Men's Health South Africa November 2019

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ride with the bulls

What started as just a roadtrip from Cape Town to the Northern Cape with five guys in their old cars, has grown and gained a large cult following. The Bull Run participants get to drift and drag race across the dirt track for bragging rights and the Bull Run crown. They also get creative by theming their outfits and their vehicles. But this event doesn’t just leave tyre-tracks in the sand, it aims to make a substantial difference to those in need. “An important part of the event is doing a random act of kindness on the way to Vanwyksvlei. We encourage all of our entries to do so,” says Gerrie van Eeden, the organiser of this outdoor caper. “It’s not just about drinking and making a noise.” Right now, Vanwyksvlei is…

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the bright(er) side

When I was 34, I believed that I was part of the top five percent happiest people on the planet. That percentage may have slipped a few notches, but the positive attitude and the happiness quota is still there. I prioritise feeling good... I surround myself with good people. I strive to achieve the goals I’ve set. I’m grateful for what I have and try not focus on what I don’t. I remind myself that true and long term happiness does not come from instant gratification. Except, maybe, tequila – that works. Well, no, of course not. The real magic elixir? Exercise. Nothing beats the endorphin rush of an intense, muscle-crushing workout. Now that it’s summer, you can double up on those mood-boosting benefits by taking your sweat sesh outside. If…

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stop eating salad to lose more weight

Every year, the dietary sea change that occurs on the first day of January hits us hard. Gone are the champagne and (delicious) battered finger food of New Year’s Eve, replaced by joyless sparkling water and, inevitably, salad. According to a 2017 poll, two of our most commonly cited resolutions are to lose weight (33%) and to eat more healthily (32%). Yet research conducted by US News estimated that 80% of us will abandon these ambitions by the second week of February. Counter-intuitive though it may seem, I pin much of the blame for this on limp meal-deal salads. Researchers Charles Benbrook and Donald Davis developed a Nutritional Quality Index (NQI) to rate foods based on the nutrient payload of each portion. Four of the five lowest-ranking vegetables are salad ingredients:…

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back on top

The show tells the story of those running London’s drug scene, bringing light to neglected issues: the abuse of immigrants, absent fathers, homophobia. Plus, it features an all-black cast, a rare representation in mainstream TV. When Channel 4 cancelled the show in 2013, rapper Drake – a fan of the crime drama – came on board as an executive producer to revive it. Now that Top Boy is back – this time on Netflix – we sat down with Kane Robinson and Ashley Walters, the show’s frontmen, for a glimpse behind the scenes of the show. STARTING OUT... When Kane joined the Top Boy cast, he’d never acted before. “Every day was a learning experience,” he says. “I would learn one week and bring [that knowledge] to the next.” Known best by his…

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learn the top boy lingo

TOP BOY A drug dealer who has reached the top, who controls the money and calls the shots. YOUNGERS Kids and teenagers placed on street corners to sell drugs. FOOD An undercover word for drug. YOUR BOY A member of a gang you are willing to vouch for. WASTE MAN A man who has no value or social standing. THE FIELDS An area where drugs are sold. Typically in a city. THE 16 STAT .9% The percentage of black characters in 2018’s 100 highest-grossing movies, according to the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative. This figure was a 12-year high.…

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beach bum with marciel hopkins

Every Body is a Bikini Body “As a teenager I was so often self-conscious about my body that I wouldn’t take off my shorts at the beach or get into a bikini at pool parties. I was bombarded with images of perfect looking women and men in magazines and on TV. This made it nearly impossible to feel good. No woman – or man – should ever feel that they are not allowed to be in a bathing suit at the beach, because of unrealistic body standards set out by society. Every body is a bikini body!” Feed Your Mind With Positivity “Be very careful with what enters your mental space on a daily basis – whether it’s social media, books, TV shows or the people around you. All of those things communicate subtle…