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Men's Health South Africa October 2018

Men's Health is South Africa's best-selling men's magazine. And no wonder: each page is packed with expert tips and easy-to-implement, actionable advice on everything the modern man needs to feel fitter, happier and healthier. Through its award-winning content and design, Men's Health improves every aspect of a man's life, from physical and mental health to food, style, sex, stress, gear, grooming, tech, relationships, wealth, career and beyond. It's an essential read for any guy who wants to live his best life right now. That's you, right?

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man of action

“Failure is always there – but I hate losing. Whenever I go into a race, that’s what I think of. I enter beast mode, and I never underestimate my competitors. Most importantly, I’m out to improve every single time I compete. If I get beaten, I learn from it, and improve where I lacked.” – SOKWAKHANA ZAZINI, U20 400M HURDLING WORLD CHAMPION PEAK PERFORMANCE What do you do when you reach the top? It’s a dream most of us hope to achieve some day, in whatever field we train in. But at 18, Sokwakhana Zazini has just grabbed gold in the U20 400m hurdles at the IAAF World Championships, and is ranked #1 in the world in his age group. Before he’d even turned 18, he’d broken South African, African and…

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don’t celebrate groundhog day

This realisation nails me at the same time every single year: Where the hell did the year go? One day you’re complaining about the cold, and those dark mornings; and then you look around and ask yourself: are those really Christmas decorations being put up? And why the hell is everyone speaking about their plans for the holidays, and New Year’s? And then, like an annual tribute to Bill Murray and Groundhog Day, I check my calendar, and realise that we’re on a slippery, downhill slope to 2019 – and we’re just gaining speed. As part of the repetitive ritual, I tell myself that I need to be more strict about my time, and dedicate more quality time to family, friends, and – most importantly – getting out of the office. Even…

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mh world

STYLE HOW TO PULL OFF CHAD SAAIMAN’S SIGNATURE LOOKS No matter what the occasion, Chad Saaaiman always looks good. The singer most famously known for his hit ‘Play’ also holds his own in the world of fashion. He’s given us a variety of looks, and shown us how to pull off anything – from denim on denim to tracksuit pants. His top tip? “Explore, research and have fun with getting dressed. Your style speaks before you do. Never budge on quality. Have a few pieces you’d pass on to your offspring some day.” He’ll show you how to dress up or down, and have fun while you do. MH.CO.ZA/STYLE HEALTH MALE BIRTH CONTROL Hold up – we know men can’t get pregnant. But it’s time to ease the pressure off the women in our lives…

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the exchange

WHAT’S WORSE FOR MY GUT: DRINKING MORE LIGHT BEERS, OR FEWER HIGH-ABV BEERS? – Tony, Umhlanga Six-pack of one, half a dozen of the other. Alcohol packs 29 kilojoules per gram, and it’s the primary kilojoule source in beer. The rest come from sugar left over after fermentation, says Lauren Zeidler, director of quality for Ballast Point Brewing. Low-ABV (alcohol by volume) beers, such as Windhoek Light, tend to have fewer unfermentable sugars – and fewer kilojoules. That said, if you’re like some of our buddies, you may be more likely to down light beer vs. craft beer, which is usually worth sipping slowly. Bottom line: drink what you like, but instead of counting beers, track your consumption by multiplying a 340ml beer’s ABV (it’ll be on the label or tin) by…

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keep it simple, stupid!

We live in an age in which we’re surrounded by technology. We wear and use devices that monitor everything we do – counting our steps, predicting our training loads, telling us how long we should rest until our next session. But as device intelligence increases, where do we draw the line between valuable data and hype? I’ve just received a request from a sports club to evaluate the scientific validity of a proposal they received for a system of tools that claims to increase performance – through a battery of tests to identify “athlete fatigue”. The primary tool of the system uses an algorithm that combines heart-rate variability with measuring neural impulses from electrodes placed on the forehead and hand. How to test if it does what it says? When evaluating scientific validity,…

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what’s on my radar

AUDIBLE: I’ve become hooked on audiobooks. I listen to them in my car travelling to work and back. I generally prefer non-fiction, as I see each book as an opportunity to learn more. Audible offers a great service, in which a monthly subscription gets you a credit a month. Two books on my must-listen list: 1/ THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F*CK, BY MARK MANSON: In today’s stressful, fast-paced times, it may be a huge benefit to learn to care less. Or as the title suggests, to give less… 2/ THE MINDFUL ATHLETE, BY GEORGE MUMFORD:This book guides athletes to better understand mindfulness: the process of bringing your attention to the moment, and reaching your flow state.…