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leaping forward

AS A YEAR ENDS, people get sentimental. Review the past, see what went right and what went wrong. I say, to hell with looking back. It’s all about the future. While 2017 brought us some great hardware, 2018 is going to be even better. I feel this is the year when all the exciting innovation will happen. Case in point: AMD’s Radeon chief jumped ship and went to Intel. Days after, Intel announced that it plans to work on discrete GPUs! Are we going to see three main players in the graphics market? I hope so. 2018 will also be the year when VR gets really serious. Headsets are going wireless with full inside-out tracking that lets you move around in as much space as you can afford. This will force wireless…

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intel and amd inside

A year or so ago, rumors started that the two were in cahoots over GPUs. AMD AND INTEL do not make a habit of cooperating. That’s putting it mildly; they enjoy a somewhat heated rivalry. It hasn’t stopped them cutting a deal, though—Intel is going to put a Radeon GPU into its mobile chips. Shock. Intel says the deal will bring together the “Intel Core H series processor, second-generation High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2), and a custom-to-Intel third-party discrete graphics chip from AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group.” Intel has also managed to get hold of AMD’s top GPU architect, Raja Koduri, to be a senior VP, and lead its high-end graphics development team— quite an acquisition. It is the first time since 1980 that the pair has collaborated over anything except writing industry standards.…

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battlefront ii’s online battle

STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II has caused a disturbance in the force, and not in the way that Electronic Arts wanted. It’s all down to how hero characters are unlocked. The likes of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader originally required crystals, which you earned in play, or bought. It took about 40 hours of play to unlock a single hero character. If you wanted to max-out on everything, it would take thousands of hours of play, unless you reached for real money. A system of Loot Crates also attracted criticism for being, essentially, akin to gambling. These can also be purchased, but the contents are random, making the process basically a slot machine. Those unwilling to spend the extra felt unfairly disadvantaged by richer or less principled players who simply buy a…

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apple ar by 2019

APPLE IS WORKING ON an aggressive roadmap for augmented reality headsets, which it is hoped will be ready for 2019. It launched the developer’s kit, ARKit, in 2017. Unlike existing platforms, this won’t be tethered, or running from a smartphone, but rather a fully integrated standalone headset, complete with its own OS, and all the requisite hardware. CEO Tim Cook believes that “AR is going to change the way we use technology forever.” Apple has just spent $30 million on buying Vrvana, which produced the acclaimed Totem headset. This was never officially released, and instead of the overlay system of HoloLens, it uses cameras to capture the immediate environment, then mixes the results for display. There’s no transparent overlay effect; you get a full mix of real and virtual in one,…

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gaming drains surface 2

MICROSOFT’S SURFACE 2 is a nice bit of gear, and its ability to run games is impressive. As it should be—the 15-inch model comes with an Nvidia 1060 and costs $2,500. This ability comes at a price, though: The battery drains even when plugged in. Yep, turn the Power Mode slider up to max, and start playing a demanding game, and the battery starts to drain by 10 percent or more every hour. It transpires that the power supply (labeled as 102W) can’t cope with full-on games, which push the GPU into using 80W or more, leaving little power for much else. It won’t run flat; it throttles back enough to keep you alive. Embarrassing for a machine marketed as high-power gear, Microsoft says it was designed to deliver “unmatched power…

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tech triumphs and tragedies

TRIUMPHS SAMSUNG Z-SSD SURFACES New NAND memory technology offers 3.2GB/s sequential data rates—more than fast enough to challenge Intel Optane. NINTENDO DOMINATES Forget Xbox and PS4—Nintendo has 66 percent of the console market, with Switch at number one, and SNES Classic at two. 4K VIA THE ANTENNA The FCC has approved broadcast 4K TV, although you’ll need a new box. First tests due in spring. TRAGEDIES UBER PAYS RANSOM After hackers stole 50 million user details last year, it transpires Uber paid $100K to make the problem go away. FAKE CRYPTOCURRENCY After raising $375K for an initial coin offering, Confido and its supposed CEO have vanished. A classic exit scam. GOOGLE SPYING AGAIN Even if you turned off location services, Google has tracked your phone over the last year.…