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MCN 18 August 2021

Launched in 1955, MCN has been bringing its readers exclusive news stories about bikes for 60 years. Every week, MCN’s team of expert test riders & journalists will: • Review new and used motorcycles • Help bikers make the very best buying decisions • Provide the latest MotoGP and Superbikes news MCN is also famous for its unrivalled motorcycle sport news and insight. From the white-knuckle world of MotoGP to the elbow-clashing action of World Superbikes and British Superbikes, MCN gives the inside story. There are also thousands of motorcycles for sale in MCN. So if you’re thinking about buying a new machine there’s almost definitely a fantastic bargain waiting to be snapped up!

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INSIDE YOUR 3-IN-1 SPECIAL Ballsy Binder pulls a slick-tyred blinder Wet and wild. No, not a standard UK summer, but the last few laps of MotoGP in Austria at the weekend. And Brad Binder couldn’t have played more of a blinder after deciding to hang it out in the monsoon having watched the race leaders scythe into pitlane in search of grippier rubber. What a thrilling flag-to-flag prelude to Silverstone – which isn’t shy of the odd shower come race day. Head to the Sport section for full analysis of the race weekend fallout – and head to our Bank Holiday Special for a great British MotoGP preview, too. Austria analysis P70 BANK HOLIDAY SPECIAL Get planning for next week’s summer Bank Holiday with great events, destinations, and the British MotoGP! RIDE BETTER NOW! Feeling a bit…

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‘the british gp is going to be a humdinger!’

MotoGP is rarely dull – but some weeks it really does get your heart fluttering with persistent spikes of adrenaline mixed liberally with awe, disbelief and well-founded admiration. What Brad Binder did in the wildly sketchy wet conditions of the closing laps of the race was brave beyond most of our understanding. He said himself that it was like riding on ice – and you only have to watch the way his bike was squirming underneath him to see that he wasn’t exaggerating the peril. He opened the throttle and it went sideways. He closed the throttle and it went sideways. He nursed it out of line at 130mph toward corners that arrived with no hint of bite available from his cold carbon brakes. He was like a Weeble: He wobbled, but…

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rossi kicks

MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi has donated a pair of his Dainese race boots to be auctioned off by the Two Wheels for Life charity. These aren’t just any boots of course – they’re the ones from his final year as a professional racer. This is the first time the charity have been able to auction kit from the Doctor. The boots will be offered during the Day of Champions, which takes place at the British MotoGP on Friday and Saturday, August 27-28. All ticket holders can attend the auction. Roadside fix Oxford Products have released a new temporary tyre kit that could be just the ticket to get you out of a hole. The kit includes everything you would need to repair a small puncture in a tubeless tyre – such as…

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race is on to win over low residents

NEWS EDITOR The organisers of the Isle of Wight Road Races (IWRR) have moved to address the concerns of local residents, after a local parish councillor claimed the organisers had taken a “lackadaisical” approach to communications before the organisers ran their first meeting. The IWRR is a proposed road race that will take place on the island between April 20-23, 2022. The event was announced shortly after the Diamond Races, which have been postponed due to the pandemic, but unlike the Diamond Races, which were to be time trials with a single rider against the clock, the IWRR would see a mass start with up to 15 riders on the grid. The plan is for a 12.4-mile course through Chale, Shorwell and Brighstone using a long stretch of the Military Road. The races…

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was sacoolas on the phone?

Lawyers representing the family of teenage motorcyclist Harry Dunn have suggested that the woman suspected of causing his death was distracted by a mobile phone. The 19-year-old was killed near RAF Croughton in August 2019, when he was struck by a car that was being driven on the wrong side of the road. American Anne Sacoolas has admitted being behind the wheel of the car at the time. Shortly after Harry’s death, Sacoolas claimed diplomatic immunity and fled to the United States where she remains to this time. Because of her refusal to return to the UK, the Dunn family have had no option but to file a claim in the American courts in an attempt to seek justice. In the latest revelation from the case, the lawyers acting on behalf of…

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norden nearly here

NEWS EDITOR ‘It shows just how capable the bike can be’ As the Husqvarna marketing machine gets into full swing, the brand have released their latest video of the new Norden; this time we see it tearing around the volcanic plains of Iceland. There are two bikes in the video being piloted by some very handy riders: one is five-time Dakar rally winner Cyril Despres, the other is extreme explorer Mike Horn, who has also raced the Dakar on four wheels. As well as amazing views of Iceland, what the video really shows us is just how capable the new bike will be (especially in the right hands). So far all we’ve been able to garner from the bike is what it’s like to ride on the road, when MCN bagged an exclusive…