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man of action

SOAR TO NEW HEIGHTS. Adrenaline junkie Jon Devore did his first skydive back in 1993, and the rest is history. Now a professional, he does a variety of sports to “stay lean, fit and flexible”. But it’s not all physical prep; it’s also about the physiological. For Devore, adrenaline has a huge effect on his performance. But why? Well, according to Gary S. Krahenbuhl, author of ‘Adrenaline, arousal and sport’ in the Journal of Sports Medicine, “metabolic effects [of adrenaline] include increases in blood glucose concentrations, in the basal metabolic rate, and even in mental activity, [all of] which permit an individual to perform strenuous physical activity to a far better ability.” And Devore has learned to thrive on it. “We are living in a world of adrenaline, and we’re…

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cutting out half measures

“Committing to yourself and your health teaches you to show up for yourself in all other areas of your life.”Chad Henson, p20 Tempus fugit. And it seems like as you get older, it only fugits faster. But if you’re a millenial (or younger), don’t be too smug – this loss of time affects you too, no matter how how many timesaving apps you have, or how many clever #hashtags you use. We’re all in this together – and what makes it a little worse is we’re heading into the colder, darker part of the year, when we have fewer daylight hours to do what we want. So what’s the answer? Investing your time better for the last sseven months of 2019. Winter is normally a season for added couch time, series binges,…

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men's health south africa

Arthur Jones EDITOR ROBERT CILLIERS Creative Director NADIM NYKER Digital Editor KIRSTEN CURTIS Contributing Editor MEGAN FLEMMIT Multimedia Journalist DAVE BUCHANAN Copy Editor KELLEIGH KOREVAAR Features Writer THAAQIB DANIELS Content Producer EXPERTS AND ADVISORS ADRIAN PENZHORN Nutrition DR DILSHAAD ASMAL Dermatology SHONA HENDRICKS Sports Science JAMIE ELKON Psychology ALBERT BUHR Stress Expert ZANE STEVENS Endocrinology ELNA RUDOLPH Sexual Health DESIGN QUASIEM GAMIET Art Director FASHION AZEEZ JACOBS Fashion & Grooming Editor NADIA WINDT Fashion Assistant PHOTOGRAPHY JAMES GARAGHTY In-House Photographer ADMINISTRATION AMINA ESSOP Office Administrator CONTRIBUTORS Aspen Henriksen (Intern), Thom Evans (COVER guy), Byron Keulemans (COVER photographer), +ISM, Abena Ofei, Alex Bhattacharji, Alex Pappademas, Alice Oglethorpe, Annabelle Breakey, Byron Keulemans, Charlie Surbey, Claudine Nemeth, Colin Beagley, Dan Matthews, Fersyndicate, Garreth Barclay, Garrett Munce, Gerri Williams, Ian Allen, Infomen, Jake Tapper, Jamie Kimm, Jonathan Ancer, Kagen McLeod, Kaitlyn DuRoss, Kieran Legg, Levi Brown, Louee Dessent-Jackson, Louisa Parry, Martin De Kock, Marty Munson, Matt Evans, Michael Hedge, Michael Jennings,…

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mh world

QUESTION: I’ve lost 14kg – how do I maintain my weight? “During the journey, the weight loss is so exciting and motivating and you do so well at it. And all of a sudden weight maintenance comes in, which is just not as exciting. That’s where you’ve got to look at the changes that you’ve made and make them a lifestyle. One such change is ‘eating water’: you need to eat veg and salad which is made up of 90% water. This bulks up your plate, fills you up, and gives you the satiety value you need. “ – Dietician Jade Seeliger LEARN MORE: INSTAGRAM.COM/MENSHEALTHZA/CHANNEL 30 The age by which your brain reaches adulthood, according to scientists. Although anyone over 18 years old is considered an adult, scientists argue that our brains don’t mature…

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poetic licence

I’m driving along the highway. There’s a white Audi ahead of me; it speeds up, slows down, weaves, changes lanes, changes lanes again. I take a deep breath and count to ten. When I get a glimpse of the Audi’s number plate, the car’s erratic movements make sense: the plate says “GOD GP”. The Lord, you see, moves in mysterious ways. I’ve always been fascinated by personalised plates. Why do some people have the urge to broadcast something personal about themselves to strangers? So I started keeping an eye out for them, and soon became a number-plate spotter. Like a birder seeking the lesser-spotted blue-breasted canary, I went on a quest to find the holy grail of personalised number plates. What it would be, I didn’t know – but I knew…

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plate power

Personalised number plates can be a good investment. In New Zealand in 1989, the single digit “1” sold at the first auction of its kind for NZ$34 100. Two years later, it was resold for NZ$111 375; and in 1995 it was sold again, for NZ$630 000. Here are some of the world’s most expensive plates: “VIP 1” £285 000 (Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich, UK, 2006) “M 1” £330 000 (businessman Mike McCoomb, UK, 2006) “F1” £440 000 (Bradford entrepreneur Afzal Khan, UK, 2008) “5” £3.5 million (Talal Ali Mohammed Khoury, Abu Dhabi, 2007) “1” £7 million (Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri, Abu Dhabi, 2008)*…