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September/October 2020

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new beginnings

THIS MONTH WE’VE GIVEN YOU TWO COVERS; which means twice the wisdom, lessons and tried-and-tested advice from our cover guys. There’s Maps Maponyane (@mmaponyane), a man who has become a household name in just over a decade. Turn to p.82 for his formula for success. And then there’s Scott Parker (@scottparker1987), the fit chef whose life was upended after suffering a pulmonary embolism. He came back stronger, more focused and with greater purpose (p.19). Our cover guys exude true grit, the type of resilience you build with drive and determination. In these difficult times, it’s an important skill. The pandemic has devastated our economy, and the publishing industry wasn’t spared. More than half of SA’s biggest mags have already closed their doors. And in the wake of the coronavirus’ relentless spread,…

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time killers

Face To Face More than 300 million people used the Zoom app on 21 April 2020. The company reported a 50% surge in use of the online meeting application. Group streaming app Houseparty saw 50 million signups during April. It was the second-most downloaded app of any category over the Easter weekend behind Zoom, according to App Annie. Gains Loading Between 22 and 28 March, downloads of fitness apps spiked by 45% globally. The money spent on these apps by consumers also saw an uptick of 10% more than the weekly average in January and February. India had the highest jump in consumer spend on fitness apps in the world with an increase of 60%. (Source: App Annie Report) We recommend: Nike Training App, Peebee, Pumatrac and School Of Calisthenics 28.6 MILLION The number of…

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“can i train outdoors without losing my gains this spring?”

Nature’s lack of barbells means that maintaining your muscle is no walk in the park: you have to tinker your workouts at the grass roots to retain results. First, rather than dragging your dumbbells across the lawn, opt for some explosive bodyweight moves. “Think jump squats and burpees,” explains Andrew Mitchison, elite personal trainer and co-founder of Gym in the Park. “These full-body exercises will maximise your muscles by targeting their fast-twitch fibres.” Danish researchers at the University of Aarhus agree: they found that these drills harvest 6% more muscle power than standard weight training. Next, rev up your reps. And we mean all the way up. McMaster University scientists found that reaching exhaustion with low-weight moves delivers the growth you would glean from low-rep weights-room work. “It doesn’t matter what the stimulus…

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every man has shaved his head in lockdown, but what about below the neck? – gary, rosebank

BACK “This is an area where clean cut rules. Use your clipper, set to around grade three, then wax. Your back is not an easily accessible area, so unless you’ve got arms like Mr Tickle’s, find a friend to help you. You will need decent leverage to remove the hair cleanly.” FEET “Some toe hair is perfectly fine, but if it looks like you’ve just stepped out of Hobbiton, you should take immediate action. Waxing beats shaving, as it lasts longer – up to six weeks when it is done effectively. Sans shoes, toe stubble is even worse than hobbit feet.” CHEST “Don’t get carried away – you don’t want to end up looking like a Ken doll, especially since you can use hair to your advantage by adding definition to your physique. With clippers,…

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ask the investor

MEET CHARLES SAVAGE As the CEO and founder of Easy Equities, a low-cost investment platform that gives users the chance to hedge their bets in SA, US and Australian markets, Charles understands what it takes to turn money into the motherlode. Planning to invest? Here’s his advice for thriving even when the chips are down. My friends are buying cryptocurrencies, but I’m wary – are these digital coins a safe bet or a massive gamble? I think the future of money looks more like crypto. The problem I have is that I haven’t yet worked out which one. It really feels like the dot-com days back in 2000 when I was convinced that e-commerce was the future, but I didn’t end up buying any Amazon shares. So this time I’ve taken a different…

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investment potential

1. Play Dead A Fidelity customer audit found that the best investors aren’t the spreadsheet tinkerers or risk-hungry, bourbon-fuelled banking types. In fact, the opposite is true. Those raking in the most cash were either inactive or dead. The lesson: don’t meddle, let it mellow. 2. Take a Risk A University of British Columbia study found that novice investors were more likely to make safer, more diversified decisions when encouraged to gamble. While a little bit of risk can go a long way, the authors advise newcomers to do their research and consult with an expert before pulling the trigger. 3. Watch the Clock Riding the rollercoaster of the stock market’s inevitable peaks won’t just give you anxiety. Turns out, buying low and selling high might not be as effective as letting your funds marinate…