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Man Magnum September - October 2020

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The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity. Suid-Afrika se top-tydskrif vir die jagter en bewaarder.

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South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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the post-covid-19 future

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC has drastically changed our economic landscape. Job losses and hardship are part of the so-called ‘new normal’ as we struggle to win back ground lost and the billions wiped out during the past few months. The print media are no exception and hundreds, if not thousands of people within the industry have been retrenched as magazines and newspapers have closed their doors. Thanks to your support, at Magnum we were fortunate to keep the wheels turning. We have felt the pinch, but unlike some titles, we have managed to survive the worst and can continue to produce your magazine. However, we have had some changes forced upon us and, as you might know by now, we are down to producing eight editions per year. It has been a two-month…

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win a berger bullets 1st edition

This hardcover manual contains more than 800 pages with data for over 70 of the most popular centrefire rifle cartridges used today. Apart from reloading data and tables, it covers topics like Berger’s history, reloading safety measures, variations in powder lot burn-rates, the effect of cartridge overall length, G1 vs G7 ballistic coefficients, form factors, an introduction to shooting disciplines, the list goes on… This manual contains a plethora of invaluable information not found in any other single volume. Apart from the valuable reloading data, the book is worth having for its 244 pages of additional reloading and ballistic information alone. If you have tried Berger bullets, or are considering using them, this Manual is a must-have. To stand a chance of winning the Manual, send an email to competitions@ manmagnum.co.za with your name…

6 min.

Bruce MacKay Highman I too can say that I knew Mr High-man. I first read about him in Magnum many years ago and drooled over the pictures of rifles he built. Even though I was just an inexperienced young lad back then, I recognised his designs as truly ingenious. When I was a detective in Paarl, I noticed a new docket being registered in the Charge Office. I saw that the offence had taken place in the neighbouring Groot-Drakenstein police station area and was about to give an instruction for the docket to be transferred when the complainant’s name caught my eye – Bruce MacKay Highman! I just had to attend to the docket myself, instead of sending one of my sergeants, and so came to meet Mr Highman. That night I excitedly…

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know thy neighbour

TOWNSPEOPLE CAN BE naïve at times. Many who live in settlements, villages or towns amid surroundings where wildlife occurs, appear to think the wild animals will just naturally stay away. I once stood in the garden of a distraught couple whose beloved little dog had disappeared. For discretion’s sake, I attributed the dog’s disappearance to wandering or theft while I stood blocking their view of the paw print of a large female leopard in the damp soil. I thought it best not to frighten them. We also had the occasional black-backed jackal and spotted hyena coming into the village next to a game reserve on the Zambezi River. Leopard, too, were irregular visitors, and I knew from past experience that these had a taste for domestic cats. Later, the village and…

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police battle royale

9MMP POLYMER PISTOLS PUT THROUGH THEIR PACES I CAN REMEMBER a time when, if you saw a police officer, you could bet cash money that the sidearm in his holster was a .38 Special revolver with a four-inch barrel and most likely a blue finish. From the 1960s the U.S. experienced growing urban violence which resulted in many police agencies switching to more powerful .357 Magnum revolvers. This all changed in 1985 when the U.S. Army adopted the Beretta 92 (M9) pistol chambered in 9mm Parabellum. It wasn’t long before police revolvers were replaced by ‘Wondernine’ semi-autos from Beretta, S&W, SIG Sauer, Walther and other manufacturers. The introduction of the Glock G17 pistol started the Polymer Revolution and today, just about every handgun maker of note offers a ‘plastic’ pistol suitable for police/…

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gms suppressors

GAVIN SMITH OF GMS Suppressors in Caledon in the Western Cape, has been manufacturing suppressors since 1991. I received two models to test on my 7x64 Brenneke: the GMS Compact Reflex and the GMS Muzzle. The Compact Reflex is 220mm long, 65mm of this fits over the barrel and 155mm extends in front of the muzzle. Tube diameter is 44mm and weight is 535g. I immediately favoured the Compact Reflex because it’s the shorter of the two units; the GMS Muzzle does not fit over the barrel, it screws on the front. Using my hunting load (175gr Hornady ELD-X bullets at 2 660fps) and the Compact Reflex, I experienced very little recoil over an X-bag at the bench and over shooting sticks. In fact, recoil was reduced to such a level that…