of flavour. Make sure the skin is crispy and the meat rare; overcooked duck is leathery with an unpalatable livery taste. This recipe can be served as a starter or used to fill a bread roll and serve as a lunch in the veld. INGREDIENTS • 1 yellow-billed duck breast or two red-billed teal breasts per person• duck fat or olive oil• 1 French loaf or similar bread with…

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minimum 9mmp loads

Question I’m fairly new to reloading and recently ran into a problem with my 9mmP loads. I’ve used Somchem’s minimum recommended MP200 load for 124gr bullets (Frontier) in my CZ P09 pistol as I want to keep wear-and-tear and recoil to a minimum for my normal practice ammo. Some of the handloads result in malfunctions, mostly failures to cycle resulting in smoke-stacks. I do not have a chronograph to check muzzle velocity. Am I doing something wrong? – AB Basson, North West ➤ USING MINIMUM LOADS can sometimes result in malfunctions. I recently tried using the minimum load for the same 124gr Frontier bullet using 3.5gr S121. According to the Somchem manual this load delivers a muzzle velocity of 935fps from their 4.7 inch test barrel using a 124gr Hornady FMJ. My…

3 min.
night fury suppressor

WITH THE NEW Night Fury suppressor, BBG Engineering has taken the success of its current dB-series suppressors a step further with increased reductions in noise and recoil. The reasons shooters and hunters fit suppressors to their rifles differ depending on what the rifles are to be used for. Ben van Dyk, a sport shooter and hunter himself, realised this long ago when he started manufacturing his dB-series of suppressors. The essence of the dB-series is that shooters can customise their suppressors with the series’ interchangeable parts and work closely with Ben to fine-tune their specific needs. The main aim of any suppressor for sport and hunting is to muffle the report of the firearm and to significantly reduce recoil to enhance accuracy. A massive reduction in recoil, especially with large magnum calibres,…