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Man Magnum November - December 2020

The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity. Suid-Afrika se top-tydskrif vir die jagter en bewaarder.

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South Africa
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a new year for living

PROBABLY, MUCH OF the frustration experienced by firearm owners when applying for new licences can be blamed on employees at the Central Firearm Register. Recently my own experience bore this out. Early in April 2020, shortly before lockdown, I handed in an application for accreditation. During the first week of September I enquired about it at my local (friendly and helpful) DFO. The computer system revealed that, apart from my DFO sending the application to the next responsible person, nothing had happened. He immediately sent an email to enquire as to why the application was not being processed, and some weeks later I received an email from the person vetting the application. The application was thoroughly compiled by a third party and included every possible document to support my need for…

5 min.

More on Big Ivory Having read with great interest Gregor Woods’s ivory saga involving Harry Manners and Wally Johnson (May, June & July editions) I look forward to reading more. That Harry embellished the narrative to make a better story does not surprise me, as in my experience, the hunting fraternity does tend to attract many ‘Walter Mitty’ types who seem able to fashion remarkable tales based on the flimsiest of experiences. Some old hands may also fall into the category believing that “the older I get, the better I used to be” as famously claimed by that great golfer, Lee Trevino. With all the evidence of a remarkable hunting life at hand, putting a little gilt on the gingerbread is excusable in my opinion. During the mid-1950s, as a youngster in Umtali,…

3 min.
the banana thief

HE LOOKED REALLY furious. “I’ve bee nursing those bananas for weeks! Now, in one night, they are all gone. Three huge bunches. Stripped off my trees.” The village of Victoria Falls in the old Rhodesia in the late 1960s and early ’70s was a charming little place with just a couple of hundred permanent inhabitants, living in the shadow of the mighty falls. Although it was extremely hot just before the November rains, it was a pleasant, friendly place to live and it was slap bang in the middle of big game country too. He was so upset he even called the police. Other than examine the scene and question the staff, nothing could really be done. How do you identify a stolen banana? Not three days later it happened again; same residential…

6 min.
stoeger str 9

AT FIRST GLANCE, Stoeger’s inaugural strik r-fired polymer pistol looks like a Glock cllone, and closer inspection confirm this. How H ever, during our test, it beca clear that a lot of research has g ne into th sign of the STR-9 and hat Stoege er h s succeeded in making g a near p perfect pistol. Stoeger is part of the Benelli firearms production family, and the STR-9, like many other products, is made in Turkey – known for producing quality, yet affordable, weapons. The overcrowded polymer striker-fired pistol market is fiercely competitive and, with Glock leading the way, Stoeger faced a daunting task with their first foray into it. The STR-9’s operation is identical to that of the Glock and the pistol is similar in size to the Glock 19.…

7 min.
memorable moments

EARLY ONE MORNING I strolled down to the stream that flows into a lake near my home Sadly, due to the long drought in the East Cape, the river had been reduced to a series of reed-choked ed pools. S g on the bank I was startled by the sudden harsh ka-raak...ka-raak sound from a covey of Cape francolin as they exploded from the rushes below me. Instinctively my hands rose up, holding an imaginary shotgun, I shouted “BOOM... BOOM” and two imaginary birds cart-wheeled down to hit the grass on the opposite bank. I silently wondered how often such an incident had actually happened during the years I spent in pursuit of flying game. Crossing the small bridge I settled down on the stump of a blue gum tree near…

9 min.
the fallow deer

SEVEN STAGSRACEDacross the wheat field, their c nut-coloured coats standing out clearly against the lush green background. Upon reaching the edge of the field they hesitated briefly, then disappeared into the dense fynbos that lined a deepish gully. With Valerian van der Byl leading, we set off after the takbokke. This was my first hunt on historic Fairfield, the 8 000ha property near Napier in the Overberg that has been home to the Van der Byl family for many generations. The late PK van der Byl, a former Minister of Defence in Ian Smith’s Rhodesian cabinet, and his family moved back to South Africa after his retirement to settle on Fairfield. Valerian, PK’s son, now runs the farm. I met him early in 2020 and liked him immediately. After a tour…