MCN 10 November 2021

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‘I am determined to make Norton big and successful’NORTON CEO, ROBERT HENTSCHEL EXCLUSIVE ACCESS We go inside the all-new Norton HQ It’s been a tough five years for the Norton brand, as expectation and excitement turned to one of the most catastrophic collapses in recent biking history. But new Norton is not old Norton. Now owned by a parent company who know what success looks like, the new business is gearing up to do it properly. We got an exclusive look inside the new HQ this week and spoke to the man with a plan. FULL STORY P6, 7, 8 TOP STORY Yamaha unveil nutty new MT-10 Some bikes should lose the annoying tank warning stickers about fuel compatibility and wearing a helmet, and simply replace them with three words: ‘Don’t do it’. This would be…

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‘the changing of the guard is in overdrive’

The inevitability of time passing leads to the equal inevitability of dominant riders reaching the end of their careers – and being forcibly ejected by the younger, always faster, generation squeezing them out of their contracts and into the history books. This year, more than any other recent one, feels like that changing of the guard has gone into overdrive in BSB, WSB and MotoGP. And while it’s tough to see the brutality of raw talent force its way through by natural osmosis – it’s also invigorating. TazMac’s first BSB title, Fabio’s first MotoGP title, and rookie sensation Pedro Acosta’s Moto3 title on Sunday have all thrilled in different ways – and another will be crowned this weekend in Valencia. But for all the thrill of the dominant new wave, I’d love to…

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rocket plan

Triumph have two new special editions of the monster Rocket 3 performance cruiser. The Rocket 3 R 221 roadster and Rocket 3 GT 221 tourer will be available for one year only, have been named after the bike’s world-leading peak torque figure of 221Nm (163lb.ft) and feature a unique red paintjob with 221 on the tank’s sides and a special graphic listing key performance data atop the fuel tank. The 221 R costs £21,100 and the 221 GT £21,800, both will be available from April. It’s an EC rider This is the new, EC1 limited edition version of Triumph’s entry-level retro roadster, the Street Twin. Inspired by East London’s vibrant custom motorcycle scene as epitomised by the Bike Shed, and named after the district’s postcode, the EC1 version of the 900cc, 65bhp…

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masters of torque

Yamaha have updated the MT-10 for 2022, making what promises to be the most powerful version yet. The MT-10 has been a popular fixture in the range, sitting atop the MT tree since its introduction in 2016. And just like the preceding versions, the new bike is based on the R1 and its 998cc inline four. For 2022 though Yamaha have given the motor a considerable overhaul on its path to being their most gutsy MT unit yet, at 164bhp – up 6bhp on the outgoing model. The revised engine gets lightweight forged aluminium pistons, offset conrods and direct-plated cylinders, which Yamaha say helps to increase efficiency. Yamaha have also ditched the titanium conrods of the R1 in favour of steel ones in the MT-10, which they say helps to increase the…

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zero tackle range anxiety

American electric bike specialists Zero have announced a new naked ‘SR’ model for 2022, plus more efficient batteries, and the ability to purchase official upgrades through an app on your smartphone. Starting with the latest SR, the £15,790 (government grant included) plug-in roadster shares the same look, ZF 75-10 motor and chassis components as the £19,490 SR/F naked, but produces a more modest peak power of 74bhp, combined with 122lb.ft of torque. Down from 140lb.ft and 90bhp on the F, the bike is rechargeable using public charging stations, thanks to its onboard ‘Type 2’ connector, with those wanting to plug it into a domestic wall socket needing to pay a little extra for an adapter. Although a new model is exciting, range anxiety remains a big stumbling block for many who are more…

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norton’s new dawn

DIRECTOR OF CONTENT Norton are back in business with a state-of-the-art, multi-million pound production facility in the Midlands. Since Indian company TVS Motor bought Norton for £16m in April 2020, a serious amount of work has been going on to get the company back on its feet. After a rollercoaster ride under the ownership of Stuart Garner, stability seems to be returning with sustainable plans to build various models about to come to fruition. The first phase is to establish a production line and fulfil orders placed before the takeover. TVS have assessed all of the previous models in the range and the re-engineered V4 is now set to go into production. The Atlas is expected to follow once a full evaluation of the bike has been completed, with the Superlight under…