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Men's Health South Africa December 2018

Men's Health is South Africa's best-selling men's magazine. And no wonder: each page is packed with expert tips and easy-to-implement, actionable advice on everything the modern man needs to feel fitter, happier and healthier. Through its award-winning content and design, Men's Health improves every aspect of a man's life, from physical and mental health to food, style, sex, stress, gear, grooming, tech, relationships, wealth, career and beyond. It's an essential read for any guy who wants to live his best life right now. That's you, right?

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man of action

“Normally when people are nervous they have fear; thinking of what lies ahead, the mistakes they might make. But I’ve learnt not to focus or have that kind of fear, because this is my gift and I work hard on it, and I have a team to back me up. Most importantly, I remind myself that making mistakes is normal – it gives me an opportunity to improve.” – APHIWE DYANTYI, SPRINGBOK RUGBY PLAYER PERFORM UNDER PRESSURE “Performing under pressure is all about having a good pre-season and focusing on getting my body to its optimal level. That means sorting out all the little niggles and doing my strengthening, because when I feel good about my body, I’m confident mentally.” So how does Aphiwe Dyantyi, South African rugby player and one…

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21 years of finding role models

Men, as a gender, have featured plenty in the news lately. And truthfully, most of the coverage has been negative. From the #MeToo movement globally to the alarming facts about how men treat women in this country, there’s plenty to be ashamed of. The role of modern masculinity is being challenged (as it should be), and our scorecard up until now has been crap. But thankfully, we can improve – and we can become better men, just like the brand promise of this magazine in your hands. The starting point: finding the right role models. The men who are getting this masculinity definition right, and who are striving to improve in every facet of their life. The good news: the search for these men has always been part of the Men’s…

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mh world

FITNESS PREPARE FOR A TRAIL RUN LIKE A PRO Christiaan Greyling is one of SA’s top trail runners. He chatted to us before going up against the world’s best at the Otter Trail – and gave us all his secrets, from his training routine to what he eats before and during a race. Christiaan has also had some bucket-list experiences. In 2015, he ran the Trans Alps (an eight day, 217km race) with his wife, Landie. “We never matched up in strength – and finished in second position!” he tells us. It goes without saying the Greylings don’t do second best, and there’s plenty you can learn from them. MH.CO.ZA/FITNESS HEALTH 7 REASONS YOU SHOULD GET AN ALOE VERA PLANT From treating sunburn to minor cuts, this plant has myriad benefits. We break them down,…

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lactic acid: wtf?!

I’m on the edge of my seat, watching the thrilling stage 17 of the 2018 Tour de France. The organisers have shortened this day of the race, to try and spice up the action; the start was a let-down, but now – up the final climb, the Col de Portet – the excitement is rising as the battle for overall GC really starts heating up. Nairo Quintana, Geraint Thomas, Tom Doumalin, Primoz Roglic and Chris Froome are all there, exchanging blows. But unlike in boxing, the pain is delivered through very hard surges or short sprint-like efforts – while they’re going as hard as they can, up a climb that takes the top riders in the world around an hour to summit. My opinion? That hurts as much (if not more) than…

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what’s on my radar

1/ FULVIC ACID WATER: You may have seen some bottled waters that look a lot like a certain black fizzy drink. They’re not; their dark appearance is caused by fulvic acid. Will it help you? Well, the jury is still out on the claimed benefits, but there’s never any harm in drinking a little more water. 2/ GRUCOX ECCENTRIC ERGOMETER: A bike that pedals for you? Sounds like fun – until you’re told to slow the pedals down. Why? Eccentric training has huge health and performance benefits; and we’ve seen great results first-hand. Visit www.ssisa.com/sports-performance/endurance-studio for more info.…

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the exchange

MY SON’S A GAMER. HOW DO I GET HIM TO GO OUTSIDE? Chris, Sandton Simple: go outside with him. Spending time in nature should never be seen as punishment, says Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods. So pull yourself away from your laptop and phone, and schedule family time outdoors. Also, set limits for video games. An Oxford University study found that restricting gaming to an hour or less a day made kids more sociable. Remember, you’re in charge, says psychologist Kimberly Young, founder of the Centre for Internet Addiction. Hang a gaming schedule on the fridge to pre-empt disagreements. And try playing games with him (we’re fans of the new FIFA 19). RELATIONSHIPS I cheated on my wife, a one-night stand. Do I tell her? Rich, Umhlanga Why would you want to?…