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your time is now

Doctors once told men that, as they aged, they needed to tone it down–trade in their weight-training gear for leisurely bike rides and long, slow slogs in jogging shorts. Wrong! Leading exercise physiologists have discovered that by age 40, the body’s metabolism has slowed 4% since age 20, meaning your body simply cannot burn as many kilojoules as it used to. Meanwhile, sarcopenia, the natural deterioration of muscle mass that starts when we’re 25 and advances at about 90 grams per year, has kicked in. By 50 we’ll have lost a good two-and-a-bit kilograms of muscle. In its place? Fat. As our body-fat percentages creep up, so does our size. But there’s a cure: weight training. And that’s where this handy guide comes in. Within these information-packed pages, you’ll find tons of…

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conquering the crucial decade

indulge us for a moment by flexing your right arm. Assuming you have an average build–and trust us, you do–your arm is packing about 2.3kg of muscle. It represents nearly 10% of the total muscle on your body. Now imagine that muscle gone. No biceps, no triceps–only a jiggly mass of skin and fat covering your bones from your shoulder down to your fingertips. That 2.3kg of muscle is about the same amount most men lose between ages 24 and 50. And that number doubles by age 60. In fact, once a man passes the half-century mark, he can expect to lose 1% of his muscle each year for the rest of his life That is, unless he does something about it. And there’s good reason for intervention: the natural erosion of…

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get-ripped rules

nine years before he had the chiselled physique you see now, Andre Crews was like most guys: an average joe who wanted more out of life and his body. By day, he was a banker poring over financials at his company headquarters, and by night he was a party animal with a taste for Jameson Irish Whiskey. Here and there he’d squeeze in a workout or a run, but his body–at 91kg, the same weight he is now–was more flab than muscle. That all changed in 2010, when Crews decided to ditch the desk job. “I wasn’t happy doing banking,” he says. After a stint of bartending, he found his true calling–as a trainer. Now he’s in the best shape of his life, and co-owns a CrossFit box called 150 Bay.…

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park it

Quadruped Walk Before you run and jump, you should learn this basic but important walk. Start on your hands and feet, shins off the floor Keep your back parallel to the floor and “walk” forward, moving your right arm and left leg in unison, and your left arm and right leg in unison. Go for 30 seconds. Expect your core to burn. Speed Vault Start by jogging directly towards a box that’s lower than waist height. As you get close, jump towards it. Reach your right hand towards the box; place it on the box as you swing your legs and torso up and over it. “You’ll build coordination with this one,” Crews says.…

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your time to get in shape is now

if you’re over 4o, sarcopenia (the age-related loss of muscle) is starting to shrink your biceps, and your VO2 max is in decline. Oh, and you want to spend more time with your family. More than ever, you need a muscle-building approach that utilises new science but doesn’t trap you in the gym for hours. You get that with MA40, Men’s Health’s new workout. Designed by Activlab trainer David Jack, who’s 45 but can still do hand stands with ease (that’s him showing off on the previous page), MA40 is designed for busy 40-plus guys looking to get in peak shape. But you don’t have to be a Gen Xer to love it: Jack teaches you to twist and rotate, not just lift weights. Men of all ages will handle…

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you don’t have to get fat

Is Beer What Makes a Beer Belly? Research shows there may be a link between alcohol intake and excess weight, but it’s not a huge effect. Studies find if you stick to the recommended two brews per day, you won’t broaden your belly any more than a non-drinker. Belly fat is such an important (and dangerous) factor for your overall health that it’s now discussed as an organ. The visceral fat that makes up a spare tyre, or worse, a beer belly–and that surrounds your liver, stomach, and intestines–isn’t flabbily inert. It appears to be biologically active, pumping out hormones and other substances, and it may even increase your risk of metabolic problems like cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, and maybe even cancer. That’s pretty scary for South Africans, who have the…