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‘It’s a balls-to-the-wall naked superbike…’TALKING TRIUMPH’S SPEED TRIPLE RS THE BIG TEST Time to ride the naked revolution The assertion that ‘sportsbikes are dead’ might have some level of statistical backing– but you can make statistics say whatever you want them to (83% of the time). And if these naked hooligans aren’t sportsbikes, no-one told their performance figures. So which one of these naked nutters manages to tame its insanity most effectively and deliver serious sporty thrills? GROUP TEST PAGE 29 TOP STORY Suzuki target a slice of Ninja sales Could this finally be the breakthrough model for Suzuki’s often overlooked GSX-S1000 family? It’s been a valiantly resilient performer, chipping away at the competition for years without ever busting into the big time – but this new GT version might just be the one we’ve all…

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‘the flood gates are beginning to open up…’

The nights may be drawing in with speed right now, but in my tiny little brain, the earnest onset of Autumn is synonymous with the thrill of new bikes exploding onto the scene to keep us excited about what the New Year will bring. They’re the warmth and sunshine of promised good times ahead. And this week’s biggest three reveals are all laced with intrigue and expectation. While Ducati’s new V4-engined Pikes Peak promises the sort of mega-supermoto manners that you’d expect (think punch-up in a tuxedo – Bond style), Kawasaki’s new Z650 RS looks like a far more genteel affair. And it looks pretty damn cute, too. As a life-long fan of the 4-pot Z650 B1, I think Kawasaki have done a great job of visual mimicry with the 2-pot…

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tiger love…

Triumph have handed over the keys to their Tiger 1200 prototype to brand ambassador Ricky Carmichael for some serious airtime. The 12-time AMA Motocross champ described the handling as ‘phenomenal’. Compared to previous models of Tiger 1200, the new version has taken a big step towards being more off-road capable with 21/18 wheels and long travel suspension. The new machine should be unveiled later this year to go on sale in early 2022. Bright and bold Kawasaki have updated their CBT-friendly Ninja 125 and Z125 for 2022, adding fresh colours. Available from late January, the Ninja will be yours from £4199 and grows from a single WSB-mimicking green, black and red design to a choice of three liveries. The naked Zed will also be sold in three designs and prices begin at…

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gsx-s goes touring

ASSISTANT EDITOR, MOTORCYCLING Suzuki have unveiled a new sports-touring version of the recently updated GSX-S1000 and say it will be on sale later this year. The new GT uses the same 150bhp engine as the naked GSX-S but wrapped in a fresh set of touring-friendly plastics with a comfortable, upright riding position. The bike will be a sportier (and cheaper) alternative to the Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT Tour and will replace the GSX-S1000F as the firm’s long-range road option. Comfort is the order of the day – not only does the rider get that screen and bodywork to hide behind, the bars and footrests have added rubber to reduce vibration. You also get a new seat designed for distance, a lightweight assisted clutch and cruise control to make hours in the saddle as…

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mv target new 800 race rules

MV Agusta have unveiled a new F3 RR that’s been engineered to set blistering lap times just as World Supersport bosses have announced that 800cc triples will be allowed to compete alongside the 600cc fours. The biggest changes are to the bodywork, which has been heavily reworked to be more slippery in some areas, while also adding downforce in others. The attention grabbers are the giant sets of wings attached to either side of the bike. The ‘appendages’ as MV refer to them are capable of putting 8kg of weight onto the front wheel at 150mph. Meanwhile, a taller screen and new fairing sides are designed to push air away from the rider, while a new front mudguard is intended to shove air through the radiator to keep the triple at…

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new for old

NEWS EDITOR Kawasaki have expanded their retro naked model range to include the A2-friendly Z650RS. Clearly targeted at the retro scene, the Z650RS is to the Z900RS as the Z650–B1 was to the Z1 back in the 1970s glory days. As the name suggests the Z650RS is powered by the 649cc twin from the Z650 and Ninja 650 models, which produces 67bhp @ 8000rpm and 47lb.ft @ 6700rpm. Aimed at riders on a restricted licence, as well as full licence holders, there’s an A2 kit that drops peak power to 47bhp will be available from dealers. Also carried over from the Z650 is a tubular steel trellis frame that weighs just 13.5kg – although Kawasaki haven’t carried over the green paint. The frame has been specially designed to be skinny in the middle…