Men's Health South Africa March 2020

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the dust devils

Dirt ramps appear without warning like volcanoes along the sea floor, looming tall over the nearby, tranquil countryside. But this course is not the work of nature. Instead, it’s born from the collective minds of a group of adrenaline-junkies dead set on maximising velocity, verticality and the very, very gnarly. It’s the Hellsend Dirt Compound, a slice of prime mountain biking real estate situated on the grounds of the Vuurberg Wine Estate. Last year, it was the centrepiece for darkFEST – a two-day showcase of the world’s best riding talent. (darkFEST is part of Monster Energy’s FEST series, rider-driven freeride mountain biking sessions taking place around the globe). In last year’s darkFEST, participants threw themselves at these gargantuan jumps, daring each other to land increasingly more difficult tricks. This year (on 7-8…

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mind. set.

I have something small in common with the guy on p.123. (well, actually not so small). Almost eight years ago I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. It is more common in younger guys. Not for one second did it cross my mind that it would be cancer. For about two weeks I had really sore balls, but one Sunday I was at a braai and the ache became almost too painful to bear. The next day I went to my GP. He thought I had a twisted testicle, hence the ache. He sent me for a sonar scan. As I was lying there being scanned, I noticed on the screen that one ball looked like a solid mass of coal. The other was fleshy and normal-looking with some white spots. By…

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strongman secrets

Eddie Hall, World’s Strongest Man (2017) “Free stand squats are probably the best thing you can do to train your calves, leg press as well. What you find with a leg press is that when you get it in the right position, you actually push on your toes quite heavily without realising it. And again, that's doing your calves really well." ( Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Terminator “[A Bad habit I see is] when [guys] do half a rep, or when they do chin-ups and they just go half way up. Or if they do a pull-down exercise or curls and they just sit there and do half a curl. You have to concentrate when you do everything. You've got to feel the bicep, you've got to squeeze it and do it the right…

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men’s health beyond the page

WORKOUTS 20 The percentage of men who should never deadlift. According to exercise physiologist Dean Somerset, some people just don’t have the anatomy to do deadlifts without risking injury. One limiting factor, says Stuart McGill, the author of Back Mechanic, is the thickness of your spine. That’s a trait you inherit. The thicker your spine, the heavier the load the bones in your back can handle. A thinner spine is more flexible but can’t handle heavier loads consistently. MH.CO.ZA/FITNESS QUESTION: Should I upload my weight loss to social media? According to online fitness coach Dave Watkeys, you shouldn’t search for approval online. “The [weight-loss] journey is for you. Your health and fitness levels, relationships around you and even your career will be impacted by the new you. Focus on what you are doing…

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3 post-workout foods to help you recover faster

1/ Whole Eggs In a University of Illinois study, researchers found that the muscle-building response from whole eggs was about 40% greater compared to egg whites alone. 2/ Smoked Salmon Research shows that higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids may translate into lower levels of delayed onset muscle soreness after resistance exercise. 3/ Sweet Potato A report in the Journal of Applied Physiology shows that consuming carb-rich foods like potatoes, grains and fruit can cushion the blow your immune system might take after intense exercise. Visit for more on post-workout fuel. Instagram @menshealthza Twitter @MensHealthZA Facebook MensHealthSA See all the stories featured by scanning the QR code below.…

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this month polls apart

Would You Rather… GYM WITH RIPPED THOR OR CHILL WITH CHUBBY THOR? 64% Ripped Thor 36% Chubby Thor Which one is worthy? You chose hammer curls over a Fortnite session with the super-sized God of Thunder. GYM SELFIES OR NAH? 80% No, they’re annoying 20% Yes, gotta post the gains! WHO’S YOUR FAVOURITE… SWORDSMAN? 28% Kit Harington Henry Cavill? 72% Looks like you believe that Jon Snow, in fact, knows nothing about sword-fighting when compared to Geralt of Rivia – nearly three quarters of you chose to toss a coin to your witcher. Who would narrate your life? WITH VOICES THAT MAKE EVERYTHING SOUND COOLER, DAVID ATTENBOROUGH AND MORGAN FREEMAN ARE THE OGS OF VOICE-OVERS. BUT IF YOU HAD TO CHOOSE ONE TO NARRATE YOUR LIFE, MOST OF YOU PREFERRED FREEMAN. Why did you start gymming? 66% To look better 34% To get stronger Neck on the…