Men's Health South Africa December 2019

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welcome to the warrior’s playground

There’s a Warrior race for everyone, whether you’re a team that wants to test your friendship, a solo entry whowants to battle it out or a parent who wants to watch their kids have fun. Each of the different race categories varies in distance, number of obstacles and difficulty. The Black-Ops Elite race is the most challenging of the lot and consists of 30 obstacles across 10-12km. But Warrior organisers assure participants that they’ll still have 99% fun on this advanced race. The athlete who tops the podium for this muddy marathon will go home with a grand prize of R10 000. Other categories include Commando, Rookie, Kids and the Sprint Race. As wild as this event sounds, there are some strict rules: no participant is allowed to practise any part…

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finish strong

It’s the festive season, and I’m tempted to kick back, relax and wolf down anything within arm’s reach. Problem is, I run the risk of tanking my hard work at the dinner table – one roast potato at a time. But big feasts and the Sunday carvery don’t have to spell the end of big biceps and carved abs. Warmer climes are a chance to dial up the heat on your workouts by taking them outside. Seriously, you can maintain (or even add) muscle and ramp up your endurance, all while torching the calorie bomb that was last night’s greasy supper. This summer, that’s exactly what I’m going to do – and you can, too. Whether you’re at home, on the beach or between flights, we’ve got plans designed to get…

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the cover guy alumni

Johry Batt 2012 Never get injured again. “It all comes down to your core – it’s the engine of your body. Strengthening it will safeguard you against injury, and will supercharge your power and flexibility.” Casey McDonald 2013 Fix your form. “Make sure your reps are more concentrated and slow on the lowering phase of the movement. Use a moderate weight so you can complete your sets without failure.” Tawanda Tadzimirwa 2018 Don’t be scared of supersets. “Supersetting two or three exercises at a time will get your heart rate up and really test your cardiovascular endurance. And make sure to include a cardio component such as burpees or jumping jacks.” Buntu Matshaya 2017 Do these moves. “Burpees, muscle-ups and tombstones. I love these because they work the entire body and improve core stability.” JP Lamont 2014 Cook up muscle in the kitchen. “If…

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men’s health beyond the page

FITNESS QUESTION: What Does It Take to Become an International Ballroom Dancer? “Firstly, mentally prepare yourself, it won’t all be positive,” says Ben Hardwick, an international dancer who has been in the game for 22 years. “I found myself always doubting my ability, but always had the passion and love for the sport to push me through those doubts and in turn make me successful. Also: believe in what you do, put yourself out there as it just takes one audition and opportunity to arise, and if it does, grab it and dive head first.” MH.CO.ZA/FITNESS WORKOUT 42 The number of kilojoules the average guy fries per minute when doing a marathon. But if running isn’t your favourite cardio activity, there are plenty of other exercises that can help you torch kilojoules at…

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grab a mat

1. THE PLANK In a push-up position with your hands beyond shoulder width, make sure your head and spine align. Brace your core. Hold for five breaths. 2. THE BRIDGE Raise your hips as high as you can and lift your chin a little off your chest. Hold the pose for five breaths. 3. THE TREE Slowly raise your right foot to the inside of your thigh. Put your palms together and gaze at a fixed point. Hold for 10 slow breaths; work up to 20. Instagram @menshealthza Twitter @MensHealthZA Facebook MensHealthSA See all moves explained by scanning the QR code below.…

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the (above) average guy how do you rate?

6:20 WHEN SOUTH AFRICANS TYPICALLY WAKE UP. WE’RE AMONG THE EARLIEST RISERS GLOBALLY. WAKE UP LIKE A BILLIONAIRE MORNING HABITS OF HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL MEN Elon Musk CEO, Tesla & SpaceX: 7am. Responds to email, drinks coffee. Jack Dorsey CEO & founder, Twitter: 5am. Meditates, exercises. Warren Buffet CEO,BerkshireHathaway: 6:45am. Reads newspapers. Jeff Bezos CEO,Amazon: No alarm. Holds important meetings at 10am. PILLOW TIME TRUMPS PILLS If you average less than seven hours’ sleep, you increase your risk of developing . . . major depression by 22% coronary artery disease by 73% type 2 diabetes by up to 18% and colorectal cancer by 50% Source: Charles King research SEVEN HOURS On average, South Africans spend seven hours in bed per day, according to a survey by global app Sleep Cycle. 23 MINUTES. How long, on average, Durbanites snore a night – they’re the biggest snorers in SA. Pretoria takes second place with 21 minutes. NAP GUIDE A 2018…