Men's Health South Africa February 2020

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climb to new heights

“The altitude is the most difficult obstacle. Then the power to survive the hike is all in the mind. Positive thinking will get you through,” – Henk Brand. Roughly 800 people climb Mt. Everest every year, but there’s another way to challenge and conquer the peaks in Nepal: trekking to Everest Base Camp (EBC). Hundreds of people make their way there and don’t attempt to summit Everest. It’s still no easy feat, although the struggle is well worth it. That’s why when three of Henk’s friends – Janko de Beer, Chris Oosthuizen, Justin Roffey – asked him to lead an expedition there after he’d done EBC in 2017, he couldn’t say no. The bug had bitten and he wanted to experience the excitement, thrills and chills of the journey again with his…

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head space

This is a damn good issue... Read it! Properly, don’t just look at it. Start on P.98 by getting the best advice you will receive in 2020. As someone who has, over the past year, tried to lay off take-aways (successful) sugar (sporadic) and alcohol (hopeless), I know things can’t be timetabled and turned off like a tap. You need to be in the zone, be ready and really, really want it. So we have enlisted the assistance of experts in their various fields: learn how to perform 10 strict pull-ups, create healthier drinking habits, even become a nicer guy. And just by reading this magazine, you’ll spike your serotonin and rewire your brain. Plus, we have a special section on how to ‘Power Up your Mental Health’ before it becomes…

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fitness classes aren’t just for girls

The male gym-goer cuts a lonely figure: skulking around the weights room, headphones in, volume up. Meanwhile, he’ll have noticed the hourly ebb and flow of (predominantly female) human traffic into the gym’s studio. Out of curiosity, he may have paused to glance at the timetable by the door. But then, scoffing at class names like ‘Bodypump’ and ‘Zumba-robics’, he’ll have swaggered away. If that sounds familiar, you’re making a big mistake. Training is getting social, and I’m not just talking about the post-workout selfies clogging up your feed. The latest figures suggest that 43% of gym goers participate in group exercise classes, with American imports such as CrossFit taking the world by storm. But yes, I’m aware of the elephant in the room. Men have historically avoided classes because they mistakenly…

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ask the dj

MEET GREMLIN Calvin Potgieter aka GREMLIN is a DJ known for his curated, party-starting mixes on 5FM and Goodhope FM. Recently, he trumped five of SA’s best DJs to snag the Redbull 3Style National Championship. Take his lessons from the decks to the daily grind and thrive. I’ve got a house party coming up. Any rules for creating a playlist that won’t leave guests begging for the AUX cord? DJ rule of thumb: when in doubt, play for the ladies. No guy – in his right mind – is ever going to ask you to change the music if the women are having a good time. Know your crowd, have some classic party anthems ready and don’t go too hard, too early. Any tricks to getting the club DJ to take my requests? I’m…

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in the mix

1. The Organiser MacBook Pro + iPhone “These go hand-in-hand as I’m always managing my music, bookings and marketing on the go. Having a seamless transition between my smartphone and laptop is a major plus for me.” 2. The Workhorse Audio Technica ATH-M70X “Perfect for everyday use as well as professional work. Real quality and bang for your buck.” 3. The Mule UDG DIGI Backpack “The only backpack I’ve used for the last five years. It’s got a million compartments, it’s waterproof – yep, I’ve tested it – and it’s rugged. I could live out of it if I needed to.”…

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picture of happiness with leandie durandt

Leandie du Randt is an actress, author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, TV show host and online retail success with a BComm honours degree in Industrial Psychology and a background as a psychometrist. But success didn’t fall into her lap. “People do look at me and say ‘you’re so lucky’, ‘you have everything you’ve always wanted’… but, I mean, I’ve lost my mom, I’ve been divorced… I didn’t just come into life like this,” she tells WH. This is her advice for staying positive through life’s ups and downs. Get a Solid Start Leandie’s morning ritual sets the tone for the rest of her day. “I say ‘thank you God I’m alive, I slept in a warm bed, and I am healthy. Then I start sending out intentions for the day. I go through…