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man of action

“It’s all about consistency – I’ve achieved my greatest results when I’ve had controlled yet solid and consistent blocks of training. My running coach has a famous quote: ‘ Build me form, don’t show me form’; and I try to remind myself of this during each and every session.” – BRADLEY WEISS, 2019 WINNER IRONMAN 70.3 SOUTH AFRICA WIN THE BATTLE – AND THE RACE. “Of course, triathlon challenges your body in many ways, and Ibelieve it’s one of the most challenging all-round sports you can undertake. The training is versatile and dynamic, and keeps your body guessing,” says triathlete Bradley Weiss. So how is it that triathletes aren’t injured more often, if it’s so testing on the body? “The main benefit is that the training load is spread over multiple…

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level up by downsizing

Granted, the promise of getting more by focusing on less sounds a little like a telemarketing promise or salesman snake oil, but we stand behind it in this issue. We’ve collected advice from the smartest men in any room, and put together scientifically proven strategies to help you squeeze more concentrated quality out of your life. The stuff we need less of in our lives: the hours we spend on our phones (p97); the amount of plastic we use (p22); the expensive, overhyped foods (p80) in our shopping baskets; pointless procrastination (p50); stress and anxiety (p82); wasted time in meetings (p96) and work drudgery. Then we come to what we need more of: better bodyweight movement and mobility (p116); realistic and tasty eating plans (p84) that aren’t ridiculously expensive or overly complicated;…

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the exchange

TWO-MINUTE WORKOUTS ARE THE NEW 30-MINUTE WORKOUTS, RIGHT? Paul, Ballito There’s been a lot of news lately about the value of extremely short workouts. And while there is interesting new research to suggest that as little as two minutes of high-intensity exercise can stimulate local changes in the metabolic function of muscle, this kind of exercise shouldn’t be confused with an alternative to regular, lengthier aerobic or anaerobic workouts. Why? Your body has both acute (short-term) and long-term responses to exercise. Acute responses are the physiological changes that happen as a result of the individual exercise. Long-term responses are a result of the body recognising the stress associated with a single bout of exercise, by gradually increasing its ability to withstand the stress associated with that stimulus. Think about training for a marathon…

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mh world

SCENARIO: “I’m out with my girlfriend and she asks me to take a photo of her. How many should I take? And why? Please help. “Take as many pics as you can until she thinks you’ve got the shot! I’d say 5 to 10 options, so she can go through them and choose her favourite one. Taking a few all at once will save you the time of the back and forth ‘okay, just one more please.’” – Photographer Tegan Smith. Learn more: MH.CO.ZA/GUY-SKILLS 97 The number of South African men who call SADAG* daily. Even with understanding groups of family or friends, people with depression often isolate themselves and find it difficult to connect with others. Men in particular are more likely to report fatigue, irritability and loss of interest as symptoms of…

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shirt happens

“Zing?” I looked at her. “Zing??” my wife repeated. This time, she raised an eyebrow. I shrugged. We were having our annual declutter session, and she was holding up my cycling shirt – not just any cycling shirt, the cycling shirt. The declutter rules were simple. Firstly, the item had to give me “zing”. Zing, she explained, should make my heart flutter. In a good way. The second rule was more practical – I had to have used the item at some point in the previous six months. She pointed to the cycling shirt. “Does. It. Give. You. Zing,” she asked, patiently. Well. That shirt made my heart flutter, but not in a good way. In fact, when I looked at it I was overcome with nausea. Also, I hadn’t worn it in the previous six…

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game plan

THE MOVIE 26 APR AVENGERS: ENDGAME Half the world’s superheroes have been wiped out, and the evil demigod Thanos is still at large. It’s up to the surviving Avengers to find a way to resurrect their fallen allies – and presumably, keep said demigod from destroying everything. Backed by a $400-million budget, Endgame promises to be another massive, action-packed outing for the caped, masked, and green ensemble of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. THE EATS 26-28 APR SOUTH AFRICAN CHEESE FESTIVAL Melted, crumbled, or sliced – cheese is the golden, gooey glue that holds the world together. On 26 April, disciples of brie, cheddar, and feta alike are set to gather in the Cape Winelands for a coronation of this delicious ingredient. The 18th iteration of the South African Cheese Festival is re-erecting its fabled Cheese Emporium to…